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Black an' Wite

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Messenger: RAS B Sent: 5/3/2005 4:21:38 AM


IanI com' inna dis lan' to go tru di hardes' humiliation eba,
Dis man had dissed IanI fadda an' IanI grandmama an' bretren
fah decades an still IanI neba bend ma mind an retaliate Iself.

Dis tin' IanI cyaan overstan' is wedda I man an' dis banduluman
dem call wickedwiteman was created inna di same image as IanI.
Dis man hate an' downoppress IanI cos' ah me colour , why call
him bredda ? Is it cos' we beg fah mercy or jus' inna di name
of peace dat IanI doan eben wan' .?

Him use IanI to enrich himsef an' him spoiled children an' still
IanI hav' to com back an call him "SIR"... pure blood right inna
me iye

Jah I
Jah Zilo

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 5/3/2005 11:24:08 AM

I say brethren, we all huMAN, color is just a pigment of the skin. Our facial trates just makes us different but we all the same.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 5/3/2005 1:13:37 PM

Okay, I gotta go here

Ignoring facts don't make em go away, only lead one astray

We are all one in the same in the sense that we have been cut off from the Most High by not following HIS law!

Face the truth about our differences. HUE refers to color. The scriptures refer to lack of hue or color as leprosy. That's just like saying a rose is the same as a daisy. Both flowers, but not the same.

When we accept our differences in stead of hiding from them, we can begin to truly serve JAH.

If we were one and the same, the bredren wouldn't have had the experience he and his ancestors had and he wouldn't have that song to sing.

There is a problem in our family. We need to acknowledge it, and move on. But never deny it! Denial only alienates those you say you are trying to embrace.


this site is a start

there is a lot of information here, that has evidenciary material

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 5/3/2005 10:00:09 PM

Well put, Ras Sistren Khamyl

Like I have posted before... this all comes from an ongoing feud between Jabob and Esau.

We are all flesh and blood. White or black, if you peel off that skin, it looks the same... Yes, whiteness is a "disease" so to say. White people lack a certain protein in the skin. This is seen as leprosy in the Bible.

We are different races, but both races are people created by the Almighty. We might not all be identical twins, but we are all brothers: same Father, same Blood. See, each race has it's part on earth... but nobody's part is to opress thier brother. We are supposed to uplift eachother, leaving nobody behind. Racial bickering is, I'm sure to Jah, something similar to siblings fighting. Two of His peoples fighting over something rediculous.

I am sorry things have gone the way they have for everyone's ancestors... and how they are going today. But we, Jah's people have to function on a higher conciousness. We have to get past this stuff, and see our brothers as our brothers. "Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes" words from His Majesty... Jah does not want His children fighting.
Racism of any kind is wrong, but fighting fire with fire only makes... more fire.

This I will say... If a white man tries to downpress a black man, or the opposite -which happens more these days out of retaliation, it is wrong. The people of the Most High have to come together and forward. Racial differences are something of this corrupt world, and in so, something of the past. Presently, we have to prepare -and gather our bredren. Our future is Zion.

Bredren, if a man wants to be called "Sir" call him "Sir", but make sure he calls you "Ras" in return. There is nothing wrong and everything right with mutual respect between brothers. And even though it is wrong, it does not hurt to show respect in the face of a disrespectful person... for example, in a fight, the experienced figher sometimes can stop his opponent without hurting him, and letting him keep his dinity. Both fighters will always know who won though. --Do you see how my metaphor fits in?

Messenger: RAS B Sent: 5/4/2005 5:01:33 AM

Yes Iya

Greetin's inna de RIGHTEOUS name of BLACK MOSES
I man doan agree wit' di ras wha seh dat we ONE
seen from as fah as IanI kno' we BLACK CHIL'REN
an' me forefaddas hav' been ah subordinate to di
wickedwiteman , bot di man whe seh I man ah racis',

I man no sayin' dat me perfect , bot I man jus' declarin'
WAR against ivery man wha downppress IanI , BLACK or wite.
Seen bretren , da trut viry dangerous to hav' inna di I
positian an' di I can be found guilti an' be sentenced
to rot inna prison , bot dem wha brutalise I an' me
bretren forget dat onli da trut' can set ah man free.

Jah Siah Know
Ras B

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/4/2005 5:03:33 PM

Not all white nations are the same, it is just a bigoted mentality and lack of knowledge that make some people think that.

There are many different white nations and all of them have their own history. Not all of them enslaved people, and some white nations were enslaved by others. So talk about people as who they are. Don't group them based on colour. Look at the people's history and you will see that not all white nations have lead the same life.

And about white skinned people having leprosy, that is another false belief. Look at all of the symptoms of leprosy, and the stages it goes through and you will see that the skin getting white in the area where there is leprosy is only one of the symptoms.

