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Messenger: Feels good mon Sent: 7/2/2022 3:09:17 AM

That's God's word is it???.......

Messenger: Feels good mon Sent: 7/2/2022 3:10:53 AM

And if I travel to Ethiopia are they going to tell me that we should be raising children to sexually serve the autogynephilles are they???......

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/2/2022 7:39:49 PM

I really want to acknowledge the respectful response that seestem originally gave in this thread which was this:

Did the I check out the Homosexuality thread:

IMO the transgender movement makes allot of sense given the time we live in. As resources deplete because of babylonian greed more and more anti-life conceptions are being promoted such as homosexuality and abortion. But when babylon needs more workers these conceptions will be discouraged like the one child policy in China. Simply levers being pulled in the babylon control room to socially engineer society.

But I also believe that the soul (the ever livin eye) has no gender just oneness but this has nothing to do with sex. So I have no gender but my body does have a gender which cannot be changed. The mind also does not have a gender, though it is the mind, it can be molded in any form you wish. So it is important how we identify ourselves mind/body/soul it can prevent allot of confusion.

Blessed love

Seestem I think so much of what the I said here is important... give ises Idren
I do think the biggest downfall of so many of us dwelling in the flesh in general is the association that "I am my body" when this is not the truth and the body is more of a vehicle than an identity. I am not my body. So I think to alter and dwell toooo much on the body as this flesh being the identity, this is harmful for a lot of humans.
And I think what seestem said here about the political/hidden controller influence on society is important and I did point this out in the other thread also. And this seems to be the point that Feels Good Mon is trying to make in the albeit increasingly disrespectful way he is going about trying to make that point.

The fact that there is social engineering being perpetrated against humanity and that media, the educational system, the foods most people eat, and more factors support this social engineering, maybe a couple people on this forum would disagree with, but I think most of us here are in agreement that it is going on and are in opposition to that. Some of us here have taken actions to remove such foods and chemicals from our consumption and our family homes. Some of us have removed said media from our homes. Some of us have been homeschooling our children or helping other people homeschool theirs. Some of us have avoided vaccines for ourselves and our families. Some of us have been distilling our water. Some of us have held or attended prayer or meditation events to hold the spiritual place for healing to take place amongst humanity. Some of us run or volunteer in programs that provide for children to have homes and education - factors that prevent sexual abuse and/or underage prostitution on a large scale. Some of us were as children victims of the very kind of evil that you - Feels Good Mon - are here accusing us of now - and we know the pain of those children because we still have that hurt child inside. And we do our part as much as we can to prevent that pain being inflicted on any child, ever.
Yet we are not obsessing over these topics because we realize that there needs to be balance in life too, because we have nightmares and vomiting spells when we dwell too much on this issue. We are not engaging with politicized versions of the story either because we know that polytricks is just polyticks, blood suckers on both sides and when we say blood we mean the adrenalized blood of children. Yeah I have seen enough evidence that I do think it actually goes on. But I'm not here trolling this Rastafari forum about it. Because what good is that doing? I'm not here asking that everyone agree with me that pedophilia is wrong and then accusing them of being pedophiles for not answering the question, when it was wrapped up with other politically charged ideas that most people here don't even see as worth giving the time to respond to and instead they just call you an agent "mel-hemphill-chezidek" and move on. Because you're a newcomer here yet you just came immediately pushing a onesided political agenda and that as what an agent does.

So if you want to try again to be a part of a respectful forum where we have been reasoning for years together on various subjects in good manners and in deep affection for one another - go ahead and try again. Otherwise go on and move on because we've seen agents before and it's nothing new here.


Messenger: Feels good mon Sent: 7/3/2022 3:09:41 AM

There is no otherwise to a discussion on ether pedophilia is wrong or not?

Pedophilia is an undeniable evil, and anybody who refuses to come out and assert that loudly and proudly is a pedophile supporter!

