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Mental Health

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/22/2022 10:52:58 PM

Honor + Love Beloveds

I think it's important and I think maybe a lot of people are not addressing their own mental health. I realize that it's a struggle sometimes... for everyone probably.. I know that I have my owm struggles.

I wonder if everyone would like to have a reasoning on ways that they check in with their own mental health and ways that they stay balanced...

For myself.. I know that I use yogic methods mostly. Sounds, breathing, asana work, meditation, trance.. recently I was going through a major hurdle and I took a 3 day silent meditation, no communication no media of any kind, just alone and silent, to look inward and really face my problem and find a way to keep surviving through the grief of that moment.

I know that in the past I have had to use things like "self love affirmations" and listening to those kinds of things, repeating them to myself, looking at the feelings that come up and trying to find a lack of resistance to those ideas specific attributes of self love.

I guess my own inclination and especially because of certain events like compounding in a way, I can tend toward problems like depression or that kind of thing and even toward worse state of mind that is not survivable.. I realize that other people face other types of mental instabibilities though so maybe those people have to find other coping or other healing mechanisms...

In recently trying to deal with my own grief over personal loss and literally trying day by day to stay on the living side of the suicidal thoughts... and then today hearing the news about Ras Nazir taking his own life... I am thankhful that I have pulled thru to this point and I didn't leave my loved ones to suffer the loss... because truly to know that he is gone it only makes it harder for the rest of us who love him to carry on even with our own struggles... so it is a reminder to me even though it is hard to keep living through our own pain... it makes it easier if we do it together.. I know that I have my deep sorrows truly but after feeling the loss of someone who kills themself, it makes it even more apparent just how important it is to do the emotional work and to get to a better place and not go down that path.

The question is, how?
What can we do in life to make everything okay?

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 7/23/2022 12:21:25 PM


Don't let Babywrong get you down

Let Babylon go

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/23/2022 1:10:49 PM

Bless Up JAH Child

I man hope for health and strength for the I

Yes I, forIver thankfull InI are on the living side

I agree, I think looking inside is important. When I have a bad feeling, I make sure to take time to look inside I self and try to identify where the sorrow or the difficult feeling stems from. In some cases its clear where the feeling comes from, like feeling grief over loss of life, but other times it takes effort to identify the root of the feeling, like if I have a negative mindset or am feeling bad about something more hidden. Either way, taking the time to look inside Iself I think is important and has helped I in I Isperience.

I think InI need to do the things that feel good for I.

I think spending time in Nature and surrounded by Nature can be healing.

I like to listen to music and reflect and think about blessed times in I life.

Every I knows what the I likes to do, or can discover it when one takes the time. I think those feel good actions should be practiced on a regular basis and without apology.

Never be ashamed to ask for help, and as a strong community InI should stand to help ones that might need a hand.

I hope InI can Itinually recognize the preciousness of life

Black Christ Salvation, Give Thanks for the Upliftment


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/23/2022 5:48:50 PM

Black Christ Salvation give thankhs for the answer.
I do think music can help us a lot.

Yet it's probably an oversimplified view.. just to say don't let babylon get you down... I mean for some of us its not babylon at all that is the cause of the heartache...

I know for me personally it is the recurrent loss of pregnancies, traumatic surgeries as a result of those pregnancy losses, that has caused me so much pain. And that's not babylon getting me down, not in a direct sense, although yes it is likely that pollutants and chemicals have impacted my fertility. Yet "dont let babylon get you down" is true but yet at the same time kind of empty advice for someone dealing with this aspect of human existence.

To say "keep your joy & keep your head up" is likewise good advice but it's more of a goal and less of a strategy. Like Haile Selassie I says "Peace is not an IS, it is a BECOMING" likewise I think joy or happiness can be the same, it takes work to get there, it's a day-to-day issue. It's not as simple as "be happy" sometimes we need a roadmap to get there.

Cedric give thankhs for the I response as well.

I think those suggestions are what I have tried to do as well, to find and do things daily that bring happiness or joy. Aside from the yogic practices, just to find things that I fulljoy and things that take the sting off in a way, any yes of course we have to be careful with that because it could be an excuse for substance abuse, so more so looking for things that can be somewhat of a comfort or a consolation.

For me personally I have decided that I will go to Ethiopia again and go up and see Axum which I have always wanted to see, if our next cycle of IVF is not successful. If it a success then I will be overjoyed, but if it is another loss then I will try and use that trip as something alternative to look forward to, something alternative to see beauty in, something alternative to stay alive for. Even though truly as a womban with a mother's heart there is absolutely no consolation for the losses I have experienced, and many womban are in the same situation too. I'm trying as hard as I can to hang onto the fact that there are other things to love about life. And to make peace with the reality that we simply don't always get what we want in life.