And white people don't lack any pigment that colours the skin. White people have melanin. Albino people don't have any melanin, but white people do. The only difference in white people is that the amount of melanin that is activated in the skin changes depending on how much sun a white person is exposed to. When summer comes the skin gets darker, when winter comes the skin gets lighter.

The reason that white people have adapted so that their levels of melanin change based on the amount of sun is so we convert more sunlight into vitamin D and other nutrients when the winter comes. Since we have lived in a cold climate for so long, we needed this adaptation to be healthier during the colder season. The further North in Europe you go, people's skin is generally whiter because they are exposed to less sun in the winter. White people produce melanin as we need it.

There are studies that have shown that in North America 50 percent of black women of childbearing age lack enough vitamin D in their blood during the winter and 30 percent of black women lack it in the summer. Only 11 percent of white women of chilbearing age lacked enough vitamin D in the the winter and 2 percent of white women lacked it in the summer.

Throw away vain imagination. In the mormon's bible they say that the dark skin of the First Nations of the Americas is a result of sin. Both them and the people who make that claim against white people are all dealing with vain imagination.

Do any of you really think that Haile Selassie I thought such things? I know he didn't.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 5/4/2005 8:57:32 PM

Good information Ark I

this is exactly what I mean when I say investigate everything

the information you have provided abandons emotional rhetoric and provides an evidentiary explanation that can stand on its own and does not resort to defensive utterings with no validity

much luv and respect

and i agree HIM would not promote racial bigotry

as evident in his address to the UN


Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 5/4/2005 11:03:33 PM

Yes, Ark I...

Maximum Respect for the information you clarified.

And Ras B, the only thing I ask is for you to see that some white men may be your brothers.. and they will fight against the same people who would oppress you. Each race is full of both righteous and wicked people. There are black people who hate white people regardless of anything... and of course there are white people who hate black people for no reason at all....

This hate based solely on skin color is ridiculous. It's like hating green eyed people, or people with long hair... it makes no sense.

Each person should be treated as an individual, with complete disregard to color. Think about it, you meet a black man, he might turn out to be your brother, or he might try to rob or kill you. Then you might meet a white man.. who also could either love or hate you. Each person is a person, do you really think each person is a "set personality, based on the traits of a few people of similar color"?

Either black or white might try to hurt or downpress you...

But also, either black or white might save your life one day.

Bredren, to hate your brother is what Babylon wants. Using color as a reason to hate is just another trick of thiers. Just another reason for us to hate and war amongst ourselves.

Iyah, hate your white and black oppressors but love your black and white brothers and sisters.

One more thing: You have to remember, Bob Marley is half and half. I think it is more than "coincidence" that symbolically, Jah made the best of both races peak into one man, during those times... Why not use this example to grow together, and forward to Zion, the New Jerusalem. Why not learn from Jah, that being together is more beneficial than fighting?

Blessed Love and Respect

Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 5/4/2005 11:17:01 PM

Greetings Ark I

Excellent points of Reasoning.

I grew up in a very Eurocentric home and education. It was Rastafari, when I was 16 years young, that helped open my eyes to bigger realities. After a few years, when I was Locks and Beard, and very heavy into it, I became Afrocentric in my thinking. I totally denied my European roots, denied my family history etc. It wasn't until much later in life did I realize that I have family history to be proud of, and that I did not overstand the many complexities of European history, as well as the many complexities of HUMAN HISTORY. I learned that not everything is just this or that. Henry Louis Gates Jr., in his PBS Africa video, ended a segment of his documentary contemplating the Ashante kingdoms and ther hand in the slave trade. He goes on to say, "I take great pride in these kingdoms that my African people built, but cannot deny that these were built from money made by the enslavement of my anscestors. But should I expect human history in Africa to be any less complicated and messy than human history elsewhere in the world?"

Peace and Blessings

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 5/4/2005 11:46:13 PM

Good points also, but remember Idren, Europe's ancient history is also filled with locksmen. Ireland, Scotland, and France (3 that I know for sure) had them. So did parts of Asia, like Tibet and Thailand. I'm sure most countries did, as locks and beard are just natural. History is history... if you go back far enough, we do come from the same lineage originally. Every man has a right to be the way Jah created him, with locks and beard growing. Whether he chooses to excercise this right or not, is up to him.

The Bible was not written differently for Africa than it was for Europe. Jah did not make European's hair not able to lock... Jah made our bodies work the same, and gave us all the same commandments. Locks are not of African origin, but go back further, to creation. Locks were there before anyone knew what an "African" is... they were there when people were just people, and lived by Jah's Laws naturally.

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