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Jah Lightning!

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Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/13/2005 10:57:21 PM

The Whole World

Jah Lightning (Nyah Elder)

" De whole world a Jah CREATION! So den, Jah does not favour any one part a de earth... because He created the WHOLE earth. For it be written, 'De earth a de Law an de fullness der of'... ab ALL dat dwell in it... an ZION abideth'! So, ANY wer on de earth will do. Anywhere! A no be Africa alone. If it be Africa alone Jah created, den every one a be pack up over der. No man... no favorite. Look here now... if only Africa all I an I was to go... why Him mek Jamaica?... or England?... or America? A de WHOLE earth a fe RASTA!! An Jah mek man in Him own image... an man come in all different skin colour, an different hair colour, an different eye colour... no? Yes man!! So ALL a dem a de image a de Creator. A so it go. Brother an Sister. Give thanks. A de four wings a de earth (pointing in each direction)... anywhere on de earth will do! Anywhere you a livity... anywhere you live by righteousness, a dat be Heaven! Yes man! De Rastaman... I appreciate him dat a praise Africa. I appreciate it! But, I no get dat der fullness from Jah dat say everyone gonna bail out an jus go over a Africa. I say, anyWHERE on de earth will do... for de earth is I Law an de Fullness der of! All a de sed earth, so anywhere you wan... a to LIVE! For you hav Life to Live! A de Father, a Him a de earth you know. So I will Live it! An if who wan to go... I wouldn't say dem not to... but who wan to stay... Babylon cannah stop you again! NO!! Enemy cannah overtrow!!"

Messenger: Ras Truth Sent: 12/14/2005 12:38:39 AM

Jah does not favour any one part a de earth, but when one part of the earth doesn;t favour the other then what you think jah gonna do?

you see this loving ancient bongo james forgave the whiteman for 400 years of oppression, he passed poor but rich in spirit. he loved all people, but never praised a white god, he praised selassie i of ethiopian black soil and line. that says alot to I a blackman. nyahbinghi is non partial. that mean come to binghie. but know the words of selassie when he says ethiopians consider themselves of on group the african gropu. bongo james a loving man passed on a black legacy of one love. only the blackman can forgive. but the white must as for forgiveness. so you say one love. then if you love all, then you must apologize for putting bongo james in a far away land. you quote his speach. but elijah and other white rrasta, did you help him back to africa before he pass? no because you was to busy saying one love and loving yourself because you can join a black movement but forget to help the black ancient who love you spend his last days in black africa, where you whites took him from. every elder wants to go back to black africa, ask tehm and they will tell you.

selassie is still black

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Haile Selassie I