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You Say You Are A Rasta?

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Messenger: zionI Sent: 1/29/2006 1:43:34 AM

Give thanks one and all for the itesful reasoning...

Far be it from InI to pass Judgment in the way reserved for the Most High.

But Jah gave InI the faculty of reason and discernment: in Ither words, the Ibility to judge between wrong and right- without condemning InI fellow Idren.

Thus, InI say there is two forms of Judgment: 1) that which is the dominion of the Most High; 2) judgment which is the righteous discernment between good and evil.

This second faculty was granted dy Jah so that Idren can choose the narrow path to salvation.

So yes, InI say InI judge that evil and wickedness such as: the slaughter of chickens and cows for profit; the consumption of cigarretts; the use of child labour by Corporations such as Wallmart; the condonation of violence against animals, children, women, or being plain and simple...wrong.

The Rastaman shall not hide behind the reasoning that InI cannot Judge the evil and wickedness of Babylon...The Rastaman is hear to Judge it and through LOVE fulfill His/Her role as the Instrument of JAH MOST HIGH in counteracting, remedying and resolving the evil and wickedness.

Judge Not a man/woman's worthiness in the eye of the Most High, but discern and thus judge the actions of yourself and that of your brethren to make sure that you have kept the Universal Laws of Peace, Lover and Truth, oh Rasta.

InI welcome the reasoning of the brethren on this point and look forward to meditating on InI response...

Tafari Emanuel Yeshua II Selassie I King of Itheopia

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Haile Selassie I