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Good News about SistrenItes! Rastafari newsletter

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 5/10/2005 3:01:10 AM

Forward from Sistah Poeticleah:

Greetings Bredren and Sistren in the name of Haile Sellassie I.

Let HIM be praised for all the blessings and goodwill bestowed upon the community in these often very difficult times. Earth is running red and plenty people continue to suffer from want. I pray that those who can and do offer assistance continue to do so and those who have the ability but are not yet lending a hand to alleviate the suffering will be inspired to begin.

This month is indeed a remarkable month for SistrenItes! as InI give testimony that the works are indeed bearing fruits.

There are several announcements which InI would like to make to the community:

1. For a few months now only the current issue of SistrenItes! has been available on for free download and viewing.

2. SistrenItes! can now be delivered to the Is home through a monthly
subscription service.

3. SistrenItes! is happy to present the first Special Edition 2004 SistrenItes! Annual. This book is an ila compilation of the 12 months of 2004 SistrenItes! publications. In order to make this possible, SistrenItes! has partnered with Imega Books. Imega Books is a Rastafari-owned grassroots printing and distributing company. Imega Books is now the sole, authorized distributor of hardcopy (printed) versions of SistrenItes!.

For information on the new SistrenItes! Annual as well as the monthly
subscriptions please visit

Here is the link to the current edition of SistrenItes! It will take
approximately 5 minutes for download for Idrens using dial up. Adobe acrobat is needed to view it:

I pray that SistrenItes! continues to feed and meet the desires of InI growing, supportive readership.

Sis PoeticLeah

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Haile Selassie I