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Nyahbingi orda

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Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 10/23/2022 7:51:09 PM

blessed love

so many great and thoughtful posts for the mind to reason on , mine is a little lighter however

which is the proper way to trod rastafari . A brethren just posted a nice video regarding roll call. I understand this is for the bobo shanti order . What about the Nyahbingi order , which is the proper way to live for ones seeking the rightfull path . I wonder if I was to step out if I would be recognized as a rasta woman . usually I get confused for a Muslim sister ?

not eating meat , praise to the most high , wearing locs (crown ), empresses to wear turban long sleeves , skirts .

what more can I incorporate into my daily life to live the fullness thereof his masjesty and queen omega .

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 10/25/2022 11:50:01 AM

Bless Up Alabaster ointmnt,

I donít think it is for one to tell one which is the proper way to trod. As the I has stated, there are a number of different orders in the trod of Rastafari. I personally donít fit into one order and get inspiration and strength from all ones that trod Rastafari Livity. If one is more drawn to one order than another I would say be blessed and learn and live the Iís chosen livity to the fullest. I also think it is ok to live in one Rastafari family regardless of the orders.

I have been confused for a Muslim brother before as well, usually when busy-bodies are trying to figure out what faith I dietary restrictions represent haha. Usually a little Red Gold and Green flag of Ithiopia will help InI be recognized :) Of course there are drawbacks to that sometimes too, if babylon happens to grudge I for I visual representation of I happiness in the trod. By the grace of JAH I have remained protected from any serious repercussions.

I think the best way to incorporate HIM Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I into InI daily lives is to stay alive, happy and healthy, and be a righteous ambassador for the Rastafari Livity. Nuff ones in the world are confused or curious or unaware of who HIM Haile Selassie I is and what HIM stands for. I canít count how many times I have been asked about Rastafari when I wear Red Green and Gold and people think its ďjust a weed thingĒ. As InI know, InI livity represents so much more than that! Being a good ambassador for Rastafari and Ithiopia and the knowledge thereof is a very important duty for InI, and a rare quality in these times.

Blessed Love Iahs

Empress Menen I & HIM Haile Selassie I guide and protect

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/27/2022 2:31:16 PM

What do you mean by this bro Cedric

"babylon happens to grudge I for I visual representation of I happiness in the trod"


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/27/2022 2:38:26 PM


Guide with the example of His Majesty.
Knowledge of self, personally and ancestral
One African love unity and progression.
Reparative efforts from the destructive distractive force of white supremacy
Cultural discipline and reinvention away from babylon

The heights is the heights.

Remember you can be a part of no ordahs at all and still reach it, or can be a part of many ordahs at the same time like say Miguel Collins.

Blessed love

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 10/27/2022 4:50:32 PM


I meant that when I was a youth I would sew red gold and green flags onto I clothes to represent I love for Haile Selassie I and Ithiopia. On sweatshirts, suit coats, old military jackets haha

Some times when a babylon officer would see that it was like a red flag to a bull, but I remained protected.

HIM Haile Selassie I Guide and Protect

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 10/28/2022 12:37:00 PM

Rastafari in BoBo Hill share their Principles (Reasoning with Empress Petrona)

Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 10/28/2022 7:33:30 PM

Blessed love .

So would it be fair to say in order to be recognized as Rastafari one should wear our Colors of Itiopia, Iíve never seen a rastaman with any distinct dressing except for maybe a tam and African bubu. I want help to sort this out as I donít have the community to guide me . It seems as though in Islam your taken in and shown the doctrines example : kufi hemmed pants , hijab abaya nonetheless I identify myself as rasta ,Im seeking to avoid doctrines and schisms , and to live a natural life to stand out loud and proud as Rastafari I also see the Colorís representing much more than just smoking herbs I donít take in .
So what is in the heart ?lion courage strength of an buffalo? Making sure you heart is well clean and pure with clean hands and righteous thoughts ? That comes from the basic level of consciousness within not only from scripture ?Iím thinking of ways in which i can give to my community. Does it mean to be well read in scripture like how HIM was fond of the word of God ? Why do some bun bible ? To chant down Babylon sending out vibrations of collapse and turmoil upon the dutty oppressive system ? How about in relationships to love your king righteously and thoughtfully ?To want to do for him all the days of his life so that he will never have to worry or strife when he reach home after dealing with the world ? Hmm so much to ponder !

Iíve been in this trod for a while now and I always end up combing out my locs and revisiting them again , ital 24/7 365 days of the year every year? I wish !due to finances and mommas good cooking I just end up eating what the family eats at times Öother times no meat/dairy/alcohol/herbs / touches my lips . So tell me no locs at times non ital at times but Rastafari is in my heart to the fullest .what does that make me ?

The reasonings on this forum seem like many are doing heavy research into their thoughts/likes/belief systems and stand firm in what your saying and your reasonings show this . I often find myself going to the library to become learned mostly in African women on the continent but also of the diaspora from days of old . Just to see what and how African women were living their lives . But really just to keep up with m all of you on this forum , because thatís what is important to me . Just as you all chime into discussions about what is important to you!

As for me I claim Nyahbingi order . I like to keep myself under strict orders and want a kingman to lay heavy orders pon me and heavy love(n) also. Just to be honest . If I could come more into the fullness I would . Perhaps by studying the speeches of HIM and Empress Menen I , I could do just that . But chime in I want to see how deep this thing really go !

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