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Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 8/6/2012 3:31:53 PMHidden - Foolishness

Greetings Eleazar,

InI agree with your post to a certain agree and thats fine because man has their way of serving Jah and no one shall put a stumbling block before him. But InI post shouldn't be viewed as a stumbling block but power in the sense to be great, food to satisfy, water to quench, strength to separate the wheat from the weeds. InI gave a great I-sample of InI majestys' relationship to Christ as the believer, and Christ as the power. It is a shame the I covered it up and marked it foolishness. But InI mission is complete here, InInI left a pearl for those people who will read Jah message and renew their mind in the coming days.

Your post proved the confusion InI wrote.

You said I already know that Selassie I is a Christian and accepts Jesus Christ.

Selassie I is God and a True Christian.

Then how can a man who is Christian and accepts Christ as savior become a God? CONFUSION.

Bredrin the word Christian means follower of Christ and Christ like. If the I is from Jamaica, he is a Jamaican, meaning Jamaican like or Jamaica is where he come from, born in that name of the country. If the I is Christian he is born in Christ and in that name of where he from, making us the product or offspring of who we represent. There is no doubt in my mind that HIM was a true Christian, thats why I look pon him as my pastor and I as his sheep. HIM teaches me how to graze and how to worship, HIM teaches me how to defeat the wolf because he first did it when defeating Italy. My pastor went to the father in Jesus name.

Don't ignore the truth, homosexuals take holy truth as false, knowing what the bible say but think that Jah makes a certain accommodation for them. The devil is a liar, Revelation say that Christ will return and that Christ will open the seven seals because he took keys out the devils hand and set the prisoners in hell free. Revelation also say that Christ is the Prince to the earthly Kings, the first begotten from the dead, and the faithful witness. Christ is the alpha and omega and will be the last King to sit pon the throne (revelation 1). HIM at one time sat at the throne, just like David and Solomon but all them knew of the begotten son and gave him submission.

But you will probably mark this as foolishness as well, so at the end of the day if your faith makes you a better person, a loving brother, sister, husband, co-worker, employee encouraging all the people to look above instead of focusing on man and themselves then I hope you realize that, that the grace given to you is coming from the God who loves us all and died for you to share it with others.

Lastly LOL, InI don't support Christafari, in InI discernment the I is a gimmick that wear the colors of Ithiopia but bun down Rastafari but whan to use culture and an accent. InI is just as frustrated as you are with him, Mark Mohr don't really help the situation but add to the confusion in InI opinion. But InI come from di bible, InI bible is Jah, for in John 1 it say that the word was God, and with God, and it became flesh. Ras Tafari read the bible and took heed to everything of it.

Blessed love and Jah bless let your trod be very fruitful

Haile Selassie I