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questionnaire about rastafari

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Messenger: JAH Coyote Sent: 4/29/2006 7:57:36 PM

InI agree that this post is awkward and not well worded. InI also agree that the statements pointed out by Empress Nzingha are descent reasons to wish to not email this person. However, it appears to InI that this girl here is a youth, most likely in high school, not a Rastafarian, and so does not see the distinction between Rastafari and religion. For a non- Rastafarian it can be a difficult concept to grasp. Also, if she is in fact who she says she is and is not very good with the English language perhaps it is the language barrier which makes it difficult for her to word such statements properly.

Perhaps by responding with emails, anonymously, we can enlighten the girl with our sensibility. Certain potentially incriminating questions about where we live or what we smoke we don't need to answer and can explain why. Other things like sexual preference we can avoid as well if we wish.

What InI are trying to say is that if this girl is legit, just working on some assignment for high school, perhaps we can educate this person properly and not incriminate ourselves or our bredren. To InI the questions seem like she has done some research on the subject of Rastafari and has found some very basic, probably biased and innacurate information about our culture and King. If she is in fact looking to learn about our ways, I think it is best for us to give assistance. To be so afraid of the world can make us paranoid which is weakness still.

So what InI would suggest is that if y'all wish to respond, use a new email address with a fake name or an alias if you wish to protect identity in case it is some wickedness. Don't answer questions the I wish not to, and explain why. I remember in high school some of my classmates would do sociology or 'world religions' papers and choose Rastafarianism as a subject because they found it interesting but most if not all the information they research is false. Rastafari as a culture is not something that can really be researched because it is so beyond the people who write articles and books about it typically. Essentially the only way to accurately research Rasta is to read the Bible, Kebra Negast and to read statements made by King Selassie I.

The way InI see things, King Selassie I was never afraid to make statements in public declaring the truth of Rastafari. And the only reason we today know what these statements are exactly is because of how public these statements are. Selassie I make statements to the United Nations, the League of Nations, so many individual nations, world leaders, different communities- Rastafarians should not be afraid of Babylon knowing what we believe. In fact, it brings more power to us when we do not hesitate to speak of our livity. Selassie I also make so many statements about the importance of education- why should we hesitate so adamently to educate this girl? JAH is InI guidance, seen. As Haile Selassie I say JAH is the rudder of the Rastaman. If InI are just speaking of JAH greatness, there is no reason for prosecution to conquer InI.

JAH guidance and protection
JAH Coyote
Ras John

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 4/29/2006 8:35:27 PM

Well in that case use this as an opertunity to tell the world what you would like it to know about RastafarI.. No questions, no answers just knowledge. Selah

Messenger: EmpressCarla Sent: 4/30/2006 11:03:10 AM


I just wanted to respond to Jah Coyote's remarks on using another email address in an attempt to remain anonymous. The fact is, even if you did create a new email account, email the one asking for the info and then delete that account, Babylon would still be able to discover who you are if that was the intent.

Each time one sends an email their IP is logged by the service provider. So, if one is using their own computer to create a new account and sends that email, anyone searching can find out who owns the subnet on which the IP was used. And in knowing who owns the subnet (i.e., the internet service provider), even if the IP address was dynamic, they can determine what account was assigned that IP at a specific point in time. So, it is entirely possible to track down the owner of the account.

Not sure if the previous is clear, so let me restate it.
* Email account is created.
* Email sent.
* IP address of computer sending email is logged by your ISP...and perhaps even by the account receiving the email (i.e., the person you're sending to).
* Thus, a record of your location, address, billing information, other accounts used, etc. can be tracked down if necessary.

I write all this to say that there really is no anonymity on the web at all, except to the lay user. Even if ones are posting on this forum, you can be tracked down. Yet answering specific statements as to your views on Rastafari is much more incriminating.

I had read the original poster's questions and thought they were harmless until Empress Nzingha shared her reasoning behind her suspicions.

Ultimately, if the original poster is legitimate, she should not have a problem posting again to explain herself more clearly.

I realize I am new to this forum and most here don't know me. So take my comments for what they're worth: about 2 cents.

Be blessed.

Messenger: JAH Coyote Sent: 4/30/2006 2:39:48 PM

Seen, I was thinking about the IP shortly after writing that. They are some odd questions, still. But InI see no reason to be afraid. If it is some Babylon fuckery InI don't believe we are naiive enough to be tricked.

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