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Afrocentric early years program -Canada roots

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Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 10/1/2022 9:29:31 PM

hail the king of kings the lord of lords
I am proposing a new program for the younger youth camps. This proposal is still new ; would beclude a Canadian Afrocentric Early Years Program . I myself would be the host of said program as I am pursuing studies in Early childhood education at a Canadian college , the skills I would learn here I could implement for the Rastafari community and expand to the greater AA /Caribbean communities of families that hold younger children. I myself have a child who is currently 2 would would benefit from royal teachings and upbringings with a focus an educational scope on WHO SHE IS in this world where she comes from and a portrait of who she is meant to be in this world . Students in the class would learn African folk tales , African literature and child rearing with the black child as the focus .

if there is a need the program could be based on Rastafari teachings and principles . A survey of what individuals of children and families in the community would want is essential to on-boarding the program.

this is just an idea of course and all feedback is welcome . I am really game about this opportunity thatthe lord hast bestowed upon I and take great responsibility for the needs of my community and my very own pertinent reasons for wanting such a beautiful program . My own children would be part would yours. Take it as a call of unity to join peers and peers the call of the great nyahbingi drums are upon ini ears and listening to ini hearts .

I am open to feedback .
Jah Rastafari , roots reggae , conjunction

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2022 11:25:55 AM

@Alabaster ointmnt

Respect to you.

One of the things I would recommend is exposing them to the food, the music, the language, etc. Depending on what kind of school it's at will probably impact things in terms of teaching religion/spirituality but there are practical applications that can be taught.

When you talk about the food and let them taste it you can talk about where it came from and how it is important that we try to live naturally with the Earth, not against it.

It would also be interesting if you could trace one or more people's DNA back to Africa and kind of blend the science in with the movement of people.

Most importantly... teaching them about H.I.M and Marcus Garvey; showing them great modern cities in Africa their art and architecture and showing how African Kings and queens lived, how we had castles in Africa, not just pyramids. And ultimately, that they shouldn't forget where they came from but build upon that history as well as their other histories to build wealth and success for themselves as well as their communities. And Hopefully, soon there will be a Garvey movie that we can show our children.

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