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White supremacy has to DIE in order for humanity to live!

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Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 7/7/2006 10:18:52 AM

While we are busy just playing being ourselves, some people are busy scheming and planning on the most effective ways to control and rule our lives.

It's like we're at war. Without even knowing it. These guys are only good at waging wars. And the only act they seems to enjoy is the act of war. They're masters in the violent game. And they're only pathway to peace is by waging more violent wars.

War on crime. War on drugs. War on corruptions. War on terrorism. War on humanity. War on Mother Earth. But where is the war on poverty? The war on curable diseases? The war on hunger? No. We don't have those. We have to prove ourselves worthy to be alive to men who are mere mortals like us.

Yet the Afrikan is the original man on this earth. There was a time when every human being on this earth was an Afrikan. We once governed this planet without taking it by force. If we are still here today, it means that we're masters and not just students of the survival game.

So what can Afrikans share with the rest of the non-Afrikan world? I belief one of the many things we can share with them is don't ever let your existence be a threat to anybody else's. Yet up till today we're the ones who always have our lands invaded. We seldom trespass into other men's vineyards. We mostly keep all of our conflicts and actions within our fold.

And this doesn't mean that we don't create things that others immitate and adopt as their own. It does mean that we create and give most of the time instead of destroying and taking.

If Science, History---even at current bais Euro-centric history and Geography says that our lives originated in Afrika. And if there are visible structures standing on the continent to prove that we once ruled the land. And if our very genetic make up states according to the scientists that we are the oldest people on this earth, then what does it mean again? It only means that we have long mastered the survival game. And we shall be here for as long as there is life on this earth. And the destruction of this earth shall NEVER come by the hand of an Afrikan. We have lived for far too long in peace and love with our Mother Earth for that to happen.

European globalization on the other hand has given us many things but shinning most among them are wholescale slavery, genocidial racism, European introduced STDs and HIV/AIDS, deaforestation, cultural and religious brainwashing, and all sorts other fuckery.

We Afrikans are a graceous people. While others feel they are pre-destined to rule from birth, Afrikans are given the role of the servants of all, from birth. And right from our infancy we are shaped to speacialized ourselves in labouring for the comfort and enrichment of others at our own expense. The 'eternal slaves' they call us not so secretly.

But when you place a man at the bottom of the pile---put him down to the lowest pit, where else does he have to go besides up (if he does not die?). So we have no where else to go but up because we have not died. But my pity on the one who has placed himself at the top of the pile forcefully and wishes (more like hopes) to remaining there for as long as he can (for as long as his instruments of violence can keep him there). This man has to keep going higher and higher, and get more brutal and brutal in suppressing his challengers or he has to come down eventually---or would be brought down.

Some time ago, I heard you saying that we have all these forigners in Afrika prospering and doing well. Only the indigenous native Afrikan seems to be doing it tough all the time. You were right. It's the same reason that our indigenous Black Aboriginal brothers here in one of the richest societies on earth are still living in horrible conditions.

We are blessed with so much natural wealth, we took them for granted and in so doing, we have allowed ourselves to be tricked and robbed into giving it all up. To seek a heaven up in the sky instead.

Now we come to the Europeaman's paradise voluntarily to slave for him once more. Then go back home to Afrika to pollute our peoples minds with fairy tales about the 'good life' we are enjoying here.

But how can we keep telling our people back home that driving a fancy car that you do not own, and living in a house or flat morgaged or rented out by the banker, working like a programmed donkey on borrowed time. And having your every public move captured on cameras hanging on every street corner and public place, equals paradise on earth?

We shall never be as industralised as the whiteman's land that he now calls 'the west'. This fragile Mother Earth cannot accomodate another 6billion human beings all living and consuming the way Europeans, Americans, Australians and every other so called western society does. It's an absolutely unstainable lifestyle---a very destructive one to the earth.

Let them keep running their rat race on their technological and scientific fast moderms, their final destinantion is burn-out eventually as every running athelet eventually has to burn-out. Their fear of China and India's unevitable power would keep leading them on this mad road of running faster and faster until they run out of steam (human steam---unless they plan to replace all those aging population with machines of course) and the unsustainable nature of their way of life would lead to the eventual collapse of this murderous global Euro-domination.

Karma is not on sides with them either. Because they have repaid nor of the debt they owe to anyone. Not even to the Jews. They simiply took the Arab land and told the Jews you can have it and we will support you---why didn't they give them the best land in Germany as compensation for the Germans crimes? When you snatch somebody else possession from them because you are stronger or smarter, it's only a matter of time before someone stronger and also smarter than you comes along and takes it away from you as well.

And if you want all the land in your possession, you better have the power to populate it real fast otherwise those with greater numbers and therefore more in dire need of the land, would naturally relieve you of possession of those lands---and the beauty of it all is that it might not neccesary be by force, so all your instruments of violence and protection can't stop this from happening.

So to those who want to keep it all under their control for as long as they can get away with, with just a handful of pre-appointed beneficaries, I say GOOD LUCK!

