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From ONE

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Blessed I Sent: 4/27/2006 5:08:17 AM

Greetings and Bless up everybody...

InI could not help I self but fi make it a point to metion this.InI there pon internet and a read som ras fiya bun argument-
Understand this.
InI see Rasta as ONE. It started as a struggle to go against the system and church and yes-it started with "black" people but what InI fail to understand is why unu can't see it has evololved to be much more.KNOWLEDGE IS POWER-I agree everyone must have knowledge of a little of everything to grow so one must never disregard history and become ignorant. BUT it no matter color or race.
InI cannot chat race divity and be pure and true.No matter WHO you praise,no matter the name it is ONE GOD.
WE ALL CAME FROM ONE AND LEAVE AS ONE>to start and try reason and judge about who should be considered RASTA based on COLOR is a deception and trap. Purity of I heart is #1 and being tru to yourself.
Unu mustn't let the evil fool you. RASTA was established to break away from the wickedman and dem system but in this world it is a diffrent system all we Rasta a try part from and it NOT BASED PON COLOR. ALL MAN BLEED SAME BLOOD.NO RACE SUPERIOR EVER!!!!
InI "white" and InI did not choose to have I color but InI liveth and praise him JAH with a clean heart.I just tired of hearing Rasta chat about color and how "white" Rasta a do it fi follow "black" people and a grow dem locks and bun ganja.InI respect a pure clean life and that is why I become who I am today.-DONT FORGET WHAT THE PURPOSE OF IT IS: to not get caught up in the wicked system and that goes for anyone who decides to live clean and pure.NO MATTER COLOR> Bless everyone witha a clean heart and soul.FROM MANY ONE---JAH WORKS

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Haile Selassie I