And calling a pedophile supporter a pedophile supporter isn't "bad manners" nor does it make me an "agent", it's so ply calling a spade a spade! If you won't call a pedophile supporter a pedophile supporter, then you to are a pedophile supporter!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/3/2022 2:40:10 PM

Feels Good Mon.. I can accept that as an attempt to have an honest discussion.. still think that your tactics in general on this entire forum can use some manners and you know I am right when I say that. But we can all learn n grow so let's just keep on doing that.

If we want to have a discussion on whether or not pedophilia is wrong we should start a thread about that. Which I feel is unnecessary because as you said it is an undeniable evil and I doubt if a single visitor or veteran on this site would disagree that pedophilia is evil. For the record I personally agree with you that pedophilia is evil and it ruins the lives of children, and it needs to be stopped. I'm so very willing to have a productive discussion with you or anyone else about how to prevent sexual abuse of children... on its own thread...

However this thread has the subject title "transgenderism" and that is not the same exact subject as pedophilia even tho I realize you think that it is. And I can see why when I notice that there is a new show about child drag races... which I think is so inappropriate on every level... Yeah it is true that in some cases pedophilia and transgender go hand in hand... In some cases though, they don't. And it doesn't make me, or IPX Ninja, a pedophile or a pedophile supporter to say that transgender individuals are not always the evil people you are painting them to be.

Now on the subject of BLM and the leaders of that group and the funding sources too if we should venture there, I think many of us here have already realized and have processed this information and made choices on our stance as to that group.

The funny thing is that they - BLM - are using almost the same exact tactic that you used when you came here. They make a moral statement that anyone in their right mind has to agree to (that Black lives matter) and then they say if you agree with that statement you have to also agree with all of the other sociopolitical statements that our group stands for, and if you disagree with or criticize any one of these other statements or with the behaviors of the people involved in the group, then you are a moral outlaw or a racist who stands against the original statement that Black lives matter. You did the exact same thing just now Feels Good Mon, except you used the statement "pedophilia is wrong" and then attacked everyone as a pedophile when they disagreed with different aspects of what you were saying besides that one statement.

You made a statement in another thread that IPX ninja is gay, and obviously just here to push a pedophile agenda.
Well since he has been here for years and his notable reasonings that I can remember over the years have involved a lot of technical expertise, computer knowledge, financial knowledge, engineering, and these subjects, and some of his own personal advice which goes against everything you are accusing him of... and only occasionally do these topics come up regarding homosexuality and transgender and when they do he is responding to them in a very compassionate and at the same time a logical way... even if we all do not agree with his views... I have to say that if IPX ninja is an agent here for the purpose of pushing a pedophila agenda then he is actually doing a terrible job at it...
So no, all of us here who have known and respected this bredren for years are not going to join you in calling him a pedophile supporter, and it does not make us pedophiles or supporters of them for refraining from doing such. It only means that we have a clearer view of the situation than you do.

This is a tight-knit group here on this forum. There are people who drift in and out but there are those of us who will remain. Those of us who have been here this long can say when we see someone suspicious pop up and they start trolling and start insulting people and start acting like they own the place - we recognize that pretty easy. And your actions and behaviors do make you appear like that kind of visitor here, not because of one comment only, but because of the entirety of your behavior here.

That being said I do overstand the ferocity you feel toward pedophiles. I myself got kicked off instagram twice for posting too many antipedophile hashtags and such. But see how I was using my own platform, my own social media, to flood the internet with that message? I didnt come onto a forum where a bunch of people whose entire focus in life is to live righteous and upfull and start saying not only how pedophilia is wrong but OTHER politically charged statements as well and then start insulting people for not agreeing with me on every single one of my talking points.

If you had started a thread saying "pedophilia is wrong, agree or disagree?" I still wonder if anyone would have responded because it is such an obvious answer to this group, that anyone would have seen a newcomer posting that as strange. We all agree pedophilia is wrong. Why would we need to talk about that? Talk about strategies to prevent it yeah, that would be a productive discussion.

