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Who are you spending Christmas with

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 6/18/2022 2:02:53 AM

so who are you spending Christmas with your ex who is a patient or your new beau who just gave birth to a baby (not yours )

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/18/2022 5:01:53 AM

This isnt social media
This isn't a gossip site

Stop the carnal chat
We here to discuss matters of Rastafari and righteousness and the African liberation struggle. This is not to be reduced to cocki and pussi hargument. Burn wi Burn Xmas


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/2/2022 10:28:16 AM

Maybe i was too harsh here?

Considering the posting habits of 'other' members lately....


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/2/2022 7:48:44 PM

More Love Iyah
Maybe too harsh yes but not entirely wrong.
The forum had become a personal space for certain emotional outbursts which, I think we all agree, is not what this reasoning forum is meant for.
Yet the sistren had obviously been going through some heavy things in her life and we can all have compassion for that.
Sister Olivebranch we can only request that you make your attempts to reach out for help or advice a little more focused on things that we as a group can actually help you with because comments like this post, while they reveal your emotional state, leave little for us to say or do that would be of value to anyone.
Yet we have all been through breakups or relationship struggles so I can say you're not alone in that, if that helps at all.

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 7/6/2022 2:16:19 AM

So u believe in the man but not the God ? The father of our lives .The one who keeps you , who wakes and nurishes you? Christmas is celebrated in the highest churchical order in Ethiopia . Why bun it ?

Why turn your back on faith so sacred as Christmas?

This forum was indeed created to be a conversation forum , feel free to post , thatís why I created this site . So that we may UNITE under good graces and not fight. My oh my so quick to shoot down the likes of me . To turmoil me . None the less your ďapolĒ is accepted but just know that I am higher apawld.

You know too much and have no right to speak to me as such ,to degrade and demean .
Ima clap back at chu and mine hurt .severely .since u want it there .

To the other poster yes I am emotionally in need of some guidance and honest friends . Of comfort and splendor as my heart desires . For I have no family ,only my child . I have no kingman which itís what itís really about. Some of you have those levels to balance you out . Perhaps speaking to a therapist is on . But as a judge as a psychiatrist/cologist as a Doctor as a nurse as a leader Iím told to give therapy , give levels ,give this give that , help this hurt that . But who is checking for me ? Who checks for the Doctor ?Who checks for the priestess ? Who checks for the single mother in need of diapers for her youth ?

What a predicament Iím on

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/6/2022 9:58:14 AM

Empress OliveBranch,

Let me put my bible scholar hat back on for a sec, if you would allow me.

Some will have a negative reaction to the actual Christmas part because it is, in all reality, a pagan holy day. The closer one adheres to the bible the more abhorrent this holy day (holi-day) should be. Wherever Christmas is celebrated, imho, simply shows the reach, corruption, and power, of Christianity and shows that the very roots of Christianity are pagan. I know some will try to use the Ethiopian church to argue otherwise but even the name "Christ" and "Christian" speaks of the Greco-Roman truth of the influence.

I'll post about Christmas in a different thread so that those who are looking for more information about its origins can read up without getting in the way of the purpose of this thread.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/6/2022 10:22:31 AM

Sistar Olvebranch we all struggle in life, all of us very deeply, that is the human situation and I doubt if any human escapes it. Sometimes when I sit in meditation I think if I could just stay right here the rest of my life then it would be okay, if I stay here and just breathe, I can escape my suffering. But then I have to get up and go to work or otherwise carry on with life and the ever present pain seeps in again. Sometimes I imagine I will run away to an ashram and just sit and meditate forever. Yet I'm not at that point yet, I'm still walking this narrow line, trying to live a "normal" life and yet trying to make it survivable for me.
In this life I am sure I have had just as many failed relationships or heartbreaks as anyone. So many of us can relate with you on that. I am glad now I have a very beautiful relationship but it's not perfect either and in ways it is not everything that I wish it was, but I have to overstand who he is and what he is able to do, and relationships are full of compromises.
And because you have your child, you are not alone. Remember that some of us have tried for many years to have a child and up to now we only have losses.. so many losses compounded upon losses... yet we still try because we have that dream... so if your dream is so have a Kingman and have a loving relationship with him... just keep trying and push through the pain and try and seek what joy can be found in this life for you sister... that's what I am doing and it's the only advice I can give, and prayers for peace to you and your child.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/6/2022 10:25:59 AM

On that subject of christmas I think that Burn JC Burn bible thread is worth reading! Ites

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/6/2022 10:43:57 AM

so who would you prefer to spend time with: your ex (who is a patient) or your new beau (who just gave birth to a baby (not yours))

So... I don't want to be painfully honest but either subconsciously or consciously you're asking the question because you need the real answer.

