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Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 6/24/2006 12:18:29 AM

Since the Genesis of Jah-Jah's creation INI has been Exodusing around
relentlessly beyond Nord---the land east of I-Den and I-Far-I. So Jah-Jah has anointed INI's dreadlocks with the Leviticus and Numerical powers of Zion-I to utterly Deuternomized you....O Babylon. For he who Jah-Jah blesses, no one can dare curse.

The fool is the greatest card. The joker is the greatest card. The weakest man of all....the eternal baby, is the most perfect and most innocent man of all. The servant of all is the master of all. The Ruler of the Stars, is the one that comes last. He who laughs last laughs better....thats INI motto.

Egypt shall not be called Mizraim anymore. It shall be called Kemet---the land of the original Black Afrikanus. The bearers of light. The builders of the pyramids. The ones to first unravel the mysteries of the stars. The ones to first learn and teach the lauguage of the stars to the nations.

Pharoahs shall be known as Far-Row, for they almost unlock the key to immortality before the savages from the north came down to lay their cities to waste---and turned back INI clock.

Ra shall be given His due credits back. The ones who stole the mystery scripts, and plagarised the whole of the secret manuscripts, without ever adding anything significant to it ever since, would be named and shamed. Then the children who thirst after righteousness and wisdom would be able to say...Amon-Ra once again.

The Lion shall regain his dwelling space once again. His territory shall be left to him. He shall call it I-Den if he so chooses, for it shall trully be his den. All the Lions in captivity outside of their native habitation shall be returned to their roots---the land on the east of Afrika, from wherence they always come from.

Europe! The U-Rope to the neck of INI-Seeds. Europa! The U-Robber of INI-Seeds talents. INI wail and lament for the way you continously rob and cheat INI-Seeds of their portion of the fruits of the Earth.

U-Robber with the U-Boat, you continually rape and murder the poor with sophisticated impunity. Your utter judgement will come from all the four corners of the Earth in the form of not only mighty thunders and lightning!

UK, U-Killers of the innocent and robbers of poor, you're cup is full to the bream. The house of Windsor shall be humbled and shamed. Where did you get the lion on your flag from? Who has ever known of any lion roaming on your barren plains, since of old? How can the wolf and the fox rule over the Lion? It shall never work! You want to be like the Lion King---The Conquering Lion of Ithiopia yet you're too proud to honour and worship HIM. You better stick with the pork like Germany does.

Germany, you are so called, because your germs-are-many. They have infected the whole of your bothers' ways of thinking and acting. Your hands are forever stained with the blood of the innocent. The curse shall be on your head for as long as the one dead eye of Zorro is in circulation.

Romans from Rome, you are still running around in your filth. The cleansing fire that shall desecnd upon you will first cleanse out the Vatican city---for it's a safe haven for dirty vultures and wolves in sheep clothings. The fire will rid you of the rotten smell of dead flesh that hangs over you since ancient times.

Pharisees! INI know that your real names are Far-I-C. Children of Esua shall regain their real name...I-Saw, for INI saw decietful Jacob stealing his elder brother's blessings and inheritance as the first born, with his fake sheep coverings.

Jacob the decietful one, who would further steal most of his uncle and father-in- law, Laban's cattle---by cross-breeding the spotted with the unspotted; shall continue to be despised and hated, as the truth of his trickery and dishonesty comes to light. For he is a shrewd liar and a shameless thief.

The unborn sons of Uriah and Bethsheba shall never would have been called Solomon. Saul would have remained the king. Absalom would have been the next ruler. Yet, in all of these, the Nazirite would still have come forth.

See, you look and see nothing but Unidentified Flying Objects---UFOs. For greed and fear has blind and deaf you. INI look and see Jah-Jah fire coming down. For INI is fully clothe with grace and faith.

Jah! INI call upon your holy name Ras-Tafar-I...... from the four winds of the Earth to uproot the concrete towers of Bable-Run. The abominable creations of Nimrod---the limp dick abominable perverted cured one, who defiles his own mother. For it's about time the runners of Bable know that they cannot forever escape their due judgement.