Afrika's journey is an everlasting one---we are envisioning an eternal picture. So our pace is set in tune with that of an eternal-sojourner. Time and Space is not against us so we don't rush ourselves like robots. We do not owe enough karma debt to repay to anyone---so we do not have the fear of collective retribution at the back of our minds to constantly make us want to arm ourselves to the eye balls . And Afrika is not trying to use 300million people to generate an output greater than that of 1.2billion people. Or 1.2billion people consuming more than the remaining 4.8billion humans on earth.

Afrikans reached a stage of consciousness that long surpassed the food and stomach consciousness. We were working on how to attain immortality right here on earth, 6 thousand years ago. What has the fast pace with which the savage butchers who overrun every Afrikan civilization done to the earth? Can you imagine what the Afrikan civilizations would have done with the information, technology, and resources that they came to have in their possession?

Afrikans are masters at the survival game and we shall be teachers to all those who seek to know---when they are ready to learn. Europeans needs the vast majority of the wealth on earth to sustain them. (can you imagine an Afrikan nation paying it's women to make babies, in order to sustain it's workforce?) They need every human mind on earth to admire and love them to make them feel validated and good about themselves---whenever someone direct a thought thats not favourable to them, their immedaite reaction is to silence that person. This is a very childish and immature and insecure temperment.

Afrikans survive on the least, are loved the least, have every scornful thought and words directed our way, have suffered at the hands of all. Yet we have the least amount of avenues to air our grievance much less render some retribution on those that offend us. Why is this so?

Afrikans never fear death but we prefer to live. The pink pale-faced man came along and claimed to know better than all that came before him. He claimed to uphold the sancity of human ( white) life above all. Yet those that kill in order for him to consolidate his untenable grip on power are his holiest warriors---you can insult a priest a pastor, a prophet or any so called moral teacher, but try calling the ex-state trained killers of your country, sanctioned murders, and see how far you will get.

A lady friend once told me on the streets that after spiritual decay comes physical decay. And everyone knows that an excessive society like all western societies are, cannot continue to sell us their shit for much longer. We did not wage any war on them. They're warring on themselves and helping the Universe to render some due judgment on them.

They cannot even control themselves any longer yet they claim that they have the whole world under their control. They are amazed at how China is able to keep it's 1.2billion inhabitants in line without mass-genocide---and try to bad mouth her with human rights abuses.

There is no quality machinery that can be created that Japan isn't capable of creating. And there is no quantity that China isn't capabe of mass-producing. There is nothing to be sold that India, Afrika and the rest of the developing world cannot provide a market for. So really who needs the whiteman other than himself?

If all the Afrikans in the Americas and Europe were send home to Afrika tomorrow, Afrika would rejoice. The world would be alarmed and the whiteman would lose not just face but some of his most prized servants. If they stay there, we don't lose either---their present condition can hardly get any worser than they've endured ans survived for centuries.. But if the whites in South Afrika were to leave tomorrow, whose lost would it be? Maybe the big boys in the South Afrikan governement might shed a tear or two over their lost taxes but the ordinary people whom this fat cats stole land from, made landless and put to work exclusively to enrich themselves? Would they care less? The world might be alarmed but would they be able to condem Afrika? But of course they would like us to believe that these blood-sucking parasites are a benefit to Afrika and not to themselves.

Mr kumfo dumfo he comes and robs you than comes around again posing as the policeman to render you his thieving justice. Gone are the days when it was either the white road or the dead end. They need us more than we need them. Their choices are getting thinner and thinner by the day. The desperation is kicking in. So in order to convince themselves that they're still in control of eveything, and that the abundance and excess that is their way of life, is still in tact, they're trying to out do themelves.

They're eating too much (dying from excessive food consumption) they're drinking too much alcohol ( dying from excessive alcohol related deaths) too much self-medication, anti-depressants, stimulants, cigarettes, cannibus, and don't even mention the cocaines and heroines that only they are able to consume on a massive scale. And the sickening pornography of child-molestation, bestiality, incest, homosexuality and every other sexual perversion the mind can come up with, littered on the internet---that has infected their way of thinking on all levels.

And they've prospered so much and gotten so fat off of the misery of the rest of the world, they can't even be bothered to even continue to reproduce---their population is been stabilized by immigration in some cases and shrinking in other cases( they want the rest of us to supply them with everything including even babies). Their women have become so 'equal' with men, like men they don't get pregnant anymore. If the same resources, attention and care showered on this baffons were been spread around on the rest of the world, one can only imagine what the world would look like.

The west is getting older and grayer. The future does not lie with the dying but with the young. I don't care how much technology or wealth you have the tide of change and the future comes with newer fresher blood not the old dog that trys to turn old tricks into new ones.

Afrika has taught the world many things. But she's yet to reveal even more of her precious wisdoms to all who would pay attention. Afrika has more crediblity in racial and multi-culturalism than the west. Afrikans in America, Latin America, Europe and else where are oppressed, imprisoned, impovished and neglected more than any other peoples. It's on their records.

