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Messenger: princess tafari Sent: 4/3/2006 1:26:07 PM

Why did Jah go into excile??

When did Queen elizibeth bow to Jah??

Was there a treaty that had to be signed by all nations that was written by Jah?

What is the maccabbe????

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/3/2006 11:42:36 PM

RasTafarI went into exile to gather armies to bring to Ethiopia to help fight the Italians.

Here is a reasoning I made about it before.
He went to gather armies to help Ethiopia defeat Mussolini. He knew that the weapons that Ethiopia had couldn't compete with the more modern weapons the aggressor had, especially considering how wicked the people behind these weapons were. They used poison to kill many people, and didn't have any consideration for Life. So Selassie I Itinued the fight and accomplished what he set out to do. He gathered the armies and defeated Mussolini. Selassie I didn't come to bow, but to conquer.

I don't know about Queen Elizabeth bowing to Jah.

I know that Selassie I had a part in the formation of the United Nations, but I don't know of the treaty you are speaking about. It might have been something to do with the League of Nations or United Nations.

The Maccabee is a book that is found in some Bibles.

You can read them here:

1 Maccabee

2 Maccabee

Here is a link I just found talking about the story:

The Revolt of the Maccabees

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/4/2006 1:23:33 AM

Yes the queen bow every time she was in His presence. I don't have exact dates.

Is maybe the document your reffering to is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights???

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 4/4/2006 10:41:42 AM


The Maccabbes (or Hasmoneans) were the Jews who began the armed revolt against Greek rule which led to approx. 80 years of Jewish self-rule before Rome showed up. The Maccabbes installed a high priest from their own line rather than from the line of Zadok, this led to the Pharisees vs. Saducees vs. Essene contreversy within Judaism that Yeheshua (Jesus) was born into.

As Ark I said it is also the title of 4 scrolls which tell this story and are considered canonical only by some Christians.

Selassie left Ethiopia in order to rally support to fight against the illegal and immoral invasion by Mussolini's Italian troops.

I would love to see Elizabitch bend her knee to the Almighty I.

InI would also love to see any such treaty, but Iman know of none such as you describe. I have heard that HIM did draft the charter for the League of Nations, but I have not confirmed this.


Messenger: princess tafari Sent: 4/4/2006 10:49:25 AM

would like to thankyou for taking to the time to answer my questions.

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