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rasta schoolroom

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Messenger: Ras Truth Sent: 12/11/2005 8:05:40 PM

In this rasta school room I and I teach black. some say black supremacy, some say black power. In this schoolroom which is in the mind and heart I and I teach all who come into this trad african blackness. this has been and will always a black movement, nothing can change that. all who come into this trad will have to carry this african teaching forever. the black feet god is a good of love with his rod of correction. black ethiopia has stretch forth her hands so that all nation can come to this blackness as it was in the first day. the first day is africa. is black. tomorrow is black. and who ever fights against the integrity of black supremacy there portion is death. the ancients have selah this on stone. so says the niyahbinghie death to black and white oppressors. one black love. repatriation is a must. every rasta must repatriate or return. this is also the true foundation teachings in this african schoolroom. teach is what i and i have been and will intinue to teach.

nyahbinghie iyahcracy

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/11/2005 8:23:15 PM

I suggest that you focus on the history of Black people BEFORE slavery. Such as the empires of Mali in West Africa and the empire of Kemet in North Africa. It is important for Black people to know that the greatest empires that ever existed we Black African empires. Also be sure to include the female Empresses that ruled; Nzingha, Makeda, Hapsepsut, etc. (I'd stay away from Cleopatra as she was not actually Black or African) Also the Moors are a good history leason as they completely took over Europe and brought them out of the dark ages.
And another good teachable moment is the struggles of Black people outside of Africa that are little know, such as Cuba, Brazil, Australia and Haiti. Please teach the people about Toussaint L'Overture.

Messenger: Ras Truth Sent: 12/11/2005 8:34:01 PM

this is your black schoolroom so feel free to teach black education.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/11/2005 8:44:17 PM

I do far too much research to randomly offer information that the Idren can look up. Reading is fundamental, lol.
I do however, answer direct questions asked respectfully and correct misinformation when I see it.

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 12/12/2005 8:45:32 PM


off hand..L'Overture was the one responsible for leading a successful slave revolt in Haiti and completely taking control of white government
that is just off top of I head

Selassie I
Sis Irijah

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Haile Selassie I