But not all of us believe that transgender equates to pedophilia, not all of us believe that the problems with transgender are the ones you have stated but we mentioned what we think the problems are. Some very few individuals here might not see a problem with transgender at all, either, and if they don't that does not make them pedophiles or supporters, it just means they disagree with you on that subject, which they are allowed to do.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/5/2022 1:07:55 PM

@ JAH Child

I appreciated everything you had to say. Much love and respect. Eternally.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/5/2022 1:59:06 PM


There is no otherwise to a discussion on ether pedophilia is wrong or not?

Pedophilia is an undeniable evil, and anybody who refuses to come out and assert that loudly and proudly is a pedophile supporter!

And calling a pedophile supporter a pedophile supporter isn't "bad manners" nor does it make me an "agent", it's so ply calling a spade a spade! If you won't call a pedophile supporter a pedophile supporter, then you to are a pedophile supporter!

What you're doing is a bait and switch. The subject of this thread is transgenderism but you're mostly talking about pedophiles. Imagine if I started topics about everything I didn't like and instead of debating against those things directly, I said "pedophiles are evil right? So that means Vegans are evil too because some vegans are pedophiles."

That would be ridiculous.

No one is saying pedophilia isn't wrong. There is no debate or discussion to be had there. No one is pro-pedophile. It is disengenuous to use that as a weapon. You're weaponizing pedophilia in order to rally support against OTHER things that may sometimes overlap.

Most pedophiles are males, right?

Are all men pedophiles? Absolutely not! That would be an erroneous conclusion. But you would never make such a leap if it involved a group that you are a part of. And there are no statistics suggesting that the majority of LGBTQ are pedophiles. There just isn't. And there is no reason to suspect them of being such. I cannot stress enough the illogical nature of this.

I wasn't even aware you said I was gay. When you go around trying to smear people like that... it really doesn't help your case. It only serves as a distraction. I could get mad about it and there was a time in my life when I was rather homophobic and so when people tried to smear my name as being gay I got heated. But I played into their hands by ignoring the actual subject I was debating in order to defend myself. I now consider it personal growth, that I'm no longer emotionally affected by false accusations like this. So at this point, I'll just reiterate that it's a false accusation (which should be obvious).

What's more interesting is that this false accusation only proves my point about the mud-slinging you're doing on this topic. You are under the impression that if you throw enough mud at transgendered people we will just go along with associating them with evil by way of pedophilia. If we were stupid and ignorant perhaps this would work.

A lot of racists are ignorant and rather uneducated which is why they fall victim to similar associations; applying individual traits to an entire group.

However, no matter how much you may think otherwise, black people are not stupid or ignorant. If you want to accuse me of something, okay, fine. Substantiate it. Prove it. Make me believe it. If you can't come close to anything approaching that, if you have no basis for your accusations then all you are doing is lying/bearing false witness.

And so I'm going to reiterate, for you, as well as the forum, something everyone should already know.

Exodus 20
16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

What if people willing to kill because of their zeal for the law, what if they actually believed your false baseless accusation? What if they found me and killed me? And what if the news of that got back to you. Would you tell them that you were lying? Would you feel bad that you caused someone's death? Or are you so careless with human life that it wouldn't matter to you at all? The commandment against bearing false witness... wasn't simply a good idea... it prevented innocent people from being killed/executed.

Black men were often accused of raping or sometimes even looking at a white woman the wrong way. And for this, they got lynched. In some cases, the whole black community was attacked. The massacre of Black Wall Street (Tulsa) started from such an accusation because a young black man tripped. Hundreds of people were killed.

Of course, you don't imagine anything like that would happen, allowing you to be frivolous with your words. And your word becomes meaningless because you so casually rob yourself of credibility by making accusations. And the point is, this is what you're doing in this argument. You're arguing against Trans people by saying they're pedophiles and anyone who disagrees is either gay or a pedophile too. That's not how life works. You're damaging your own name and reputation by attacking theirs with lies. And if they were so bad you wouldn't need lies, only truth!

And in your flawed theory about who is a pedo supporter... I haven't heard you call out any racists so you must be a racist too. That's your logic and it's flawed. I would only call you a racist if I saw credible evidence from your own words or actions, not from the actions of others.

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