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calling all rastafari idrens and sistrens!!!!!!!!!!!

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Messenger: prophecy Sent: 1/31/2006 1:09:29 AM

I dont like to assume, so i apologize if i did assume wrong, but, ur response gave i the vibe of sarcasm.

I never said I know wat its like to be black, nor will i ever. I won't even go further, cause i am not going to argue like half the ppl. in here...

I am That I am


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/31/2006 1:27:03 AM

FarI-Sight, you said,

However, our rights are denied in Babylon everyday, that is why we Bobo Shanti, who wear turbans are not jobbers nor beggars, but creational masters of creation, so we are not forced to be employed but can create employment for ourself. The Man say not to go work in white men office for whitemen will simply bring you back into slavery and make you beg for food. Life is worth more than vanity.

That is truly what is needed. The only way for RasTafarI people to be free is to make RasTafarI works. Start in your city and expand. As I and I expand and grow, I and I will be able to do more works with eachother.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 1/31/2006 12:05:42 PM

It wasn't sarcasm. It was my way of telling you that this type of thing happens to Black people every day. I was letting you know that you were in fact being treated like a Black person.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/3/2006 1:14:53 PM

Prophecy... bless...know and embrace this expereince and the i will come out stronger and more compassionate.

If one must be in Babylon for the time, use the babylon things upon them. Meaning; use this expereince to your advantage. Document all things. Call the ACLU and they can advise the i. Also contact the labour relations in your state for direction, not complaining, but being wise to the so called "rules" of the "game" and use to ini rightness....

Don't let the employer masters shake you. Be a gentle LION. Strong and smart, that means listen intentively and be ready keeping the eye on prey....Lions have no predators...(excpet man)...Keep to oneself and trod in rightness and dignity, all the while doing the job that they contracted you to do-being above reproach. Watch you step in dealing with all the fellow employees, who are also pawns in the $hit$tem... remember Ras nesta words,"your best frined can be your worst enemy and your worst enemy your best friend"

Your righteousness is watching your back all the while....know that any hard battles, the victory is sweet....

rasta far i

Messenger: Chaka Sent: 2/5/2006 5:29:01 PM

Me Cha-k Man Giving thx and Prayz to Almighty

No devil show enter where I and I live

false prophets and liers show burn

Righteouss way show come ... I just hav one ting to sah


me no black me no white me I and I Rastafari I
me the fire who blaze with Anchangel Miguel and
Hola warriors

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Haile Selassie I