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What's that, Damian?

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Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 1/30/2006 11:49:01 PM

Blessed Heart of Love,

Wow, it is feels like a market place here with all this squabbling and quarrelling. it dont feel like the reasonings here are on righteousness.

Rasta love gun ? Rasta drink alchohol ? What ? No, Rastafari is nothing like that Empress Nzinga. Drunkards and gangsters are not WORTHY to be called Rastafari. Rastafari do not promote what Babylon promote you understand? Life is what we promote and both of these take away life.

Rastafari is A LIFE OF DIVINE HOLY CHRISTLY PRINCIPLES. It is not "free" and 'evil tolerant' as X-TIANITY where you are free to do as you wish, even offend Jah. As Nyah Japhet has shown us, Selassie I who is the Almighty God, gave ini divine strict and UPRIGHT principles to live by.
All these leggo locks do not have any discipline to live by divine principles. INI is personally an ambassador of King Emmanuel's Worthy congress and many Rasta don't like we because dem say that we is too strict and that Christ never told we to live in such way.
That is just false things, dem cant live up to Christ standards because them make such sacrifice.
Christ was never a winebibber as Nyah show the i's, that is just white men pharisees propaganda, for WINE IS A MOCKER. Let us never forget that the white men edit the bible to subdue ini black people under their authority.

If you want to let your friends continue in their wrong doings by loving their guns and satisfying their fleshly lusts with all sort of WOMEN and drinking them SATAN JUICE then u are most free to do so. It appears to me, Empress Nzingha, that you are not perfectly at home here because we spread the gospel and show people that KING SELASSIE I IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD.
Now that is no joke business the whole world should know such TRUTH but they reject it, but it appears to i that you are not so satisfied with such TRUTH and not even humble to come learn this.

Now, that is ok, and you are free and equal to BELIEVE what you want, but do not lead all the faithful followers of HIS MAJESTY HAILE SELASSIE I astray, do not insult them, belittle them, criticise them and CONFUSE them with your intellectual anger-fuelled statements, please i beg you to leave us in peace, this website is entitled JAH RASTAFARI. There can never be no equal rights AND JUSTICE without LOVE and the Black Christ show us this.
SO first, learn of love, find grace and compassion, find GOD for GOD IS LOVE SO LET US ALL LOVE. Learn to humble yourself and respect others in not just your nice words but YOUR ACTIONS. Selassie I Jah Rastafari

If i pass judgement, then just meditate on it, because whenever I AND I do so, I AND I is not alone but with our Father. So when we see someone professing to be Rastafari do a WRONG, we have to show them that this is wrong, natural fire of right burning out wrong.

Right is RIGHT and WRONG IS WRONG. There are no in between or two way about it, His Majesty show us that it is clear, either right or wrong.

Now about this Damien bizness, that man is no soldier nor no warrior, because he have no discipline to be such ting, he promote Babylon more than he show the youths righteousness.
"It is good to see young JAH warriors like him to go and teach the youth them through music....."
WHAT HIM TEACH THE YOUTH? TO DRINK? TO LOVE BIG CAR, WHITE FASHION GIRLS, MONEY? He need to show the youth righteousness, he need to teach them how to save themself, not how to sleep with fashion-vanity-stylee women and drink GUINESSS.
How can he teach Right to the youth when he cannot teach himself this, he need to learn how to save HIMSELF from this evil world and their vanity.
Most of them singers cannot lead the sheep because them is astray themselfs. How can you who don't know the way lead the way, you will just make us lost!
Them is just fake rastamen,who don't meditate on Rastafari in a serious manner, they spend more time thinking how they will get money to go cruise in Bahamas and waterskiing. The money do that to them , them bow and become friendly with this world, and this cause them to compromise and go astray.Now the Man Christ prophesise such ting, look into the parable of the sower. Some will seeds will fall in the thorns and will be choked by the thorns, the deceitfulness and riches of this world STEAL THEM.

Once more i show you bredren and sisdren that we cannot follow such people, reggae artist, for they cannot redeem you, It is only JAH RASTAFARI WHO CAN SAVE YOU,so let us praise and reason and meditate upon JAH works for he is the real warrior, the King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Field Marshall General Selassie I Jah Rastafari.
You see what happen when you reason about reggae artist,it just bring war and hatred and confusion and division. Burn that for it is just 666.

So please all YOU PEOPLE, who come with you anti-Christ Pharasees doctrine, please go away and do your mess elsewhere, for we have no time to argue for time is at hand. We must spend our time and energy on truths and rights.

Iman is BOBO SHANTI and most of my bredren do not come here because of such childish foolishness which goes on here. Please Ark I,you are the head, do someting about this matter instead of just watching and defending your name when it is scandalised.

Teff, we do not want your vain statements so keep them to yourself,it seem like you transform into some other character lately or maybe you might have always been the same. Humble yourself.

"Opinions are like *ass holes* everybody has one.If we could stay focused on facts and education we might actually get somewhere outside of all these silly technicalities and uneccessary opinions."

