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Inner Strength vs. Inner Pain

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Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/12/2006 11:24:25 AM

Blessed....Give thanks and praises to the most high haile i selassie i

Inner pain and strength.... are thoughts....the body cuts and bleeds, and through the power of the mind....STRENGTH is a decision that endures whatever is to be. INI site that ones and ones put the thoughts of RIGHTNESS in the innner parts of ini physical.....mind and body. Not to always put the THINKING and WORDS of resentment of struggle, becuz then one has a mind set of pain.....Acknowledge the pain and then let the energy of that flow to relasese the mindset of judging it as something to fear. IT is there.. no denying that, so chose to flow with how to move around it. Be in the now... so often the pain is brought forth from the constant focus on the pain, fear and perceived loss.

Whenever something one considers is lost, it means that one never possessed it. And Jah knows that i possess no thing. ya check? When "some" thing leaves the livity, there is space for something GOOD and right. OPEN the eyes and the heART and the spirit will bring forth the sound for the body to be powerful

Selassie I word. "I am more concerned with the condition of my soul than the pain of my body." paraphrased.

This is not to say that i ignore the flesh, ini site that the spirit that is right and open and strong is not weighted donw by the human condition. Vexation of the soul is vanity. Today sistren, it is essential to be with the today issues of health, because the spirit is capable of healing the body.

Often one say the plate is full, just cause it full don't mean one have to consume it all! member(bring together.. WORD SOUND POWER......sound out words of UPLIFTMENT and then one has the POWER over ALL

The struggle did not get harder, it changes to afford opporutnity to overcome in different ways. Don't fight life, live it. Victory is knowing that what is right is in the mind and the action will follow...

THe children will make thier choices and so will the spouse and so let them go to thier peace. You have not lost endurance, you have the opportunity for space for RIGHTNESS BLESSINGS and BEAUTY in livity.....Rasta not no sacraficing thing dealing thing to get what i want...Rasta is livity of powerful intent, fearless of any sort of losses....overcoming....not being overcome with anything that will break ini spirit. Sistren, the i know this, so be free to live this with not excuses to any one.

Blessings of life are aroudn every day when ini can put the head to the pillow and rest at night with a full belly.

rastafar i
haile i selassie i

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Haile Selassie I