That, and yoga, those are the tactics I have found. As well as also being present in the moment.. because most moments in my life are not so bad without all of the attachments to painful past or future desires. And I am lucky for that because some people can't say the same thing. So reminding myself to "be here now." That has been helpful for me.

So what other strategies do ones n ones use to deal with mental health struggles?

I think as well as depression we can discuss other imbalances such as like erratic behavior or addictions or other issues that members of this forum have exhibited, and this is not a judgement of those individuals this is more of a sharing place to discuss specific strategies to overcome these challenges. Because I think we can all agree that people whose mental health is suffering need our compassion.

To what extent should mental health issues be medicated?

I see commercials sometimes like "my mood was feeling better, but I felt like all people could see was my uncontrolled body movements" and turns out that some antidepressants will permanently (even after stopping them) cause a problem with twitching uncontrollably. So this then also has to be medicated in order to suppress twitching.
And this is just one example of the permanent damage that certain prescriptions can cause. I know a woman who developed permanent sun allergy due to antidepressants she was on during her teens.

But then there are people whose instability is a worse option, maybe they have schizophrenia, maybe it's just that uncontrolled body movements is a better option than suicide. The thing is that we as nature-loving people rather not go toward pharma, but in some cases it seems like it would be a better option.

I personally am not at that point, I have used some herbs like motherwort for a short term medicine after trauma, but I am still feeling like I could work out my emotional problems through the strategies I have found.

But how do people know when they have reached that point where medications would benefit them? It seems like maybe it is too late by the time anyone realizes that they are at the end of their rope or they are too far gone from reality or whatever the case may be. I can't say that I have ever experienced psychosis or a psychotic episode so I can't put myself in their place or know how they're feeling, but I know I have spoken to some people whose level of imbalance seemed to me like medication would be a good option - yet they did not agree. So how do we navigate those issues? How do we as individuals know when to decide for ourselves if medication is neccessary or if we would rather use practical strategies to manage our problems?

Messenger: astral empress Sent: 7/23/2022 6:36:34 PM

blessed love JAH Child

if the i is in the united states there is dialing 988, a confidential suicide & crisis lifeline

give thanks to the i for starting this thread n give thanks for all i posts on the forum n work for others, you have made me feel less alone as an empress who lives far away from other rasta empresses n im grateful for the things you've taught me

i believe everybody experiences mental health struggles in one way or another, i certainly do

i check in with i mental health by thinking these questions to iself

how do i feel

what are the most specific words i can think of to describe how i feel

i am not always successful at this but i try to let i feelings move through i body without blocking the natural flow with judgements such as words like “should” “bad” or even “good..." the more i observe i feelings, the more i discern their useful information, n the easier it is for i to allow uncomfortable feelings to run their course n release, both of these things help i experience gratitude which feels healing to i

the i also requested reasoning about ways ini stay balanced n described practices used by the i like yogic methods. i also like yoga my favorite parts of it are breath, meditation n asana

what i do for mental health is try to eat ital food, i need to be honest that i also eat dairy, caffeine n refined sugar n im trying to instead eat ital. i also try to go to bed within the same hour every night n wake up within the same hour every morning, n i try to make time to move my body in a way that is enjoyable for me, for example walking, most days. i talk to a therapist. i also eat foods containing seratonin like apples

i believe that everything ini experience in life on earth is temporary, especially feelings. im most grateful for this in painful life situations or feelings. in my opinion it's one of many reasons to not commit suicide. i believe that choosing death means choosing to experience something irreversible, as a response to a temporary experience, n i believe that is evidence that choosing to survive is always worth it

i am sorry for your losses JAH Child

Blessed Love on the day of Emperor Haile Selassie I Birth

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/24/2022 7:05:21 PM

Astral Empress so happy that the I has joined in the reasoning and I am also always happy to see the I in the forum in general as the I embody a noble Empress whose reasonings are wise and also genuine and spirit filled and this is the kind of feminine presence that we absolutely need in this forum, in Rastafari, and in the world. As womban who have things to share with each other it is so lovely to have this space to do so. So I give thankhs Empress. And the I have given a lot of great advice and give thankhs also for the I compassion and kindness.

