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Words of RasTafarI, Haile Selassie I
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The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia

Now, however, it has become your fate to obey the order of the great and merciful Lord, a lot that befalls each and everyone of us in our turn.

As it were, after you had accomplished what was within your bounds, you have slept, but although you depart from us physically, your works and your name will always remain among us.

On the death of Prince Makonnen:

Mortality is man's inevitable course. We must patiently accept God's resolution in giving us Makonnen, the one whom he gave us to be the ornament of our life, and recalling him.

Death changes everything, sweeps everything away. Even mistakes.

On the death of the Empress (April 3rd 1930)

"In accordance with the Proclamation which our Creator, abiding in His people, and electing us, did cause to be made, we have lived without breach of our Covenant as mother and son. Now, in that by the law and commandment of God, none that is human may avoid return to earth, Her Majesty the Empress, after a few days of sickness, has departed this life. The passing of Her Majesty the Empress is grievous for myself and for the whole of the empire. Since it is the long-standing custom that when a King, the Shepherd of his people, shall die, a King replaces him, I being upon the seat of David, to which I was betrothed, will by God's charity watch over you. Trader, trade! Farmer, plough! I shall govern you by the law and ordinance that has come, handed down from my fathers."

Words of Ras TafarI

Haile Selassie I