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Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 6/5/2006 4:09:40 PM

If we say we overstand, most of the gentiles say we saying the wrong thing,but look at this,(under) is the root word of understand,under mean below or ....)In bobylon school they teach us how to formed words and break down words so they cant fool I even the I.(Over)is the root word of overstanding,We overcome so overstand them ,we overshadow them so overstand them,we overlook them so we overstand them,we overpast them so we overstand them,we overwhelm so we overstand them.We no longer under the stand now,we make the stand,on us no one stand.I man overstand the African and Europeans interpretation. A excuse u if u say understand but check it out see. one love! ye kings and queens

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Haile Selassie I