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Demonic Technology Vs Divine Technology

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Messenger: Babalawo Sent: 6/25/2006 9:39:38 PM

To the rich and corporate educated, man-made technology and science is
supreme. It has evolved from ape-like stone age to the star wars hoax-ry. At
school they poison I N I seeds' minds, telling them they are soulless beings
and nothing - just flesh and bones. How dare you?! Feeding I N I seeds with
Frankenstein foods when the fruits of the Earth are sanctified! Abominations
must befall you for this! How can I give lip service to a science and
technology that can't feed the world's poor - can't cure AIDS, Cancer,
Malaria, Polio, man-made diseases. How can I respect a high-tech space-age
technology, when the majority of my people are never going to utilize one?

Yes, you can 'create' electricity. Yes, you can create the atomic bomb. Yes,
you can create airplanes and ships. Yes, you can genetically manufacture
Dolly the sheep. Yes, you can make the computer. And yes, you may go to the
moon. And yes, you can think and not feel. You can rationalize and evolve
from naked monkies to shiny suit-wearing corporate monkies. But please stop
tyring to force it down I N I's throat. Haven't you experimented with my
people's bodies enough? To the rich and ya corporate lords, you may be gods,
but to us you are devils. Armed to the eyeballs with satanic technology, ya
end is fast approaching. That's the prophecy. Ya first was George W. and ya
last shall be George W. Because of your ongoing war against JAH and JAH's
creatures. And cause of your constant disrespect of the Most High's

You thought Rastafari was a false prophet? You thought El Hajj Malik
Al-Shabazz was a violent street hussler preaching hate? You thought Marcus
Garvey was an eccentric mystic. Gandhi, Tolstroy........., what did you do
with their prophesies? Today what are you doing with Jesus' suffering
disciples' prophesies? D.M.'s prophesies? Well, the prophesy must be
fulfilled. No matter how many other prophets you succeed in killing and
silencing. Ever heard JAH lied before? Heaven and Earth will pass away. Yet,
that will never happen! No time for diplomatcies this time. So let the
battle begin! It's InIwa. Fight this Word, and you find yourself fighting a
losing battle that you can't win. JAH is ready to chop you down Babylon. The
sorrows of Sheol is about to surround you - Imen! Little shepherd boy David
would bring down your giant military atomic machine, Goliath. It's
impossible for ya scientists and astrologers to figure, because David's only
weapon is five unscientific stones - G.R.A.C.E.

Respect this ancient technology cause it's truly without limitations - JAH
knows. You operate on brainpower. I N I operate and progress on mindpower.
The brain is a biological organ. The mind a mystical and invisible
intelligence. Even after you sailed to the moon in ya ego trips, what did ya
learn? You learnt that there are still millions and millions of other
galaxies that you are NEVER gonna get to. Yet, I sail across the length and
breadth of the far away galaxies of the cosmos, daily. In my mystical
communications and meditations with JAH. And I'm just one half of an olive
tree in His presence. Here is the message from JAH to the poor children:

You are not half. You are full. You are not just flesh and bones. You are a
spirit with a soul. You are not just the four elements. You are above the
universe. Know this Aboriginal Nations. Know this Ithiopia. And know this
India. Know this Europa. Know this Americas. Know this Asia. And know this
bretheren Ishmael and Isaac. JAH is a soul. You are as ancient as Him. If ya
consciousness flows to Him, your potential and destiny is to be divine like
Him. No physical scientific weapons of mass destruction can harm you. No
genetic engineering can turn you into soulless zombies and vampires. Grip
hold of this I N I children and your souls will be joyful and peaceful. JAH
-JAH haffi honour I N I souls with the love and peace that flows from the
Majesty of His Throne. Cause I N I is the crown and glory of His creation.
JAH loves children! Jesus' disciples, the World says this to ya: stay
strong. More helpers and workers are on their way.

R.A.S.T.A. --> Righteous Africans Stand Tall Always. Brought his M.A.S.S.
--> Music Against Second Slavery as a healing, a liberation of the people's
captive minds and free them of the bondage of the V.I.P. --> Vagabonds In
Power. The devil's advocates are Lucifer's disciples - sons of the fallen
angels. And you shut his message out. Hip Hop's angry voice was about to get
annointed through Tupac, then the corporate monsters hijacked it and
ensnared it by seducing it with greed INTERSCOPE, WARNER and UNIVERSAL
records killed its voice. Now, all we hear it saying is rubbish about hoes,
pimps and gold and silver. Eminem's mind programming our seeds to go raping
their own mothers, slaughtering homosexuals, trading their talents to the
devil all for 'Almighty Dollar'. You thougth Benzino was just hating?

Now, there's none left. Not one single voice speaking up for the poor of the
Earth! So you're going to be dealing one-on-one with JAH! Cause Lucifer
himself is about to take over his rightful place on the throne of Babylon.
Oh Lord my God, the king of the Universe, may your wrath be rekindled
against this civilisation. Its unrepentance and continuing atrocities
against the Almighty's little children. To those with wisdom... Listen! Can
a baby survive on its own without the love and attention of its Mother?
Neither would you, so be wise and don't be fooled. The son of the devil, the
false messiah, has come. Don't be fooled. Please children.

JAH I invoke your holy name Immanuel. To call upon the Angel of Sheol,
Abaddon, to torment them with giant locusts, scorpions and worms nightly.
And please smite them with the swords of heaven in broad daylight in the
mornings - Imen. Let their cities be flooded with the tears of the 10million
babies that they kill yearly!

Archangel Michael's peace and protection be on the poorest and most
powerless voiceless and defenceless creatures on the planet. But for those
who want to dominate the skies, who wanna fight Star Wars, oh Lord, let them
come down burning, for they're trespassing the Heavenly territory. How dare
you trespass my Father's territory without a visa? Do you let the poor
migrate to your little man-made paradise without visas? You call them
'aliens', 'boat people', 'illegal immigrants' yet you wanna trespass into
the power planet, a Holy place, that you have no right to... trample on!
Guess what, itz I-Tal energies have already been pluged by it'z Maker! NASA
I curse you! If I'm a messenger from Allah, may your missions fail for as
long as there are poor kids starving on your streets. NASA may your missions
continually fail as long as there are poor people's children dying from
preventable cause---in the name of OLORUN. In the name of Twiediapon Kwame,
may it be done. I-Men!


Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 6/26/2006 10:18:49 AM


Messenger: zionI Sent: 6/26/2006 11:12:25 AM


Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 6/26/2006 6:44:10 PM

prophecy haffi fulfill. seen. raspect 2 dah maxi. ROAR on me Afrikan priest! Jah-Jah fiyah haffi consume all da demonic instruments of death yah noh

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime! Blessed!

Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 6/28/2006 9:29:34 PM

Mother Nature can't be conquered and subdued by beings that came out of Her. The Earth is the fullness thereof. She provides to every seedling in it's due season yet somehow one now needs 'permission' to gather seeds off of her. Spiritaul as well as biological insanity reigns supreme within the gates of Babylon no doubt.

Peace N Love

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Haile Selassie I