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Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 4/30/2005 11:41:22 PM

This website, I stumbled upon after posting about the nursery rhymes. I was looking for more information about the same thing, and found this site. I don't necessarily believe everything on it, as far as claims to either prove or disprove things... I'm just not sure if I agree with each one they list.

A few parts I like are:

A part devoted to "language barrier issues" -where things are not quite right when translated.. for example, "Coka Cola" in Chinese; means a few things, depending on which charactures are used to produce the sounds Ko Ka Ko La -- a few translations I remember are "bite the wax tadpole" and "the female horse fastened with wax". Also, there was an interview with Madonna that was translated to another language (Hungarian or something) then back to English. It suddenly does not make sense, and instead is hilarious, if you read it literally...

Another example that gave me a good laugh is: A not uncommon scene, really... A woman goes to check out at the store. Her large tampax are missing a price, so the cashier asks over the intercom for the price on "large tampax" ..this is bad, the woman is embarassed... but this is not unreasonable, if the cashier is busy, and maybe does not think of how personal the product is... but in this case, it got worse. The person working in the back heard wrong. Instead of "large tampax" he heard "large thumbtacks" and asked back (over the intercom) "The kind you push in with your thumb, or the kind you hammer in?" --I feel bad for that woman, but I had to laugh at that one...

There is also a part devoted to Disney movies, and where people see things that, as they put it "were not intended" and even things they could not deny... like when animators put a picture of a naked woman in one frame of a cartoon just to see if Walt Disney would notice.. (he did, supposedly, and fired them)

Other, more informative parts were on foods (ingredients, natural poisons, etc..) and laws... and I only read a small part of it..

---Check this site out.. There is plenty of serious, informative stuff on it, but also plenty of funny, entertaining stuff...
And keep in mind... the claims and stories are all real claims and stories, but be skeptical of where the website calls it "true or false".

--Blessed Love and Respect

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/2/2005 8:34:15 PM

love to the 4 corners of the earth ....

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