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The Wholly Trinity

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/5/2005 1:14:08 PM

Spirit lives on in others
Universe is all that is
Soul determines balance
Why owe you?
Message in a bottle
We are one
Hence we
Not eye see but
You and I verse
Not con
Not the bait but
Come you and I can do it
Two gather
And a mass forms
Resolve a solution to
We Are Right
Eyes ignore
Parts of the universe
That only the soul knows
Tap into your spinal chords
And be bop
Skip hops and be hip
All day long
Shine your armor
At night
Too cool
Glass is full
Light is bright
Let it shine
No time
Like the present
The future has a past
You buy itŐs sold
DevilŐs food
Knowledge of good and evil
Womb and seed
Flesh and egg
Evil lives
Hand in hand
Shake souls
Souls shake
Earth quakes
Awaken the beast
Air and water circulate
Carbon based life forms
O2, H20, CO2
Mammal, fish, plant
Catch fish to eat
Plant seeds feed mammals
Forward to times
Plant feed
Catch seeds
Eat mammals
Fish too
Towards fore times
Back words
His story
Roads cross
Our story
Road splits
Know more
All that is
Starting point
Begin again
Get done
Lose your self
Find God
When you and I verse
Prose and constellations
Stars and knights
Look out for image in nation
Sir and her let Him in
Womb nine months
New being
Be in new
Create on
One plus one makes one
Equals trinity
Eye, love, you
Universe, soul, spirit
Mother ship masters time
Travel farther
Exhaust possibilities
Expand horizons
Explore new frontiers
Be the change
Stop, think, know
Go beyond
Open mind
Close eyes
Metaphysically fit
Can do altitude
No worries
Red light, green light
One, two, three
Third eye blind
CanŐt see a thing
Every thing is one thing
Time is instant
No sound travels
Faster than light
Thoughts I knew
Long ago
Haunt memories
Of yesterday
Until tomorrow
Always one day away
To the left of right
Out of sight
180O twice
Nine never goes away
One is always first
Three is a magic number
There are two sides to every story
Every four is a cross roads
Every knife has a blade
My cup runeth over
Too much on my plate
Love to eat
Eat to live
Live to love
To ward

Love Peace and FREEDOM,
Empress Nzingha presents
Hunny-Brown Sunshyne
poet, chef, superhero
Balancer of the universe-soul equation

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Haile Selassie I