The real answer comes after removing the parts that are irrelevant. And I don't mean they are irrelevant to you. I mean they are irrelevant to the person you're asking the question to.

Who would you prefer to spend time with? Your ex? Or your new love?

Answer: my new love.

if you fall in love with a woman who is currently pregnant that is irrelevant to the love you have for her. Society often paints this picture of a woman as though she is tarnished because she's not a virgin when society does NOT suggest the same thing to a man. I have been married numerous times and every single time the woman has had at least one prior child. And so what they are not biological children? People foster and adopt children all the time. Your wife isn't your family by blood. She is your family by choice. You choose her. She becomes yours and you become hers. So when I accept a woman's child into my life and my house, they become my child too, whether it is temporary or permanent.

My first marriage was brief and she moved away. In that case, it was better for the child to bond with a new man. But in my second marriage, she had a daughter and I had 2 more daughters with her. So not only are they sisters but they stayed in the area and I see them all usually every weekend. And I still consider her daughter as one of mine. I was also married to a woman after that with 2 sets of twins. I had no children with her. I don't see them often but they still come over sometimes and they still call me dad. That's their choice. But I remain as someone they can talk to or run to if they need it until someone else comes along to fill that spot. Why? Because that's what's in the best interest of those kids. My current wife has 2 adult sons. They're grown. I treat them with respect as men. I accept however they choose to see me and treat me.

So for me...

When it comes to relationships... it's not really that complicated. You have whatever relationship you have with your wife or girlfriend, separate from the relationship you have with the children involved. And you accept them as a package. You cannot accept just the mother and forget the child who needs a father. You cannot do that and claim to be a good man. So if your ex is a good man he will love and embrace and be a father to his woman's child. And since it's going to be a baby it will probably be seen more as his own. You should accept this as a strong possibility now. Trust me. It will be better for you in the long run. He will care about that baby and love that baby. He should. And he will because of his proximity and involvement in that child's life.

As painful as it is, if you have children together then they have to be your priority. Part of you is going to want to keep thinking about him; about what he's feeling, what he's doing, how deep he's involved with this other person, if he still has feelings for you, if he's happy with her, etc. Part of you is going to want to compare yourself to her and see yourself as better for him than she is. You need to understand this is natural but it is unhealthy for you to dwell too long in 'this place'. You have to keep going, keep moving, keep living, both for your own sake and that of your family.

This kind of trauma is likely the reason why divorce was so frowned upon in the bible. As it should be. At the same time, it can be far more traumatic to stay in a relationship that is either unhealthy or unhappy. And often times we just have to accept that we are more compatible with someone as friends and compatibility can change as people grow. People can grow apart.

I know it is difficult but please try taking some time for yourself. Take some time to invest in yourself, question what makes you happy, learn new things, get out in nature and explore, find new hobbies and interests, and rediscover life being single and loving yourself. I promise you this is the best remedy and when you are happy within yourself you will start sending out a signal when you are ready to attract a new man. And that new man will love your energy and vibe. And at that point, you have to talk and see if you are truly compatible so that you know you are right for each other instead of one person being right for the other. It has to be mutual. And he won't be perfect. None of us are. But you will determine if you can live with his imperfections or not. And if you have children? Then you also have to judge him according to how much he can accept your children as a package and not reject them just because they are biologically someone else's.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/6/2022 2:01:06 PM

Ok after i tried to walk things back in the spirit of love.... here we go

Olivebranch: 'thats why i created this site' ????????
Olivebranch: You have no degrade and demean. Ima clap back at chu and mine hurt .severely'
Olivebranch: 'But as a judge as a psychiatrist/cologist as a Doctor as a nurse as a leader....'


You created this forum?
Your account was made April 2022 so you would have been here under a different account and name? Please explain and tell us who you are claiming to be.
Respect to Ark I

Your a doctor and a judge and a nurse? Your going to clap back at I Garveys Africa? 😂;;;;;;;;;; Good for you sistren. But first show me where you have been 'degraded' and i may show you where you are deluded.

Here we have a new member claiming they created the site, all while diluting the site with multiple topics of things which do not have anything to do with RASTAFARI almost like a distraction. Your on the agent watch officially ... in Real life Rastafari meeting spaces we do not discuss carnal matters of love and relations and who we want to eat with or sleep with. None at all. Sounds like babylon if were honest. You have some explaining to do before you clap back severely at I dread

Its a shame ones do not see matters of Rastafari as higher than personal and interpersonal matters of day to day life. Like Jr Kelly suggested, Rasta should be deeper.... Rasta forum saame way.

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