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Mental Health

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/31/2022 4:59:11 PM

One perfect love beloved ones

Give thankhs Black Christ, I think there is a lot to be said for the impact of literal VIBRATIONS and tonal therapies and Black Christ Salvation the I is exhibiting that in the video the I posted. It is a therapy to simply listen online, even more so to be in person in the presence of these vibrations.

Maybe we can explore the idea that the Great Pyramid also was used for tonal therapy. I've heard this before. Also seen how a sound engineer used a tuning fork to test the tone of the stone wall and it was found that the tuning fork kept vibrating either eternally or very long, I don't remember.

Acoustics of holy places is extremely important and this is why we see today mosques and churches have certain acoustic engineering built into them.

When I lived in arabia I noticed that the very large mosques have little domed structures built all around the outside of them, presumably for outdoors worship I am not sure, but it did strike me as interesting the dome shape and the acoustic impact of building this type if architecture and how this might impact the human body while inside of that space.

IPX Ninja give thankhs for the I response and ideas! The way the I explain about mental food and mental exercise makes a lot of sense and I think the same way some physical bodies are prone to one shape or another, mental bodies can be the same - prone in one direction or another be it anger, sadness, joviality, some people just have an inclination toward a state that is unhealthy and have to work harder to maintain a healthy state of mind.

I think these kind of problems such and anger, bipolar, sadness, self loathing, etc, can be generational, and this impacts people even more so because as the I stated, as children our parents are supposed to provide a certain level of protection and stability which, if they themselves are suffering from mental health issues, a child can face problems earlier on and lifelong due to that early impact.

So sometimes we need to focus on healing our inner child. And I wonder what that looks like for some of the Iyahs if anyone would like to share methods on healing the inner child?

I agree about watching comedy on TV or youtube, I have been watching a youtube recently which is very funny and it makes me cry with laughter sometimes which is sooo healthy and we all need to have that kind of belly bursting laugh. Yet this youtube channel and the ladies who do the podcast, they are so antithesis of my life, yet their jokes I can still relate to because we are all women, and I don't care that it's not educational or it is not cultural or it doesn't feed one of my serious pursuits. It makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, therefore it's worth it, because those kinds of things just make life easier to live. Which I think myself and maybe others at the start of their experience in Rastafari they were more militant and maybe cut out a lot of these things because it doesn't fit in with the worldview which, it's true, most media doesn't. But some of it still has value if it can make us laugh or help us just get through a tough moment.

Yes I there are many lessons to learn along the way and they're not easy lessons sometimes, but give thankhs for the strength to endure.

Brother IPX Ninja I apprecilove the I compassion not only for I but for everyone the I have reasoned with and I thankh the I for that.

More Love everyone JAH guidance and Itection

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Haile Selassie I