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Elder Word Sound

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 5/4/2005 3:36:03 AM

Bongo Time, High Priest of the Nyahbinghi Order, JA

Glory to word glory to sound to the Most High JAH Rastafari!

Perfect love Iloved brethren! Now, as I and I know and already informed that this light here I and I never did really prepare it as Ivine Iyahbinghi Issembly. I and I art here for a Ivine reasoning pertaining to the work of the Almighty JAH RASTAFARI.

JAH hath sent I and I here to manifest certain work in the Western Hempisphere here. And I and I must be prepared ever to manifest the work of JAH RASTAFARI anytime HIM call I and I to manifest certain work. So the time has now come when I and I should be present and be on our stern duty to administer the work of the Almighty in uprighthness.

But before I and I should consider such reasoning within this scenary I and I must make a Hola tradition to the Almighty with I and I ancient Creed....

...Herein I and I give thanks and praises to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Almighty Most High Creator of the heaven and the earth.

JAH RASTAFARI, who hath strengthened I and I Elders and Brethren with the people thru Infinite Ivine Authority, to indict His Righteous Constitution for the goodness and welfare of everyone of we the people of this generation and every generation to follow, thru the infine perfection of the Order of Melchisidek Nyahbinghi with the Hola Theocracy Reign.

And herein, thru years of patient contribution in long suffering and hardship I and I have trod de darkness of de deep and have ridden upon de highest heavens of light to know the complete behaviour of mankind morality with their diversion which activate´ mostly in evil conception. This evil conception will be inevitably destroy´ in due time thru de perfect judgemant of de Melchisedek Nyahbinghi Order.

And herein, thru de goodnes and purity of the Order of Melchisidek Nyahbinghi and the Hola Theocracy Reign I and I His I´gellic Ministers have been constantly furnished with infinite inspirated ideas to carefully observe review and consolidate these Hola Ivine Precedents which are in accordance with The Bible, in concordance with the Jamaican Constitutions, and imlicating the Universal declarations of Human Rights in all its Conventions. Most of everything, thru de infinite edification of I and I Ivine Culture of the Order of Melchisedek Nyahbinghi within the Hola Theocracy Reign.

And herein, law consists of rules to determine conduct. A law may not consist of a codified procedure, a law may consist of traditions and customary principles. Even so, scuch law is and must be accepted in international statutes universally.

And herein, with the perfect guidance of the Almighty Most High Creator of heaven and earth, JAH RASTAFARI, with the will of the four hundred and twenty Ilect I´gellic Ministers of the Hola Theocracy Reign Nyahbinghi Order of Melchisedek, and with the aspiration of I and I Elders and brethren with de people I and I now authorise and present these upright perfect and pure principles of Ivine rules of laws to everyone.

And herein, the Order of the Nyahbinghi is a Ivine Priestly Order. It was originated and originally used by Melchisedek the High Priest and King of Righteousness. And was resurgent in these ages by the Rastafari brethren who are the blessed children of the King of Righteousness.

The Order of the Nyahbinghi caries the instruments of Justice and Judgement. The Judgement of the Order of the Nyahbinghi is to liquidate and terminate all evil conceptions. The justice thereof for the just is to guide and call ones and one´s ways and steps in the road which leads to the cities of ever livin´ life. The justice also for the unjust is, Death to white and black downpressors.

And herein, the Theocrary Reign is a righteous government, and is administered thru ivine principles. All its instruments of authority is in holiness.

The Theocracy Reign do not affiliate with churches like the goverment, and churhes of this world. The Theocracy Reign do affiliate with an Order. This Order is called The Order of the Nyahbinghi, which is the Order of Melchisedek. For this man Melchisedek is without beginning of days nor ending of life. He abideth an High Priest forever. Even so, I and I His sons and daughters live within the principles of ever livin´ life.

And herein, the aim of the Faith Rastafari is Repatriation. Ethiopia for the Ethiopians, those at home and those abroad. This was confirmed by the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I when He did leave Ethiopia and come to Jamaica in 1966 on the 21sa of April.

He did proclaim in the House of Representatives in Jamaica on the 22nd of April 1966, that Ethiopians and Jamaicans are not only brothers they are blood brothers. For slave ships leave Ethiopia and come to the West. It is I and I conviction also that everyone must find their own vine and fig tree in this time. Even so, I and I are determined not to give away a Continent for an Island nor a Palace for a Estate.

The motto of the Faith Rastafari is peace and love to the whole earth. Rightful justice to the whole earth and its inhabitants. I and I tenets in the Faith Rastafari is: "Lets the hungry be fed, the naked be clothed, the sick be nourished, the aged protected, and the infants be cared for".

I and I works in the Faith Rastafari is righteous living altogether, for I and I are convinced that righteousness must cover the earth as the water covereth the sea.

I and I vibrations in the Faith Rastafari is race consciousness. I and I are non-violent, non partial, non political, non agressive. I and I do not take bribe´ nor receive gifts dat tie with string. Free will contribution is accepted.

I and I were sent with captives into captivity to keep the people in contact with their Ancient Ivine Ethiopian Culture. To cramp and paralyze all evil conception. To rise de dead dat have not yet gone down into de grave and is willing to walk within the principles of ever living life.

To let the people see the true Faith in Ivine Livity, and to keep the people in rememberance of the appending doom dat awaiting all evil conception.

He dat have an ear let him or seh hear what he Ingles say unto de Churches. Any one or ones fail to accept, regard, or obey these Hola Precedents or righteous principles will be recompensed with the fully judgemet from the Almighty Justful Judge....

...All the brethren that is been invited here from foreign lands, after they have probed right around the island, and probed thru all the states and culture of Rastafari and come to I and I, The Order of the Nyahbinghi, they found out dat they find de true spice of Ivinity dat dey are really seekin´ for. And is here dey have found the Ancient of Days well seated.

Now, their summing up the whole fields of trodding is dat the Theocracy Goverment is right and it should be fully established and incorporate´ with all these various agents of brethren. And the Ancient of Days should have the controllin´ order, controlling the Organ with Divine Spiritual advice and Divine Communication.

Now dis is de reason why I and I art here so I and I art most glad for it. I have seen dat dis government needed to be physically machinery established now. De brethren dem from foreign land are for it, and de brethren dem inside.It is I and I anticipation at all times.

When I check University (where this meeting was opened) de other day I see most of the brehtren there is the brethren of the the Order of the Nyahbinghi. Dem not dependin´ on no other order but the Nyahbinghi Order you know! Dem want to see a machinery in action dat kyna way.

De brethren dem dat forward here from foreign land ask fe such. I and I even seen de daughters dem start to organise within themselves, and dem getting on very strong and upright and clean altogeda and tangible..

So, I ask everyone to set their hearts aright...


The text above is the part of Bongo Time´s reasoning in Ivine Iyahbinghi Issembly on July 31st 1983 in Kingston, Jamaica. The whole reasoning and also other Elder´s reasonings in the same Issembly is found in JAHUG magazine number RED ( p.o. Box 2452, London NW6 1XD, England; Rastafari Selassie Center in Finland is distributor of JAHUG).

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