Please stop swearing and cursing, it manifest negative vibrations here. We need to learn TRUTH nad not facts and education,for such things are worthless if you do know how to live right, eat right, talk right, drink right and think right, so that is what ini focus is here. TO EDUCATE we self in RIGHTEOUSNESS.Outsiders will just laugh and sight we as fools. We are just fulfilling the desires of Rome Vatican.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There is much more positive to gain here then negative and i only see NEGATIVE here these days.

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungoldy, nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the Lord God Jah Rastafari and on His law doth he meditate day and night.
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

Blessed Love
Jah Paskal, Ambassador of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I King Emmanuel I John Marcus I, Jahovia Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/31/2006 12:02:06 AM


I don't know why people act as if there messages of foolishness are inaccessible to people who want to see it.

I am not parenting anybody. Do you see that view button beside the hidden message, anybody who has a desire to see your foolishness and disrespect can see it.

I have said this before on this forum, I don't know exactly when and I am not sure who I said it to, but it wouldn't surprise I if it was you.

If you wouldn't say something in front of Selassie I, then don't say it here.

If you don't like this trod in this forum, then go elsewhere where you are free to speak foolishness, there are plenty of people that would love to hear your meaningless comments, you will not be missed here. At least not by I.

You have left this forum and come again a few times now, and I have never invited you back, because I and I move only forward. But you still keep on coming back to show your reflection and it is the same thing everytime. You always resort to foolishness and disrespect.

You spoke about freedom of speech before. You want to know what the freedom here is, it is Freedom to Reason. There is no freedom for foolishness and wickedness, because I and I have more important things to deal with. Freedom of foolishness and wickedness takes away from Freedom to Reason, because people have to waste their time with the foolishness.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 1/31/2006 12:12:22 AM

Far I Sight, whew! Hotta fyah have to blaze!

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari Selah!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/31/2006 12:15:56 AM


You said,
Teff, we do not want your vain statements so keep them to yourself,it seem like you transform into some other character lately or maybe you might have always been the same. Humble yourself.

"or maybe you might have always been the same." This is the true statement about Teff, nothing has changed. The illusion and mask just dropped off once again.

FarI-Sight, you said,
many Rasta don't like we because dem say that we is too strict and that Christ never told we to live in such way.
That is just false things, dem cant live up to Christ standards because them make such sacrifice.

This is true, Christ taught even more strictness then before, not less. He showed the people that it is not enough to just not perform wickedness, but we also must erase wickedness from our minds so that we don't even think it.

The strictness of the Bobo and Nyahbinghi is truly RasTafarI livity as far as I am concerned. I never saw RasTafarI as being a trod without strictness, but I saw strictness of livity as I and I way of Life.

As far as what the I said that I should straighten things here. I have been busy recently so I haven't spent as much time as I used to on the forum. And it seems that whenever that happens, the course of things change here. I will take your advice FarI, and this forum will return again to what it is meant to be.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/31/2006 1:33:54 AM

Who will see me, will see me.
I see more argument in this reasoning, it no longer is a reasoning room. i came once and told bout wat happened and no one responded. I n I need to reach out together and be there for each other. I guess I am not qualified enough to feel struggle, because i have not trodded as long as u. i journey is more then u think, but i guess u ahve it all str8. I shouldn't even be arguing, cause i know who i am.

I thought rastafari was bout reasoning with love and ovastanding, i guess this must be a different rasta group. sis im sorry u have been denied, i am sorry for i n i who are denied. But, why are u treating me like im not ur sis.

Is there different forms of rastafari that i don't know bout? Ones who judge and don't reach out to one another.

I have no rasta where i live, so i come here. Im sorry, forgive me, I was wrong. Don't worry I have nothing more to say...I will do jah works and i am ur sister whether u like it or not. this is not reasoning, this is fighting..Who want to reason with I do so, but I will no longer say anything. I don't want to be anywhere i am not welcomed.


Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/31/2006 1:45:40 AM

one more thing, i do not post discrimination on i postings,just the one relating to it.
How do u know wat i struggled? U think cause i wasn't born with u, i haven't struggled. u know nothing about i, yet u judge me. Listen to ur words its everyone then i.
I pray for u cause as u judge me, someone else is judging u...


Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/31/2006 1:49:34 AM

I know I shouldn't have responded so, but I am suppose to be ur sister. U don't know who jah chose to do his work. Who are prophets/prophetess, messengers, etc. So itinue to judge one another and as u do, work is not being done and jah is watching u.

Have a bless journey, i am gone from here..i get the same argument in here as i do in babylon.

i pray for u..

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 1/31/2006 9:29:04 AM

Blessed Love,

Much respect and honour to Hourable Dreadnut, I have been awaiting such time to respond to your mail but i have been so busy, like i show the i's i just move from Africa to Australia on my own and i leave my wife,my youth and my honourable loyal bredrens,and my beautiful natural free motherland to come here in this big city Melbourne,it is not so easy for i to cope for i have never lived nor stayed in a city for some time.Please feel free to mail i or even phone i on 043 109 6060 (melbourne,victoria,austr)and we shall reason upon higher heights of the salvation.

