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Messenger: erbalisse Sent: 12/11/2005 1:41:52 PM

I do not think there is an adequate name for what I am really seeking spiritually....I was not trying to conform Rastafari to my own ideologies, I did feel Rastafari livity ressembled very much what God says our daily living should be like.

But I am seeing some arguments I was not expecting...

RACE is something that is superficial. Please do not get me wrong, I realize there is a very real impact in today's world, on an individual's wordly experience based on skin color.

But the success that most people strive for nowadays (within the Babylon system) is NOT what they should be striving for. The same way that black people may still face obstacles through the racist systems, white people who are so entrenched in this system and comfortable with their white privilege are no longer living in connection with God.

They are NOT better off in DIVINE REALITY!!

But if you live only for the physical experience, then I understand the need to fight to achieve a certain level in the current global system of corruption.

I would rather trod on, love one and all equally, teach and preach when I can...There is only one supremacy and that is GOD's. The omniform and "omnirace" messiah is within each and everyone


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Haile Selassie I