I have recently seen that the hotline number changed to be simpler and this I realized because Ras Nazir's father made a mention of it on his facebook page. I am not sure if he called that number or not. His family did make it public though that he took his own life so that is why I am speaking about it because they opened up the discussion about mental health as well and mentioned this hotline number as well.

The thing I think he must not have realized is how much people love him. And this, I do realize, and this fact has been one of the things that has kept me alive, at moments it has been the only thing, but I am not at this moment in that place. But yes I think in times of sorrow when we feel like we cannot go on, it can maybe help just to think of the people who would, themselves, have a hard time going on if you were to leave them in that way. If ones are lucky enough to both have people who love them and to realize it, which I do. Which not everyone does.

And everyone has moments of feeling alone I think regardless of those who do love them. And yes it helps to consciously realize that the feeling is momentary and not permanent. Although I think for most people who struggle with depression whether it is chemical or situational or caused by trauma, it is more of a long term issue and it is really not all that temporary, although it may not be permanent IF we do the work to get ourselves to a better mental state. Which it is a lot of work sometimes for some of us and it's only natural when we experience such things. So it might be a process of just doing that work and making the situation be temporary rather than waiting on it to change.

And I have been open not only about fertility problems but also a history of sexual abuse and it does seem a lot of times like these issues are related, and a deeper healing really needs to take place. And I have really contemplated how to go about that even trying things like abdominal massage, acupuncture, yoni steaming, reiki. And it is to this point something I still have very astute knowledge of still being an issue so I am looking for suggestions for sure on how to approach that depth of healing. I sought out cranio sacral and what is it called.. spinal networking. But have not found practitioners to help me as of yet.

That being said I do have a lot of praise to give for acupuncture especially if done really well and moxa and womb massage and all of it has been really lovely just maybe not addressing the issue in the way that I need and maybe that is also coming from a standpoint of addressing fertility more so than trauma. But I would suggest all of these things.

Those are really good points about eating well! I think many people are unaware of the gut-brain connection but yes this is so important and I would suggest on top of all these things a very high quality probiotic and I havent tried prebiotics but I hear people suggest that also.

I'm all for professional therapy if it helps people. I did consider it recently with this past event but I decided to opt for the 3 days vipassana instead which just in person experience has been more successful than the times I sought professional cognitive behavioral therapy or the 20 minutes I saw a psychiatrist once which was a joke - for me in my personal experience and not generally speaking because as I said before I think medication can be helpful in some cases.

I also want to remind people of the value of our animal friends and how much they can help us through these rough times. Does it occur to anyone else like your pet is a "familiar" in a sense like a magical animal that is connected to you on a soul level and exists in your space in order to strengthen your spirit? Sometimes I look at my dog's happy face when I pet him and I think, I can stay alive another day just to see this cute face. And the thing about a pet like a dog especially is, if you love them, they will love you so much, it is like their adoration is like that of a child to a parent so that's why people say they are a dog mom or whatever, and I finally get that now. He is a very special animal and he is here to help me, and I think a lot of people can benefit from a relationship like this with a pet.

"Evidence is that choosing to survive is always worth it" I like that! I guess the thing is that it is only worth it if we make it worth it, and it takes effort sometimes.

I do think it's important to share methods that can be helpful for improving mental health and I'm really glad we can have this reasoning!

More Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/24/2022 7:22:46 PM

Give thankhs for the birth of His Majesty yes give thankhs for the birth of Lij Teferi Makonnen by the Woman of a Thousand Houses, Yeshimebet.
On this subject let us not forget that she bore Lij Teferi after a series of miscarriages and/or stillbirths I am not sure, and she additionally had another still born child after Lij Teferi's birth.
She did suffer loss that many of us women feel. Ras Makonnen did suffer loss that many fathers feel.

Additionally we can recognize the struggles throughout the lives of Ras Tafari and Empress Menen, from the loss of parents early (with Yeshimebet passing when Lij Teferi was only about 2), to the early marriage and early parenthood (I think Empress Menen was at age 11 during her first pregnancy I am pretty sure I read that? but I am looking for the source), to physical battles, to exile, to death of their children, and all of these challenges they were able to face.

We can certainly find strength in their examples!

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/25/2022 9:23:36 AM

While physical health deals a lot with physical food and exercise I think mental health deals with a lot of mental food and mental exercise. The mind is a vast complex universe of neural connections.