Mutual raspect and honour to the Honourable Ark I and i give thanks for taking heed to my advice,it is tru that this forum has changed so much ever since you have not been around to put some order,it is just like dem businessmen was selling them tings in the temple and Jah come and smash all them thing telling them to get out and respect such sacred place where people come to worship and learn of God. With time you shall see that Bobo Shanti is the FIRST Nyahbinghi, the First Ethiopian Orthodox. Without the Right Honourable Prince now King Emmanuel the 7th, no Rastamon would ever know of Nyabinghi for He organise and centralise 1000 Rastas for the FIRST Nyabinghi ceremony at the 21 day convention which over 1000 rastas from all over the globe attended.

Prophecy, you are new here and it shall be an honour to help you in your path to Jah, i can see you are young and new in such trod and i have been also looking for sum time to mail you and give u a helping hand in all your affairs. I have read much of your posts. Also feel free to mail i at strength shall be given to you even if you have no Ras bredren n sisdren around temporally, i and i is here ( i also do not have any ras family with i temporally since i moved here )
I have been coming to this sight for about 2 years now but i am quite sure no one has ever heard of i for i have never made myself known but have been a humble observer for a long time, observing many things. I have even posted somthing a long time ago identifying myself and i received no reply.

I would love to see more LOVE, RESPECT AND HONOUR here, like i saw was growing when i first came here. It is a blessing to have such place where we can meet and reason on Rastafari culture and give thanks. There is so much to gain here and yet we have been taking all of this for granted recently. Let us live in love and uplift and strengthen each other with all that we know for we all have the love of Jah Rastafari.
Therefore, let us do his will and glorify His Name in all our WORDS AND MEDITATION.

How good and pleasant it is when ini dwell together in inity, it is like the precious ointment of the Most High Jah Rastafari.
Love and Honour to you all. Peace and prosperity be within thy gates and palaces.
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari !

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 1/31/2006 12:10:12 PM

Love I

Yes I Give Thanks for the WORD SOUND my Lord FarI.

But still Iman would big up Jr Gong for HIM works. And by the way, a sistren said before here this is no alcohol.
So this is what Iman was asking for, I was not judging, seen. Who am I? And the girl. This is HIS livity and lifestyle. I hear Jr Gong is driving a big BMW, his favourite food is fish and he self said his favourite film is Hannibal and he likes the scene best where this maniac eats the brain. All things Iman nah deal with. But the Jr Gong is still a Jr.... a young man.... like Sizzla and all those. Yes I n I would say them livity is weak and them stand nah principles, my lord, but still them give the Ghettoyouths a better exemple.(I don't know Sizzla and his music, just an exemple)
Of course for all the JA Youthies it would be the best to trod up ah Bobo Hill 10 Miles Bull Bay and live a clean and godly livity in righteousness of Salvation. But only a few go. The majority will never reach. So what with them? Just abandon them? Most of the Youths hear of King Selassie I first through the Music. So it is good that there are some true warriors. Their personal livity is of no interest and is only of concern to themselves and JAH. But if them decide and become an Artist, them must be able to deal the responsibility. So when they stand in the public they must represent King Selassie I Principles. And as we know now from the sistren, Jr Gong did not promote alcohol in the public. Give Thanks for this Information.


Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 1/31/2006 12:29:41 PM

1. How is it that knowing people makes them my friends? More over, I said I DON'T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS, so why would you lecture me? I said I don't drink, I don't deal with guns and I don't deal with promiscuity. I am a vegitarian, a promoter of passive resitance and sustainability, and I have a kingman who is Rasta. So your whole speech, is lost on me, Bredren.

2. I said where was your stuggle, not that you didn't have one. My point is that you seemed to be a little self centered to me by the way you were constantly reminding us of you struggle. Begging is unbecoming. If I was to treat you like you were not my sistren I would allow you to continue in you disillusion. Having sistren doesn't mean only acceptance all the time it also means having someone who will be honest with you. And based on the fact that having few responses seems to truly upset you, maybe you should consider how you respond to honest feedback. And as I've stated already, now you know why I, personally, did not respond. Because I knew that you were going to feel some type of way about what I had to say.

3. It never ceases to amaze me the level of blatant ignorance that shows up on this site. Between the people claiming to not be Christians as they display blatantly Christain ideal and perspectives to the disregaurd of knowledge. But mostly the constant misquotation. Not just myself but many of the Idren who are knowledgable and rightious and consistanly post intelligent and informative reasonings. Between the racial malcontent and the religious dogma this site is being over run with triviality. It's getting to the point where you have to preemtivly apologise for posting truth, science, and history. Some of you, I will mention no names, act just like babies. Rastafari is a serious serious trod Idren, no joky joky ting dis yea. Some of you automaticly cry and scream anytime you think somebod may have said something that negates your trod or ideology instead of asking questions or listening to reason. What kind of foolishness is this? Playtime is for personal relaxation not reasoning with your Idren. This site should be about gaining and passing knowledge from great mind to great mind and especially to enrich the youth so that they may understand this trod.

Too much wickedness a gwan....

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