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Beaitiful names from home

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 7/4/2006 5:26:31 AM

Ras Muata (Ryan Daley) Who was serving a term at colemen medium in Florida and now he is at Atlanta finishing his term did asked me to suggest beautiful names for him from motherland. It is a difficult job but through the use of Internet I was able to offer a suggestion of different names from different tribes across afrika with their meanings and pronounciations.
I did this with the knowledge of the need of afrikns across the globe to identified themselves with their afrikan roots and the beauty of afrikan names. There are many sites which can help with this one of them is .you can visit this and make a crucial step in repatriation and exalt your afrikan roots.

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Haile Selassie I