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Messenger: JAH_IS_GOD_101 Sent: 6/8/2006 1:22:29 PM

In the True name of The Holy Father, In the True name of The Holy Son, BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

If you're feelin this Truth that you're about to read, feel free to pass it on to others. If not....oh well

Its definetly time to set some shit straight.

GOD doesnt help those who help themself, HE helps those who trust in His Help and dont turn to others (including themselfs) instead of HIM.

Laws are only good if they are from THE ALMIGHTY. Otherwise they are straight up wicked. Because; HE is the Only One who is in Authority to make Laws for men (When i say man or men, Im talkin about all Humanbeings, men, women and children) All men are under HIS law, and No man is supposed to make laws for others. When you submitt to laws of men, You approve them as authority over You, You put them in the place of JAH.

If MAN focused on living up to the laws of JAH instead of trying to be GOD over others and make up their own laws, there wouldnt be any need for any additional laws.

Literally; To HELL with the laws of the Land

One of the problems with the jews in Jesus days was that they were worshiping the laws, the doctrins and rituals. And not JAH Himself. If they would have worshipped JAH Himself they would have known Him. But they didnt Know or worship Him....They crucified Him....

And Many of the christians today are exactly like the jews in the times of Jesus. When it comes to not really knowing HIM, but worshipping doctrin and submitting to church authority. They worship the image that the church has painted of Jesus, Not the actual Living Jesus. Most would call Jesus Himself a blasphemer and a False Christ if They Met Him today. Just like the Jews did, simply becuase He does not agree with them (the church) on everything, and He is not what they imagin and want Him to be.


Many christians are caught up worshiping the written word instead of taking part of the True Living Word of GOD.

For example many are caught up reading what the Holy Spirit spoke through Paul, Instead of letting the Holy Spirit speak directly to and through them like He (the Spirit) did through Many of the biblical individuals. Theres soooooo much that the Spirit can reveal to us that we wont find written in the bible or other so called holy scriptures. Were all equally close to JAH and He is equally available for us all. But if something His Spirit reveals to us contradicts what someone in the bible testifies, they will rather blindly believe whats written than trust in the Holy Spirit within themselfs. Even though we dont even know for sure who actually wrote some of those words. But we know whats within ourselfs.

When JAH tells us to seek and we shall find, we often mistake the meaning of those words.

He is not telling us to go and search amongst men, But HE is telling us to search within ourselfs. Because That is where Truth is to be found, That is Where HE is to be found. You wont find Him in a temple built by men, But in a Temple Created By HIM; Your Body.

satan is the root of all evil

You cant destroy Evil with Hatred, because Hate is the main ingredient in evil. Hate is of satan, Hate didnt exist before evil came into being, evil was created when the angel Lucifer chose to depart from all Good. His Choice created evil. Evil is only absence of Good. JAH dont hate anything, to say that JAH hates is saying that one with the attributes of satan is GOD.

We can destroy Lies, we can Destroy Hatred, we can destroy greed and We can Destroy all evilness.

We destroy Lies by telling Truth, we Destroy hatred by Loving eachother, we destroy greed by sharing and We destroy evil by Doing Good.

Since lies are lacking Truth, Hatred is absence of Love and evil is absence of Good. By adding Truth, Love and Righteousness into our lifes, We destroy the evil. Just like if u add heat to cold, since cold is lack of heat, the cold is destroyed and transform into heat when you add Heat. Just like white, which is lack of color is no longer white as soon as you add some color to it. The outcome will be; a shade of what ever color u added.

Im not saying that we will destroy satan, satan is wicked, BUT hes not only wickedness itself, he is the root of all wickedness, the cause of all wickedness, wickedness is of him, hes the father of lies, hatred and all evil. and by destroying whats of him. he loses power. And specially power over us.

He will be destroyed once and for all by Jesus Who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

"I am the way the truth and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME."
-- Jesus Christ, John 14:6

Fear is of satan, If we fear The Almighty, the fear will only come between us oneness with The Almighty. Those who Love Him has Nothing to Fear. Love cast away all fear. Why would we fear the Only One we can trust?

JAH will never leave us, Or Forsake Us.

Knowing this, Why would we fear anything when Everything is under HIS controll?

Plain and simple, Love HIM and Live, reject HIM and Die

We chose between Heaven and Hell by the choices we make in life. We chose if we wanna take part of whats of JAH and His righteousness or whats of satan and hell.

Make The Right Choices, The First choice to make is to let JAH Himself be your guide.



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Haile Selassie I