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JAH IS MY LIGHT AND MY SALVATION - The Life, Times and Reasonings of Kes Tekle AB

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Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 6/13/2006 4:15:52 PM

Blessed Love and Greetings in the name of Haile Sellassie the First!

Imega Books is especially proud to announce the release of the newest edition to
our growing catalog.

The Life, Times and Reasonings of KES TEKLE AB, A Rastafari Elder of the
BoboShanti Order. Featuring an Account of the Infamous Coral Garden Rebellion
of 1963, Outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica As Told To and With Additional

This beautifully written memoir of Priest Kes Tekle Ab, a Rastafari Elder of the
Boboshanti Order, includes an autobiographical account of key episodes and
events of his life, from childhood to adulthood. His humble and blessed
reasonings enlighten us on his entry into the Rastafari way of life, and his
experience with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He also speaks of his
experiences in the Boboshanti Headquarters camp at 10 Miles Bull Bay, Jamaica,
and of his eventual departure from Jamaica for repatriation to Ethiopia. The
Elder also recounts first hand experience of a seminal occurrence in Rastafari
and Jamaican history: the terrible events surrounding the infamous Coral
Gardens incident of 1963.

During the past few decades Rastafari culture has grown internationally, yet not
much first hand literature is found on the origins and tenets of the faith. This
book represents a rare opportunity to read a personal testimony from those who
have upheld the fullness of the Rastafari faith and culture, in the face of
difficult, and sometimes violent, opposition and oppression. The life, times
and reasonings of Elder Kes Tekle Ab bears witness to the fact that the seeds
of ancient African values, wisdom and culture have not only survived the Middle
Passage, but have flourished and continue to bear fruit within Africans born far
from home. We are indeed honored and blessed that elder Kes Tekle Ab has desired
to share a portion of his faith and life story with us.

32 pages, color booklet, free shipping
$ 10.00

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Imega Books is a Rastafari owned and operated grassroots publisher of Rastafari
and African Literature.

We are truly giving thanks Rastafari for the blessings of permitting these works
to be completed!

Peace, health and strength to each and everyone,
Sis Leah
Imega Books

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