No one is immune to these things, the same way that no one is immune to gaining weight. It should be harder when you're a child because your parents are responsible for ensuring you get that diet and exercise. Same with mental health. Parents are there when you're young to make sure your psychological and emotional diet is full of rich nutrients and exercise. Love, mainly, and all the expressions of it. Exercise for the mind = experiences. The body learns repetitive actions and we call that muscle memory. So it would also make sense for the mind to learn repetitive thoughts.

It's harder for an adult because you, as the adult, are responsible for your own mind and mental diet. You're also responsible for your exercise/experiences. As a child, parents are supposed to protect you from the worst experiences. As an adult, the mind needs to be strong enough to handle whatever experiences life throws. But saying it "needs to be" doesn't make it so and doesn't mean it's that easy. If you cannot walk into a gym on your first day and curl a 50lb weight that doesn't mean you're a failure. It's simply a test to show what your physical body is capable of at that point in time. If you keep coming back, keep working from those lower weights that you *can* lift? Eventually, you will get to your goal.

All the things JAH child mentioned she does... she's right on point. She's a person who "goes to the gym". And her gym isn't just a tiny room with just a treadmill and a small set of dumbells. She's got a whole Planet Fitness full of different ways to work her mind. Maybe others can add to that list with other exercises they do, but her list by itself is pretty impressive.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/25/2022 9:25:40 AM

And the other key thing JAH child said very early on is the thing I live my whole life by and it is what my religion is based on. And that is "balance"!!!

Balance. The importance of this cannot ever be overstated. You go too far in any direction and you might be in trouble. Life is constantly moving like a river. You want to move with it. Those currents pull you along but you need a paddle to guide you.

Again... talking about vitamins and minerals. We have programmed within society the tools to give ourselves what we need. The same way there are gyms is the same way there are other things out there we can do for our mental health. As an adult you have to make the choices you need to be healthy. Not every adult needs to go to the gym. Maybe their regular lives are exercise enough. Or maybe they go hiking or walks or cycling or one of hundreds of other activities people can do to stay fit. Mentally, it's the same.

Entertainment is important. Some people take an ideological stand against certain activities and I get it. However, the mind can get both positive and negative energy from any source. And the brain... the brain actually doesn't really care all that much about what the source is or if it's real or not. So if you're watching a comedy on TV, some might consider it a waste of time, but those comedians chose a path in life to help make people laugh. And it's hard to be sad and laugh at the same time. And even though it's "not real" you watching that show is still a memory. And so you want to balance any bad memories with at least as many happy memories. You want to balance negative thoughts with at least as many happy thoughts. The whole universe was a balance of matter and antimatter and matter won.

One of the reasons people go to church, or congregate in other ways (like an online forum), is to get that mental effect of unity within that group and it's also a built-in support group. The mind is also much like a volcano. Often, people don't allow themselves to do it but we need to vent off pressure before we erupt. And that's just physics. In the neural network of the mind it might look different but behaves the same way. Sometimes people who are going through things just don't have anyone to talk to. It doesn't matter if people are physically around them. They may not be there emotionally. Some people find a group to be on the same ideological page with but sometimes that real human connection isn't really there. It's just on the surface. And underneath, people don't always connect because they're afraid of being judged.

And to make things even worse, the mind has different ways of trying to deal with past trauma. Trauma is like getting shot and having the body go into shock. A person may even lose consciousness under the pain or stress. There is only so much the body is naturally able to handle at once. But with time the body can heal the wounds. With time the mind can heal wounds but wounds, physical and mental can become infected so they have to closed and properly treated. Just like there is physical therapy needed, there is also mental therapy needed to help heal from past traumas.

Lastly, although its harder for adults, this is where friends and family come in. You leave your parents and you find a wife or husband. If you can, then that is a good thing. If not, lean on your friends and create your own family wherever it is lacking. Everyone needs a support network. By the same token, sometimes the drama comes from so-called friends and family so you have to know when to cut people off. Agent Sasco has another video I want to put into your consciousness for this situation because, as adults, we are the ones in control of who we allow in our circle. And those people should be people who lift you up, who you can count on for help or just a shoulder to lean on. One of the things about a family vs a single individual is when one member isn't doing well, then the family, as a collective unit, isn't doing well. When we, through love, extend this idea of family into the world, it's healing. And no matter who you are, what color you are, what gender you are, what nationality you are, what languages you speak, what astrological sign you were born under, what your favorite color is, none of that has matter when we learn to live in ONE love.

And I'm not just saying this. "If I call you friend I see you as my brother." That's true for me as well. If anyone on this forum needs a friendly and supportive ear, you can write me or call me. I'll be there for you.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 7/25/2022 2:29:35 PM

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