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wat a krazy life .. time for me to save myself

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Messenger: ras knowledge Sent: 4/18/2006 1:48:59 AM

greetings ... i live a krazy life. not the life of jah an i kno that im living wrong. since ive been young ive been able to recognize i mistakes and i continue to make them. ini still young only 17. ini have used 1 to many drugs in the past year .. and i kno 1 is to much but i have done to many to remember. I dont eat right . I dont even pray to or respect jah on some of his holy days as i should. i smoke tobacco destroying i body which jah created for i and i almost joined babylons millitary a couple weeks back only to be saved by a herb arrest which kept i off limits for a few years. ini kno how to live an i find iself doing the opposite and i will change one day. but i would like to kno if any u i feel that i will be forgiven when i rest? because if i died right now before i had i chance to change i feel jah would look at i in shame. I hate babylon for destroying so many years of i life. I hate babylon for destroying i brothers life who's in prison right now. an i find iself acting as a pawn for babylon. excuse my language but shit is fucked up . InI just hope that jah understands i. because i dont understand i.. be free to comment i just felt i had to get this off i chest.
one love an respect to all ras who live right

Messenger: RAS B Sent: 4/18/2006 2:49:32 AM



Miny rastas die iveryday cos ah dis white powda bot ya gwan on
splashin' ya guts wit dis babilan s...t.

Seen I man no judge bot wan tin' I man gwine seh - ya haffi stop
likle bwai an seek JAH...,inyway weh com' di krazy ras?

Jah shal rise an di wicket shal' scatta

Messenger: White dread Sent: 4/18/2006 9:58:14 AM

Greetings Ras Knowlegde.
I know what you mean and I still deal with the same struggle.
It's hard to change, The only way to overcome it all is to reconize the problem, you've allready come so far. Don't give every bad thing up in once. Build it up. Focuss more on what you eat and smoke. Iman still doesn't eat healthy and proper. But Iman came a long way and have improved much. What really helped with I is to change I thoughts. Bun the wicked thoughts first and you will think clear and act clear.

One Love

Jah lead the way

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 4/18/2006 3:49:02 PM


ras knowledge,

Iman agree wit Ras B, no more little boy stuff. The I apparently lives in a disfunctional community therefore initiation into manhood falls on your own shoulders, f**ked up but true. Seek out elders and people who seem to represent the kind of life you desire for yourself.

Iman also agree wit White Dread the I can only hope to make true progress one step at a time. Start with the way you treat others; seek out all the ways you are causing harm to others an remove them from your life. (Honesty helps alot!)

Iman offer these words in humility, hoping they are helpful; we all have work to do.


Messenger: zionI Sent: 4/18/2006 5:44:04 PM

Prophet Peter Tosh said in one of him lyrics:

..."I pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again..."

Prophet Bob:

"...rise oh mighty people rise and take your stance again...he who fight and run away live to fight another day..."

The I is a youth. Give thanks that the I is already aware of Ras Tafari. That is a great blessing. As the bredren have already said: "easy skanky...take it easy"

Learn from your mistakes.Don't dwell on them. Ever forward.

InI all in the same boat.

Jah Loves the I and His patience is eternal. Keep working.

"We are confident of the victyory of good over evil"

Selassie Rey

Messenger: ras knowledge Sent: 4/19/2006 8:55:26 PM

ini would like to give thanks to all who replied its nice to see such positivity . ini already starting the change in ways for the past two days i have not smoked tobacco i have eaten ital and started back on my readings. its funny when i think about it because living right feels so much better then living wrong. thanks for helping mne realize.

much love to all ras

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 4/19/2006 9:16:08 PM

The moment of "mind made up" is more powerfull than years of carelessness. The I must forgive himself in order to recieve forgiveness from the Most High. The love in the Idren's heart is more important than the food in the Idren's stomach or the smoke in the Idren's lungs. Once the Idren is ready to accept goodness the Most HIgh will give it to the Idren. Change your mind and your habits will follow.

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 4/20/2006 12:18:41 PM

Yes Bredrin Ras Knowledge, the Empress Nzingha shows the I wisemind,

"The love in the Idren's heart is more important than the food in the Idren's stomach or the smoke in the Idren's lungs."

This is what Iman say as well, eat right and study book later, manifest JAH LOVE NOW!

Better the I should eat a pork sandwich and show loving kindness to the world than to eat right and do thy own bredrin and sistrin wrong.

If diet and scripture help the I to do this great, but they are not the goal.


Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 5/9/2006 9:08:05 AM

a krazy life I'n'I a face. truely but dis a time nuh from slave driver, him surrender long time an let we take wi i-dom, we suffer from de hands of our own brothers and sisters. Dem say lotta tings bout we rases, nuh true dem seh, but dem cyant mek Jah words false. Him seh di truth.
Remember dem days di bus operator coulda seh, man mi nuh guh ride you, you hair will touch others,Still you haffi go work or back home. What we did, walking all di 10KMS, yet wi survived like Daniel in the wilderness. wi are much more strong fi him.
Let call Jah as the sages did and HIM will give us strength.

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Haile Selassie I