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Messenger: zionI Sent: 3/2/2006 3:57:28 PM

This youth is a Hasidic Jew singing the reggae music with some Itesful lyrics, from what I have checked.If interested his site is:

Give Thanks to the Most High for the seed planted by the rivers of water shall bear fruit.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/2/2006 5:49:29 PM

Seen... powerful powerful WORD SOUND POWER

Messenger: JahIseek Sent: 3/3/2006 1:29:33 PM



Am I the only I that feels away about this guy? How MANY times do IandI sight a white guy come along and take something that the Black Mon/Wombmon has been doing FROM TIME.... And RAKE in the $$$ without giving ONE CENT to those who they stole it from?

I am not tryin to offend.. but for I this is PURE madness. I have seen MORE VIDEOs from this guy on MTV etc BIGGIN HIM up WAY MORE THAN ANY reggae star has been bigged up... and I MUST burn FIYAH on that...

NO other I sites this?

Sis Jahseekah

Messenger: White dread Sent: 3/3/2006 5:20:14 PM

Am I the only I that feels away about this guy? How MANY times do IandI sight a white guy come along and take something that the Black
Mon/Wombmon has been doing FROM TIME

I hope I don't offend you in any way, but if he is white and he has a great vibe, why disrespect him because of his skin. Nuff black people make music because of $$$...and since when is some one out for the money if he is bigged up by media. Who knows..his intention is good. I don't doubt it. Don't blame people for being famous and making money. It's what you do with the money, people make persons famous, by buying albums, if babylon make then famous, and you don't like it, blame them for giving a false picture

Again..if it wasn't bout skin colour, my deepest appologies.

One Universial Love
Jah Rastafari
White Dread

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/3/2006 9:06:38 PM

Blessed love rasta far i

I am not offended and the i is entitled to whatever feelings that the i is manifesting....

This ini know for i self....i don't judge the color business, cuz that what this is about, business....INI nuff raspect truth..

A bredren(black man) who knows that i much raspect conscious rasta reggae rootical vibes gave me the CD and ini site powerful(not new-nothing is new under the sun all has been here since time begun) way of consciousness....i gave a copy to a jewish bredren who much supports reggae and hip hop for the message.....the man sited it as a nice vibe.....Then the kingman(blackman) of i sistren (who is a studio engineer for ones such as Richie Spice and Sizzla) listened to the vibes and much sited the message of truth along with the craft of word sound power... and just last week attended Matisyahu at a concert in San Diego(did not pay to attend and was a backstage guest and reasoned with matisyahu).....and much aprreciated the music and the message...sited talent. Talent that everyone possesses and choses to use or not use. Matisyahu is not "special" just as i not special....InI is heights....

Raspect the message with no regard for the vehicle, that is jah.. speaking.....I don't know the $$ part of this culture war $hit$tematic, nor the livity.. .but that not the ish... cause round after round musicians and performer get fiyah from all over for what and what......seen?(Sizzla, Buju, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley)

I have not seen Matishyahu on videos nor MTV nor any place and in fact i have a burned CD, so if the man is making money off from anyone, it ain't this woman...If the message can reach someone who don't hear in any ways, then so be it... i have said the same thing for Sizzla, Buju Banton and anyone who hails up the power of the most high in the way that the spirit moves them.

Back in the day, Jewish and Africans were united against a common downpressor, the white man..... That until the white man embraced the jewish white....The WHITE MALE NATIONALISM philosophy is a slick thing.... be aware....

That said i ni know that there is much downpression of black culture, check out NIKE, malt Liquor, bling bling, professional sports, banks with lending practices, just the way corporate america exploits black culture .... INI sight that those are the tools of the wicked.....

It is not the man named Matisyahu, it is not the fame it is not about US or USA or capitalism or money or this or is about TRUTH and WISDOM....found int he simplist places in the nick of time.

Anything that one does with right intention is right and anything done with wrong intentions is wrong and will come out in the light of LIVITY..

LIVITY expresses this truth in every way every day.

Culture is not for sale..nor can truth be sold, nor freedom be bought.


Rasta far i
HaIle I SelassIe I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/4/2006 4:57:25 AM

FYah Burn the whola dem.

With all the Sizzlas, the Junior Kellys, the IWaynes, all the Anthony BS around, this man comes from nowhere and gets to perform on such international platforms like the Jay Leno show. Just another reminder that you are living in a white mans world
But right now, one thing concern me, what is he really talking about?, what is he teaching?, what is exactly a Hasidic Jew? Does he hail HIM Haile Selassie?
One thing i cant stand is ones who come half and half. If you cant come fullhearted move out my Music and go find something else. Im talking about the Gentlemans of the world who say, Jah this and JAh that in every verse but as far as i can tell havent heard him mention my Emperor by HIS Name

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/4/2006 4:59:12 AM

Yes i said it... This My Music

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/4/2006 12:32:35 PM

May the words of i mouth and the i-ditation of i heart be pleasing to ini, rasta far i, haIle I selassIe I

White man's world.....So why one wanna be showcased in the white man's world on Leno and such....WHy is there so much emphasis put on being acknowledged in the white man's world....For the money is that it? at what cost bredrens and sistren? Consider perhaps the bredrens have been asked to appaer on these shows and perhaps refused... it is possible. Why does it matter?