This evil voracious civilization has done more wicked deeds against INI and INI-seeds than angry big brother Kain ever did to little defenseless Abel. Righteous Seth knows this. Righteous Enoch know this. Righteous Noah knows this.

Jah-Jah come to the aid of your little son and daughter...INI. Because since of old, Babylon and it's terrible fallen angels from the north have been tormenting INI and INI-Seeds. You know O Jah that INI has never invaded their cities. INI has never lined up their women and ravished them against their will. INI has never emperimented with their flesh and blood, O Jah.

Yet, desolate icy cold Bable-Run and the it's wicked merciless unforgiving inhabitants always come invade INI little children. They sail across the seven seas seeking INI. For they're always discontented with their portion. They want INI-land. They want INI-silver and gold. They want INI blood.

They slaughter the defenceless mercilessly. They rape INI mothers, daughters and sometimes sons, savagely---not even the babe sucklings are spared! These brutalities cannot continue to go on forever O Jah. Send down the fire! The burning brimestones and surphur.

They stupiedfy INI-seeds to grow coffee, tea, rubber, tobacco and cocoa with all of their fertile soil for them. Instead of growing corn, cassava, yam, plantain, cocoyam and garden eggs to feed their children. INI is here to break these chains and free the minds of INI-seeds from the bondage of Lucifer and his Babylonian disciples.

Australia! You austro-aliens from outer space! You are going to be eventually deported to wherence you came from, oh you terrible aliens with your ghastly white austro-alien policy. For like a boomerang, whatever you send out returns back to you.

USA the headquarters of confusions! You're about to be brought low from the high rises that you dwell. The towers beside the waters are about to start crumpling down. From high up the 50 stars that you stole violently, and deluded yourself to have, you're about to be brought low, to the lowest depth of the Pit. The blood of the innocent Indian babies spilled into the soil is still hot---and ready to burn!

Your concrete 5-sided earthened defence structure will eventaully be rendered useless.Your White House and its always white occupants will be reduced also to nought, just as your abominable graven twin towers were.

For what will stand in this journey to immortality would never be false number 5 and false number 7, or false concrete twin towers and graven images. Only the Living Man with I-man and I-woman, INI, will stand the test of time. The Nazirite. The first born of Mother Eath. It shall never be the Nazi-man, the last born. So let those who seek their immortality outside of earth fly out of earth in their space crafts. And let those who seek theirs right here on earth remain here. We shall all see who would get there first.

The Maori nations feared warriors are about to start clubbing your brains out. The spirits of all the Aborigines killed in cold bloods are still not at peace yet. They're still seeking justice. All of the Bantu who have their lands forcefully stolen from them are still angry and waiting for redress. The Kanaks are still waiting for their rightful portion.

The angry dead spirits of the Akans are all coming to fight it and win it in this I-time. The Yourbas whose raw backs, stolen strenghts, talents, blood and sweat, Bable-Run's magnificent cities of confusions are built on, are ready to do battle. Let the battle begin now. The ancient war between the Snake and the Fish.

Come forth O you mighty musicians with your flutes and harps. Stump upon the gates of Bable-Run with the sounds of your talking drums. Chant on Babylon untill its walls fall down. Follow close behind them O you mighty warriors with your Burning Spears.

Shango! The Warrior of thunder, lightning, hail stones and the spiter of fire; pick up yourself now INI-brethren. Don't hold yourself back O feared one!

Ogun! The Maker of iron ore, please take back all of your gifts to INI that they've stolen from INI-Seeds, O heavenly Gun.

The Two Witnesses of the I-eye and the I-eye. Say, > or <, bears witness against you. The 5 senses of INI bears witness against you. INI Mother Earth bears witness against you.

Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice and Justice! Screams the whole of the cosmic universe and all of creations, O Jah.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 6/24/2006 11:37:34 AM


Messenger: Irey Iditation Sent: 6/26/2006 3:07:17 PM


Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 6/26/2006 7:10:44 PM

More fiyah! more fiyah! keep it blazin yah sun of Ra! rise up di level of di heat. more air! more air! fan dis fiery storm oh! no water cyaan put out dis fiyah me ah seh. Wadda me first sun of Alekubulan gauun disolve dis cold ice finally

from a next mystical 7th Kwame with da unsepratable twins Iman n Iwombman everliving an everpresent me bredda seen. IanI cant ever die cos dah Living Man manifested in I cant die seen. dem cant understand so how can dem overstand. de living dead eating dead flesh n worshipping dah dead seen
JAH guide an protect IanI inna babylon dem siege ah! cos dem ah waan IanI to come to dem funeral seen? Hail HIM!

JAH Bless! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime! Blessed!

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/27/2006 8:56:50 AM

To say every American, German, English etc is Babylon is not a very accurate Accusation. To define Babylon by a particular group of nationals is a bad Judgement. How can you pass judgement on a nation of people as a whole? OR wait maybe I misunderstand? Maybe it is all non-black people as a whole? Shame on that. White supremacy is a terrible thing and if black supremacy is using the same ideology then it is no better. I believe Black supremacy stands for something different than a mere opposite of what whites established with their supremacy. Otherwise it will be doomed as well as white supremacy.

Saying an individual is babylon for the color of his skin or his geograhpical birthplace is nonsense, did you not learn this from His Majesty? I see too much hatred building up, and eventhough I can partly understand, because white people have done many many wrongs, I still say this type of attitude will get you nowhere.

Blessings and Respect

Messenger: Irey Iditation Sent: 6/27/2006 10:08:18 AM

Babylon Burnin,
Babylon Burnin,
Babylon Burnin burnin burnin, an dey got no wata.

I and I got Jah Love,
I and I got Jah Love,
Jah Love be burnin, burnin, burnin, Like a burnin fiya.

I and I, no matta the color, be One. Fuck all supremacy. I and I are ONE! It not that hard to understand. I love all of man. I love all manifestation of Jah! The I must be the same or the I shall have rude awakening.

Jah watch over I and I for Inity. Jah guidance to all brethren an sistren.
blessed be to the Most High, always JAH! RASTAFARI HAILE I SELASSIE I.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/28/2006 9:04:09 AM

Seen! Thank you for the clarification Brother.
One People! Babylon will FALL

Jah Rastafari!!

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 6/28/2006 2:57:50 PM

Love & Respect

All We Are One

I and I open eyes and see whats JAH brings in creation.
I and I wan't no fall in to Babilon dependancy.
I and I see the raisin star of Zion.
I and I look at the east and direct the feet to Zion.
I and I see the time and prepare to be ready for the time that JAH is comming.

One Love

Messenger: Ras Kwame Sent: 6/28/2006 8:36:24 PM


It baffles me how ones are so quick to rebuke people to leave all judgements to 'Jah' yet are so quick in passing judgements themselves when they're agrieved or offended. When the oppressed ones lament and wail, do you find yourself almost on the side of the oppressors---defending their humanity? This question is to you NineMile2004.

Where in the piece did it say ''every American, German, English and etc'' are Babylon? Anyone who read that piece from the vintage of all those that have been genocide and mass-murdered, enslaved, and still been held in captivity and oppression in this very present moment, would tell you that the piece is rallying against the entities that go by these names. No where in the piece does it say 'American', 'German' or 'English'. It does call for the destruction of these murderous entities called USA, UK, Australia, White House, 5sided earthened defence structures such as the Pentagon, among others.

And as for you saying ....''To define Babylon by a particular group of nationals is bad judgement'' I know from that expression where your heart is ( at least in cyber space ). How would you define your 'Babylon'? Please try and respond to this question if you kindly can.

And please don't try and insult my intelligence by throwing Haile Selassie in my face the same way I wouldn't throw the words of all the noble founding fathers and great discoverers like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the great Christopher Columbus that have been dietified in the European context.

