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Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 3/21/2006 3:29:57 PM

1. Rasta are needed accross africa and jamaica to explain that europ/west is not a nice place to come to it is not an easy life...many mistakes have been made by the false rulers who have used up all the oil and created money which makes it very hard to live...very few people have enough money to live and pay the tax's and rates forced upon them even when they have no money... so it is not nice...people seem to think that the west is nice because of TV and stuff but its all wrong... people in africa and jamaica need to know the way that life should be and power for TV and cars should come from sun/wind/wave (ethiopia-get solar powered fridge/freezer as water for land!)
this is the ONLY option if this is not grasped by government and the people then they are sure to be at war such as iraq iran for their oil? why? they are power mad!! also it is THE ONLY WAY to stop europe for going into ice age due to stopping of the gulf stream due to global warming caused by OIL!!!! false rulers=spastics! i am amazed that 60 billion people are so brainwashed by them??

2. When the population reaches 666 or 999 billion i do not think the 'system' (computer) can cope... i think that bird flu and other epidemics will sort this out i am sorry but people have to be very much in love when they have children(or use condoms) and only have children to replace themselves...

i hope this helps to sort some things out

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Haile Selassie I