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Different God?

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Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/21/2005 4:19:04 PM

I know that I have discussed this before, but I think that it is an important issue that needs to be understood. I see a lot of religions before me in this world all with what would seem to be pointed to a different higher power, or their own diety. But when I look at the teachings, as well as the lives of those who live these faiths I see so many similarities. For instance, the Bobo Ashanti were responsable for the so often quoted, "Blessed love my lord." The culture of India, especially within the Hindu culture, they also have a greeting and a bow that is done before eachother with the hands in prayer position. It is symbolic for The Holy God is in you. I am seeing reoccurances of the same manners and values that are being lived out through these lives. It is godliness. So I see people in different religions, being moved by the same spirit. This spirit isn't seeking for religion, its seeking for those who love God.

I also would like to mention some of the contradictions that I see present in the Bible that I keep mentioning.

1. The "law" of God

If we go back to the Old Testament in Leviticus we would learn that God had chosen a man namd Moses to lead his people out of Egypt and to interpret the word of God and write the law. Well among these "God inspired" laws was one that strikes me rather funny, and then later on in the new testament we have a huge contradiction. When a person was to be married in that time of history and in this particualr culture, marriage was to break the veil of a womans vagina and to become one with eachother. When the man took the woman home to his room to be married the sheets of the bed were to be white so that when they had sex the blood would stain the sheets and she was proven pure. But if not, then she and the sheets would be taken down to the city counsel to the very "high" priests, and they would stone her to death. I am not making this up you can read it for yourselves in the torah. Now alone this seems slightly drastic. But in any case it was the law that was given to moses by God. So they are suggesting that this is God's wish that this be done. Well later on in the New Testament where we are learning about this character named Jesus Christ, whom in Christian doctrine, is the same God from the Old Testament now embodied in flesh to die for the sin of mankind. In the story of this Jesus, we have a scenario where he is confronted by an angry mob of men who wish to stone and adultress, or a prostitute. Now I'm paraphrasing but, he replies to them, He of you who is without sin throw the first stone. So my question is what happened to the God that wanted her to be stoned to death? Was moses full of it? Did moses eat a little to many manna before he made these laws? Because if Jesus is to be presented as the God of the Old testament, the same God who said, "Stone the girl", is now coming with a new answer. Are we to believe that the creator of the universe is experiencing trial and error? I don't think so.

There is another story in the Old Test. about a man named Job. He was supposed to be one of Gods most devoted if not the one. Satan comes and makes an appearence before God and makes God a bet that he can lead Job away from God. God shows interest and makes a little bet, or gambles with satan. After there little agreement, satan goes into the world and kills Jobs family and livestock, destroys his fields and everything else all in a manner of moments. Wow! I thought the meek were supposed to inherit the earth, not be a victim of wrath. What else is interesting about this little story is when we meet this supposed same god in jesus. One of the more famous stories of the bible is the one of Jesus in the dessert being tempted by Satan. Satan tells jesus to turn stones into bread, jesus refuses. Satan says to jesus that he should throw himself off the cliff because tje angels will catch him, jesus disagrees. Yet this same god is willing o let satan kill all of jobs family and livestock..... but wouldn't turn a rock into bread? what the hell?

Some things just aren;t adding up.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 4/21/2005 4:56:41 PM

You are referring to the 3 Temptations. Jesus does not do these tasks because he does not want to enslave the people's minds by what may be called a miracle. It is our faith in HIM that brings us closer to him but it shall not be our seeing HIM perform a miracle that gives us faith, but our trust and love foremost. That is how I explain this situation of the 3 temptations.

Many Blessings,


Messenger: Kike_Roots Sent: 4/21/2005 7:28:16 PM

Yes I nine miles
today in the classroom my religion teacher said that we beleive that Jesus Christ ressurected and InI said that rastas beleive that Selassie is one with Jah. He replied tha rasta is a sect and then he said HIm Isa antichrist. And because InI stood up to him i received a detention and my parents have to go ina reunion with the teacher.

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/21/2005 10:22:16 PM

I am very aware of why Jesus didn't do this, but the point still remains. We have a contradiction.