NineMile2004, you as an European, can inherit the nobility of these people in the history taught as world history you see. But I am saying people like these people are not nobles to people like myself and those that suffered at their hands and whose remaining descendants that weren't obliterated are still suffering at the hands of the captors and conquerers descendants. George Washington is no hero to me because he chased the British out of America and helped founded USA---an European entity. Abraham Lincoln is no hero of mine because he emancipated Afrikans who were slaves of the American state in order to preserve this European entity from collapsing. And I don't consider Christopher Columbus as a discoverer nor David Livingstone as a 'liberator' of anybody. If you'd like to know why, please ask me and I will be more than happy to reason with you on why.

You said **
Saying an individual is babylon for the color of his skin or his geograhpical birthplace is nonsense, did you not learn this from His Majesty? I see too much hatred building up, and eventhough I can partly understand, because white people have done many many wrongs, I still say this type of attitude will get you nowhere.**

my respond**
It may be nonsense to you, see, because we live in a world where the color of your skin berates on you and people like you almost the automatic impression of 'noble', intelligent', 'cultured', 'innocent' etc etc so I can understand why you're outraged because the piece sang with a different tune. If you hear the lamentations and wailings of the voices who are not singing the tune of 'we (the oppressors and oppressed) are all one' then somehow it's 'too much hatred'. If you trully believe that white poeple have done many wrongs as you said, then you would own up to this many 'wrongs', that they've undoubtedly done instead of trying to rebuke I in a patronising way. ''This type of attitude will get you nowhere''? Well I don't know where you have in mind but I don't intend to get to any place where all I am ranting about is the defense of murderous entities established by men drunk with powers they've managed to derieve by raping the whole of Mother Earth (and continue to do so even as I type this) like the real motherfuckers that they really are. P.S that was not meant to be a 'swear word' it's meant to be taken literally as in people who do rape their own mothers.

When the Rastaman say Peace N Love, it's not meant to be to Babylon, but INI. Respect on the other hand man, is an entitlement of all.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/29/2006 3:33:52 PM

Ras Kwame,

I would like to thank you for dealing with my post and trying to answer and/or respond. I definitely apprecilove that and am glad you did. Let me see if I can explain myself again and also answer some of the items that you responded to or asked me.

I do not see myself on the side of the oppressors, maybe I was to quicky to generalize you mentioning Germany and USA and the others, and jumped to the conclusion that you were refering to all their people. This was my shortcoming, in many cases, I suppose it would be to hard to identify the true oppressors anyway without seeing/and or knowing them so it just makes sense that you must have referred to the entities.

My definition of Babylon, that is a very good and important question. I must say first, I couldn't necessarily define particular people as Babylon, eventhough I am sure that InI could name names and identify people that are deep in it. For I believe that every nation every color every culture everywhere has Jah loving people righteous people that fight for all that JAH stands for. I believe that Babylon are all oppressive and corrupted systems, whether political or economical does nto matter, anywhere where fight for power and material things is put before JAH and the well-being of our brethren and sistren there is Babylon as well. Anythign that alienates people from JAH is Babylon. I find that this is connected to people's behaviors and learned attitudes and actions and not to the people themselves. There is probably more to be mentioned I hope this is showing you how I find and learned to see Babylon.

World History: You know I find nothing noble in what happened to establish the USA, first taking people against their wills and torturing and enslaving them etc,then taking land inhabited by others and killing them and telling them they have to live on a particular piece of land called reservations, that all is VERY much Babylon at its WORST. And even now it goes on just in different form. I do not believe we have to go through all the countries, the USA is one of the best examples. I do not celebrate Columbus day, this man Columbus and his evil spawn was the one that started this whole american thing, his ship should have sunk back in the day it might have saved many. I cannot reason on Lincoln for I have not researched this man, I would not argue the point that you made about why he abolished slavery. It still disgusts me today how some people stereotype african americans or still see them as less. It is completely ridiculous and I would only deal with those type of people by trying to teach them truth.

I apologize to you if anything I said seemed to be disresptful, that was not my intention. I have Love and respect for you my friend. Some people in my past have suffered under previous German regimes, of course there may have been other people in my past family that may have been on the other side (vs the sufferers, oppressed etc) unfortunately I do not know any of them. WEll I am white so I am certain people in my past have done wrong or oppressed. I do not associate with those type of people or their beliefs, no matter if they lived 100 500 years ago or now or ever.


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