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Apostle Paul-Early Baldhead

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Messenger: gideon Sent: 6/19/2006 8:40:56 PM

This topic is a perfect example of why you have to understand the message of the cross, and what it means practically in real life. The whole reason why people on this site can't agree about any topic of any depth, and why the whole world can't agree, is that we are undiscipled and untrained in the culture represented by Jesus' death and resurrection (the story of the cross). If you don't understand the world in terms of this event then you will be confused. Nothing will make much sense.
That's why many people have a problem with Paul.
The principle of the cross if the principle of love and salvation.
Women should not speak in the congregation because that is not the time and place for the way women speak, not because of any separation or hatred. Slaves should obey their masters because their masters have power over their lives - that's the nature of the slave/master relationship. Paul also said that slaves should destroy that relationship (become free) whenever they have the chance to do so. Obedience is just survival until you can be free.
Love is not about being perfect, that is the whole thing that people on this site and in the world need to understand, or else you will always be in conflict. Look through the posts on this site and you will see a whole site full of arguing about things that happen and what they signify. Each of these conflicts in opinion also disappears as soon as someone says the truth, which is always that people do what they do for their reasons and shouldn't be criticised because of imperfections. Yet we continue again and again as more issues come up.
There is no need for this.
The whole truth has already been demonstrated by Christ on the cross, and in his resurrection. This message was the common thread throughout his ministry and the culture taught to his disciples (the apostles and christians from then until now, including Selassie). Just forget about trying to make things perfect by wishful thinking, and you'll be free of the stress. That is what the rastaman trod is all about, and nothing else. Purification comes from the inside out. All this quarelling is just following the wrong teachings, and it leads nowhere, just where it begins.
Love is the way, faith is the way. Not trying to make things and people into your concept of how things should be. This goes for yourself too. You have to begin by forgiving yourself and loving yourself. You must also continue in this tradition, refusing to be sidetracked by the thirst for revenge, and the desire to make things right. That is rash, and incorrect. The true way is simply to accept God's love and live in faith. All this bickering demostrates that this concept is not understood. The confusion about Paul and the importance of his message is part of the same problem.
Just live for love, and forget enforcing justice. Leave all judgement to God. Our duty is not the enforce the law by physical means, and that is where we get lost. Our duty is only to believe in God and trust him. Stop reading looking for errors people make, and looking around at the world that way. The enemy isn't out there in the things people do and say. The enemy is the one whispering accusations against them and against you.
Our true culture is about peace and love. Nothing else.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/22/2006 5:57:20 PM

I must say I agree with Gideon in many ways.
In any event, I feel that by cleaning ourselves and by living by christ example we live truthfully.
I do believe that by spreading love we will eliminate hate, and not by hating the hater, but by loving the hater for he needs love. I think this can be applied to any situation. the more we love and forgive the more will wickedness dissappear because it will lose its footing in InI.



Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 6/23/2006 10:43:59 PM

I agree with Ark I as well as with Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I.

I cannot take the bible and everything in it as the law and truth, there is translation issues and other issues. But when the I sights truth it will become part of I and when the I sights something in disagreement, then the I will not take this on. Forward!


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