Messenger: Osiris Sent: 4/22/2005 1:29:55 PM

Maybe you explain the contradiction a little further Dreadnut. I still don't overstand the example with Job and Jesus.
The way I see it, both men intentionally suffered for the sake of the LORD. To show their faith and determination, Job resisted plague and famine, and Jesus resisted comfort and temptation.


Messenger: Osiris Sent: 4/22/2005 1:50:46 PM

Also, with the example of Jesus telling the mob not to stone the girl and what was said in the Old testament:

Jesus knew long before he was crucified that he would die for the world's sins. This to him was a sacrifice to JAH for the redemtion of mankind. I think even many Christians will tell you that Jesus wasn't JAH, but was One with JAH.

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/22/2005 4:41:30 PM

The connection between job and Jesus is that the story of Job shows a picture of a God who makes deals with Satan to prove him something. But all of a sudden now hes no longer intrested. I doubt that God changed His mind as if it were possible. That is the contradiction. Why does he make bets at first, and now he doesn't? Not only that but in that story of job alone- God is told to be as knowing and wise. Well if god is wise then why is he making bets with the devil? If he was all knowing then there would be no point to prove it to anyone, because with that wisdom bredrens comes humilaty as I am sure that you have each come to see as you trod Rastafari. God has no need o prove anything as He has no desires for Himself thus amking HIM available to anyone, no one is without guilt, no man is Holy before God. God doesn't make bets with anyone, escpecially mythological characters such as the D-evil, seen? I hardly believe anyone could look me in the eyes and tell me say, yes God granted satan power to kill job's family and his everything else, just to prove to satan the he was inferior. What kind of nonsense is that? I mean, the story itself as a myth and a mans way of explaining the devotion of a man and his struggles, I can see that and I can gain wisdom from the story, but it is mythology, and to believe that this is really God's desire is ridiculous.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/22/2005 9:16:46 PM

Im not going to use the example of Job to tell you about life Im going to write you a short story about a boy named Joe.
Then youll see a 360 trip.

Four flat tires sitting next to a Cadillac 74 picture that. ....
Rythmatic spasms calls nerves to inject cranium to push but its not baby boy its baby Joe the big head, unwanted, off spring, of undefined circumstances. Now Joe had a little 2 year old american feel to himself when he saw his first murder. Now I didnt say the first time he saw someone die I said the first time he saw someone be murdered (if you know Joe you know Joe dont lie). Joe was a 2 year old baby and was left alone with his murdered grandmother, now this goes to point out that even at an early age were given a choice. Little baby Joe picked up some cereal and ate untill he was full. Now from that point on even before conception the energy that manifested Joe was here. Now little 2 year old Joe has in him what every man has, the concept of up and down and right and left. He didnt even call it right and left he just said this way that way etc.. but if were going to go back to the God, evil, devil, Job thing, I would say that in the narrorators point of view the worlds trappings can be damaging to and individuals soul. As in tai chi good and evil male and female two halves to a whole and shit like that. Joe was talking to himself(Job I mean).....

E.S. Out

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 4/22/2005 11:23:04 PM

respectfully, please pardon this off-topic reply...

--Kike_Roots, Your post hit me... This is wrong. This is exactly what Babylon is trying to do to all the youths. They teach thier "Babylon" ..thier "confusion" to mislead us... and when one challenges thier lies, one gets in trouble.

My only advice on this: Stand strong.. get in trouble as often as necessary -in order to discourage them from bothering to try brainwash you... Let them stobborn bastards know (politely, when possible) they are wasting thier time with your "mis-education" Let them know you will not waver... They disrespect Jah, and you only stand up for yourself.. so they knock you down harder... Just immagine if you had told the teacher who the real Antichrist is (the Poop?) how would he respond?? I sympathize with you on this, because I was expelled from a school for not cutting my hair, even though I formally took the matter to the principle, and explained the Nazerine Vow and everything.

Stand strong Idren.. Jah is behind you. And these "teachers" and such.. they are being watched, and will be judged accordingly. "Woe unto those who lead my children astray" ..How dare these people lie to Jah children!!

Blessed Love and Respect

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