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Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/11/2005 4:17:11 PM

I was reading some old post and this one i thought was a good one to start a post about armor....


I give thanks for this reasoning.. cause its been heavy on my heart even before this post. I have watched people all around the world stand up for thier rights, from the black panther party, to a neo-natzi fashious party, they all dress with a certain code of presentation, its like everybody got thier armor. I say this with humbleness, all thier armor is just an illusion without Jah. It come and go. Gods word is forever. My sign-in name is posted the Rock im not sayin that I am the word.. but the word is my shield. Truth is my shield, so I text were ever I can find and cross reference every resource that I can mystically and physically so I can come to the truth. I used to fight alot in my youth.. something like a rude boy in jamaican terms. In Los Angeles (lost Angels) theres Crips and Bloods. Its Hollywierd out here you know. Ive seen it all from life being being born to life being taken. The only thing that bring me through it all is my shield .. The Rock , The Word. Most Highest Praise HalleluJah. So when Im searching on the internet I see a million web sites that got a million hooks I even went to the one that Selassi I's people was suppose to have made.. but nothing says it all to me than the word Ark. I mean we puttin treasures in our Ark, for those with little technology.. i.e. internet or the gumpsion just to look it up for themselves can just click a button and see us reason round the world on every topic with the spirit of tolerance and full understandin. My works is how I stand up even while im sittin. Power to the People, Love to the People. Same thing.
Jah Love eternally
The Rock.

Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 6/12/2005 3:35:56 AM

GIVE THANKS ROCK. Your posts are read by me, even if I don't reply. I know about that Love you are always talking about...the Love that is JAH, and is spread around the earth to all peoples. At other times I feel that my white brothers and sisters need a reality check, and as a white man, I make sure to let them know history and the effects of this history. How do you Sight all of this?

My family will be heading up to Reggae On the River this year...just got my tickets today. U gonna be around?

Email me, when time allows...

Blessings ROCK

Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/13/2005 2:12:36 AM

big up JAH love.I think that time will tell,but about the Reggae On the River,i don't think that we(my family) will be going.We live 45 mile from it.If you are out this way give me a call.707-839-5048.You may get a Anserwing System(its just so i don't gets so over loaded)but i will call you back or e-mail you.JAH love in this time and the next,and even when the music stops...

big up Def-Jam..onelove to those Bad boys.....

onelove from the inside out...

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Haile Selassie I