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Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 5/24/2005 5:15:03 PM

Greetings one and all in the name of HIM Haile Sellassie the first,
worthy to be praised and defender of all that is good!

Rastafari livity is promoted amongst InI through awareness, knowledge
and upliftment of culture. Education is the vehicle through which
knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. The quality of
education InI give to the youths is most crucial as it affects the
mindset and actions of a people and hence the direction of the nation
as a whole. Rastafari families are looking towards home education as
a solution to the ineffective and oftentimes, intellectually and
spiritually harmful “education” received from public institutions.

I have noticed that so many of the questions mothers/parents are
asking about home schooling are scattered on various internet boards. A sistren who posts a question about home schooling on one message board may never receive the benefit of reading quality information posted on a different board. Imega Books would like to offer one centralized message board location where new and veteran home schoolers can support one another. At this one location,
InI can discuss home education, the creation of curriculum and textbooks, post links to resources and teaching materials, as well as, list the homeschoolers by location (city,state) so that homeschooling families can find those in their area with whom to connect and grow.

Our hope and desire is to serve the community by using technology
as a vehicle for overcoming the previous barriers to communication
and cooperation.

To begin reasoning, please visit: (Copy and paste link)

Peace and Prosperity to each and everyone,

Imegabooks Admin.

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 5/24/2005 5:16:58 PM

Greetings and More Love in the name of Haile Sellassie the first!!!

Introducing THINK BLACK

As an extension of the philosophy and mission of Imega Books, THINK BLACK Independent Study Series was created with you, the parents of African youths, in mind. There is an overwhelming lack of quality activity books which stimulate and uplift the minds of our African children. THINK BLACK was developed out of our desire to be a part of the solution to this void. As conscious, African-centered mothers and fathers, we strive to incorporate the teachings of African history and culture into our children's daily lives. If feasible many women are choosing to home school their children. THINK BLACK activity books are a welcome tool in accomplishing this worthy goal.

The activity books are age - specific and engage the minds of our children while educating them on the moral, spiritual and cultural values of our people. Topics range from culture, geography, history, biographies of our great leaders, mathematics and reading and comprehension. As a grassroots production, THINK BLACK aims at serving the community out of which it draws its inspiration. The
mothers, fathers and/or educators who use these activity books for their children are also a part of our THINK BLACK group of writers. This circle of creativity and utilization ensures that the series remains relevant to our communities needs.

The first of the THINK BLACK activity books is for youths aged 4-6 and is called Haile Sellassie I Loves Africa. While giving the youths an opportunity to practice printing, the activity book also teaches them about His Majesty, His teachings and Ethiopia/Africa. There are also fun and engaging activities which will keep the youths challenged and uplifted.

THINK BLACK activity books are being created on a continuous basis, so please be sure to visit Imega Books website often.

For more information and to get your copy please visit

To stay informed about future book releases, please subscribe to the Imega Books Updates Mailing List at

As always, Imega Books encourage you to Think Black, Live Black and Buy Black!

Peace and Love,
Imega Books

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Haile Selassie I