Rasta don't partake of sour grapes....

I don't watch those things, you check... becuz ini site it essential to be supportive of the bredrens that one choses to acknowledge oneself...why ones looking to be validated by the white male nationalism? Why so vexed about this and that? White man nationalism is a philospohy of the lemming following the crowd running off the cliff, so why ones wanna go down to those depths? WHy ones wanna hail up the very same $Hit$tem that downpresses the i? Why ones wanna be licking the heels of the oppressor and trying to get that man's pat on the dread, a coin here and there. Selling culture....pop culture at best and look at what it has done to the youth....look at that...

This thread started out with a nice vibe of some tunes and now it become a "who is" blacker, whiter, more this and dat.. bumba klatt.....INI site ini manifest support for those bredrens and sistren that are local to ini, in i village, neighborhood.. ini not into this white male nationalism of culture that is bought and sold on the NYSE....INI check out local musicans and artistians. SUPPORT THAT.... When I first heard of this hasidic man i figured he was from chicago , near where i live...not knowing that he is national... should i close my ears and burn the music because of the fame that he has recieved from others, becuz he is separate from i by man's demographic terms of race and creed and gender and this and that?

As a wombman iself, should i stop listening to sizzla cuz he disses women in some of his music, or do i listen exclusively becuz he black. Should I smash Bob Nesta cds cuz he is half white and he has recieved international recognition and continues to amass a large amount of money, even after his body dead. All the radio stations play him even those owned by Clear Channel......

I site many ones with dreads refusing to wear any shoes but "Nike" or Addias. Whats with that? Nike is one of the largest exploiters of people of color throughout the world. Flash bling bling shoes of slavery.... Are you supporting your feet with handmade shoes made by the bredrens and sistren and supporting them?

Should ones burn fiayh pon the Marely brothers for thier presence on MTV, and becuz they have white blood. They don't say Haile I selassie i in all of thier music. Niether does Sizzla or buju or anthony B. Should i stop siting Russell Simmons mos def slams becuz he has a show on HBO or should i only be aware of it becuz it on HBO? Is he a sell out cuz he doesn't limit his guests to 100% black men.

See some of these "success ful" ones have the opportunity to build a furture for the youth to come who will speak louder and more definitely and today a platform is being built in the white man's world to do that. Is is a dirty business, but that is what it is.. .IF that is what the i want to feel equal, then give thanks and praises for that. TO possess that level of materialism that ones seeks, well then one have to be surrounded by those things. If that is so important then that is where the heart is.

If being on a Jay Leno show is so important... i just don't know what to say to the i....If the white man has something that you want, well go about it the same way he did to get it.....steal, rape kidnap and lie.....cuz he not gonna give it up for the i....see he never gave up the 40 acres and a mule, that he thiefed from the red man.

See, the same affirmation that one seeks is the same on that the ones be judging.

Have you ever heard the term

Don't like the music, don't listen to it... then it goes away for the i. Everyone has truth to speak, in thier own way...It is not what ones says cause talk is cheap.....Action speaks louder than words and know that often the music is more conscious than the lyrics...


Blessed love rasta far I--the fearless royalty
Haile I Selassie I-Power of the trinity WORD SOUND POWER

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/4/2006 5:35:16 PM

Sistren, what are you tallking about?
You are so quick to go on a diatribe that i doubt very much you even read what i wrote.
All i was trying to say was WATCH THE HIPOCRICY!!!Who really deserves to be showcased on an international level? Sis, its a very long line of Jah messengers who have been troding this rough road for a very long time.
Still, If You really think ini are sitting here twisting fingers, waiting to go on jay leno, all i can say is , Alright sistren, you are more concious than i
For some reason that escapes me, you have made this into a black and white thing, but i tell you my sister, i would have felt much happier if i had seen the Groundation band on tv
I will say it a third time, this is my music, this is I music, this is JAh music. i never said i expected anyone to hail His Majesty on every track. But see,,when sizzla or buju or Anthony B or Bob Marley say JAH i know next they gonna say Emperor Haile I Selassie I is the Almighty, NO APOLOGY.
So to whomever can see clearly, i will ask again, what is really a Hasidic Jew? what are their teachings and how do they differ from orthodox judaism. Everyman has a goal. so what is the goal of the Hasidic Jew? That all i want to know
Oh yes, please let me know what songs are those where sizzla disses the Woman

Messenger: rastaheart Sent: 3/4/2006 5:45:49 PM

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