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Natty Locks

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Messenger: poor Sent: 3/22/2006 1:21:58 PM

Why I have to cover I hair?

Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 3/22/2006 2:04:38 PM

maybe because i someone is about to light this zippo lighter

but maybe ini dont have to if ini see the lid on our bottle of ttree gel :)
**squidge out some funky coloured TTree gel** TM(c)Zion 2006 in aid of poverty

in the begining was the word and the word was god
and out of the darkness came the light and from the light came ....?

as i stand infront of the great mountain with my tealight in hand i pray that i objects from creation are in order and that there be peace and love between them thanks to jah i pray

Messenger: White dread Sent: 3/22/2006 7:08:06 PM

As far as I know, yuh nuh haffi cover the I's hair. Not nessecary

some people on this forum know more bout it.

One Love

Messenger: zionI Sent: 3/23/2006 2:03:27 PM

Jahworks can be done with hair covered or uncovered...or no hair at all.

InI wear locks to remind Iself of I vow to the Mighty One of Creation. InI please HIM with works not with dress and vanity.

Hail Rasta.

Messenger: I.B. Sent: 3/25/2006 2:15:30 PM

InI locks are a covenant. It is beneficial to care for I locks- as such. Whether this means covering- that is for each to decide.

Yah Bless

Messenger: Ras Jah-mal Sent: 3/25/2006 8:39:08 PM


To I covering your locks is up to an individual,
but INI should also take note that in the presence of
the ark of the covenant, even the high priest of an order
has to unseal their crown out of reverance. The said ark represents
the presence of the most high in the tabernacle ya sight.

One Perfect love!!!

Messenger: poor Sent: 3/26/2006 5:06:25 AM

Thanks Idren.

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Haile Selassie I