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a rhym

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/13/2005 2:51:43 AM

"only the dead have seen the end of war"


Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/18/2005 1:23:03 PM

Whats your name...

what is your name three times brought and sold, that is a crying shame,nothing is the same

loveing lovelyness is only part of the fight, tell them Giga chicks, it not the ice or time on there wrist...true love is what they miss....and now the youth is at risk. There progress is missed more is it cool to be put on the ho stroll, they got my gueen on strip pools, molded from the Queen Africa, to bitches who never hear the freedom bill ring.... (I know its hard to read, maybe it would be easier if I was to sing)
thats the script your in, do you see the seen.

Step out of the norm, step into the light and be warmed....

What good is a flower that has no fruit, them flowers just blow in the wind loose thier beauty, this is a fact no need to refuse the truth life stands still for no one, thats why loveing each other is not just for fun, when you done make sure the job is done
plant a seed....360 dregees of life, you and me.

Liveing out side yourself got the people walkling back words from GODS to dog

the breed become bicthes and studs..dragging the human race through the mud...

People made laws of man and i know that makes it hard for the mission to exspand.
Most politions seek out the sage.
Fuck that now there skript is on another page (every man gonna pay for his own sin)
I ask you to stay rough and tuff in you afro puffs.....(lady of rage)

I ask you again what is your name .....................................................................................................................................


Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/22/2005 1:53:47 PM

"I thought you said you love me."
is what she said
I really don't know
what is going through her head.
Speaking words out of the mouth
just to hear them said, is of no good use!!
Like Willie Erv..say
"you going to get your head put inna noose."

Is it lost?
I don't mean the love
I mean the trust.
If so how can we work together?

Do you overstand what i am saying
or is this a game your are playing.
If so you should know
I don't compete....

I can remeber the days
that i thought we were from the same tree
And the music that we played was on the same KEYS..
I guess that Juda can be a man or a woman..
do thier job
fofiling the Oman.
this just lets me know that guiltiness
is not just a song that the Wailers made
But we know jah judgement come in spades

Did i loose site of the night...
that trust took flight

Cuz know a days
anything you say can and will be use
for the agenda of the beast.

now its 52 weeks
thats just 12 more then 40
time from time is nothing at all
JAh children will never fall.

what ever the CASE# is
i must let you go your WAY
Your faith and mine are like

Did the lie become the truth
Was you just telling me
what you thought i wanted to hear?

I hate to end on that NOTE.
Maybe later in life we will play another

please don't just react,
but take time and think
and maybe we can find missing the link...

"I thought you said you love me."

Messenger: the rock Sent: 7/3/2005 11:55:40 AM

A new day
Night time is on its way to its rest
this freedom from the last time I was chained
still ways heavy on my brain
I give thanks to Jah for who feels it knows it

No time to waist
Its still waters I seek
So I warm up my suburban
soon to be on an excursion
to mad river near the beach

People say he must be crazy
He think he talking to God
I tell them its my job
So its he who give me freedom
in my promise land.
Its inside that land,is were the mission exspands

On the road listning to the Lionel Hampton Quintet Play
I pray for JAH to give me a plan
from one thought to the next
listing to the melody give that promise tranqulity
As I reach the waters that flow into the sea
I know that true freedom rest in me

Listning to the wind blow through a piano solo
give me time to bow my knees down by still waters
as I give thanks
JAh restores my soul
its a new day


Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/20/2007 11:30:08 AM

I see Sons
robbed of thought
perpusily loosed then...sought
in the cold until...until warmed by truth

open sky rain down

Born kings robbing
land to rule...monopolys
globalizeason..International trade theory
Industrial tools
man these kingmans brun there homes like fools

fake Revolutionary
rasin Prophetic reasoning
but living jah on the table
beliveing and unicorn and man
made Fable..

As i come back to form
and give
I know only the strongest
will when then race....

"A house built on granite and strong foundations, not even the onslaught of pouring rain, gushing torrents and strong winds will be able to pull down. Some people have written the story of my life representing as truth what in fact derives from ignorance, error or envy; but they cannot shake the truth from its place, even if they attempt to make others believe it." him

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