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How to pray ?

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Messenger: lookfijah Sent: 4/6/2006 5:22:46 AM

Greetings in the name of HIM Haile Selassie the first King Of Kongs and Lord Of Lords conquering the lion of judah elect of jah

InI give thx and praises to jah every day every second in InI life. InI life with jah spirit . Jah spirit is in everyone ! y must take time 4 y self to find y root. to look inna y self there is jah.
jah speak to me every time jah bless and protect me. like everybody . jah is iretor seen . he protect and bless me. jah give me overstanding to see things clear . ini must not pray like in church jah is in my body INI pray even INI reason seen.
INI trust and belive in jah c INI know jah is by my side and protect me i know HIM and feel HIM. jah guide me everywhere .
the truth is jah iretor is in everybody wich began to search the truth . c King Selassie is truth

look back fi natrual life
jah blessed

take time fi y self and hear wah jah tell y . c jah is in everyone
bunn cemical things
bunn european way of thinking
bunn all nah life clean

jah bless y all

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 4/9/2006 4:14:49 PM

blessed heart of love my lord and empresses/princesses,
I haven't been on this reasonment for a while, but i come forward today to read some postings. I was just wandering how the I made out with how to pray?
I would like to add something, I am a rastawombman, but i spirit has pulled i to the bobo order. In the order I n I read 21 psalms a day. 7 at sunrise, 7 at noon and 7 at 6pm, but that is at the camp. It is good that i n i do the best here in babywrong. Sabbath day is a day to rest from 6pm to 6 pm the next lights.

I have learned tho. that when u seek the kingdom of jah everything is added. So, just seek jah and jah will guide I n I.

have a blessed day



1 - 1011 - 2021 - 22

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Haile Selassie I