But the aliens from other lands who have settled themslves in Afrika on the other hand, are living in luxury and comfort in our countries. They all prosper in Afrika. Who has more credibilty? Afrika or the west?

We have in Afrika, millions of Arabs, Indians of all shades, Europeans ( all in their millions). The only group largely missing from our landscape is the Chinese and Japanese peoples.

China is the richest country on earth in terms of the precious human resources. It's the only country that can afford to shed 10million baby girls annually with relative ease. What is good for the goose is also good for the gender.

China could give Afrika just a year's offset---10million baby girls. We will take them in as baby infants and raise them as Afrikans---if Europeans can come to Afrika uninvited and come and claim our land as their personal properties, I believe we have more in common with the Chinese than we do with Europeans ( when you take out the bullshit imposed religion and language). This would help offset the exodus out of Afrika into the west. And China would have more room to maneuvour to attain the greatness she's destined to attain---by spreading her seed around more and getting extra breathing space.

In order for humanity to move forward and trully progress, we need to start thinking in collective terms....all for One, and One for All.

Before Europeans ventured ouside of their icy caves, their land was not only the most tiny land of any peoples but the poorest of lands too. Their existence was the worst kind of existence. Neccesity the mother of all invention propelled them to look north east west and south in search of a better existence. The brutal climate and merciless environment they dwelled in had helped mould them into very brutal cunning and merciless beings---so they pretty much succeed in forcefully stealing pockets of fertile and spacious land all the globe over.

Today Europeans have managed to evolve from those with the least amount of land to those with the most. And they now control most of the land on earth. But they lack the human resources to secure this loot for any lenght of time . So with the rest of the world waking up and catching up, they are been forced to share this loot which wasn't theirs orginally anyway, with others.

People in the west accuse the Japanese of being more racist than they are beacuse they won't sell their land to foreigners. But of course they choose not to remember that the Japanese don't have the luxury of owing large amounts of stolen lands across the globe like the European-man does. The last time the Japanese tried their hands on the imperializing game, they were nuked and threatened with totally extermination with atomic bombs, if they don't back off.

So for a little island with somewhere around 127million people, and with enough smart people with foresight to project where they might be in the next thousand years time, when they're not the only non-whites able to makes quality machinerys and sell, they've realized that land and growing space is far more important than paper.

It's insane when one looks at the world map and see a country like Russia holding onto most of the land in Asia---claiming it as her personal possession, and intending to keep it under her tight control with just over a 120million people. When India and China has 20 times more people yet with a fraction of the land. That would change with time. And it's not going to be snatched violently as the whiteman did around the world formerly. It's going to take place naturally by quiet human migrations. A war on harmless migrants is a war on humanity--- a phrase Europeans are very familar with.

The same thing will happen in Australia (it's already happening). The same thing will happen in the USA and the same thing will happen in Canada. The old trick of boostering the shrinking white population with more migration from Europe is not working anymore. So now their rant is to 'stablize' the world's population---by which they mean of course, the populations of the non white peoples of the world. How can you eat your cake and have it back?..... ''Becareful what you wish for, for you might get it''...need I say more?

Peace N Love

Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 7/13/2006 8:48:47 AM

I must DIE for humanity to live!.
Remember your true-story lesson, how them rickster missionaries, traders and explorers were being welcomed all aver the world with a warm hearts of humanity and the U-TURN they did made to their hosts and all them stories.
If it was, but it had happened with no open proof, of the afrikan visitors to whiteman countries in early days of the earth, they could(had) put them in great sufferings to death as what was done to afrikan slaves in arab world. though this was not the case on western slaves I can reason it with their heed/hunger for free labour which they had no alternative but letting the strong negroes to live for them to live more better.
There population is dwendling very fast, they trying to bring new ones from eastern europe whom couldnot cover the gap arised. As the false jews had collected themselves for the occupation of Jah-rule-salem, which for white man was a dream come true, now they are armed to their teeth to support them. don't they know that real descendants of moses are watching them? tell will tell on dis ting.
Yet on top of all, we know that drum and bass have tears, our drums and basses have wept for so long, all we have to do now is stop weeping and work as hard as the chinese nation did to cause great fear on first('developed') world.

Messenger: RAS B Sent: 7/14/2006 10:23:21 AM


Tru dat bwai !!! I man bin tru da hardes humiliatian on dis eart' by dis white babilan an dem descendends .White babilan haffi scatta!! white babilan haffi scatta!!

Jah arise an let babilan scatta

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 7/14/2006 1:37:01 PM

Actually humanity has to live in order for white supremacy to die.
You can't fight fire with fire and win.
You have to fight fire with water or earth.

Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 7/15/2006 9:05:24 AM

ive said it so many times in different threads


RAY GRAY like the silver lining at the end of the rainbow

Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 7/15/2006 12:44:05 PM

Yes European Supermacy has to die out.In order for us to live peacefully we need to unite.God must ruled his government is theocracy.Jah Rastafari Spirituality!

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