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Lost Empress

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 6/15/2022 1:09:34 AM

so royal so lost from herself
crown sitting so loyal higher than high
carved out from the spine to the temples to the top of her dome
then why does she roam ?

memories of past of castles and palaces
of crowns and of robes
she will wait till her story unfolds
the most high placed her far above the rest then why oh why does her royal rest?

to climb back up its like the top of a hill
Kilimanjaro if you will
her honor fumbled
dragged in the dust her honor a bust

for now oh now a tower of lust
of fleeting eyes wished not to be seen
overlooked is the ever faithfull Queen
a lonely trod back up the hill

dreaming of better days
of faithfull ways for a lucky prince
who would do more than mince her good will
tired of lonely ,tired of games

try her hours and see her offer
a table full of diamonds and gold
of rubies and paper of desire
and wifely require

the days months years she spent tired
earning ,building, have been acquired
only to be shuffled and bustled to the latest
manís desire

for now I retire
to slowdown these lonesome tires
but back up for yours desire
grand devination the supreme interrelation

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 6/15/2022 1:17:02 AM

The broken vessel

And scram vamoosh cracked and chipped
Set out on the lawn yet still passed bye by the lonesome viewers

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/17/2022 9:45:11 AM

Keep all your writings sister... one day the I will be glad the I did.
Writing poetry in a time of upheaval can be very centering, can help us work out our traumas surrounding the events, and put our feelings into words we can revisit later when we are out of the feeling.
And the feeling will pass...
Remember that the tower crumbling is only making room for a new structure.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/17/2022 10:39:05 AM

This is a poem I wrote about my very young divorce and a relationship that occurred both previously and after the marriage. No one else on the planet can understand these words I am sure, but I know exactly word for word what it all refers to. And as I read it now it is like a nice echo from the past, even though the feelings were so convoluted at the time, the memory of having been able to put the experience into words is so entertaining to reflect on. Poetry is truly a gift to the author more than anything.

Written 12 July 2011

Apples and ashy acres answer aptly an apathetic anarchist, "Better bare bad banal boredom buried beneath bliss." Corrupted confused chap cancels commitment, choice creates catalyst. Come clean, control confinement - completely capable. Down during delirious dance, draining devotion. Deliciously dangerous dream. Excess empathy entertaining endless evil. Exists enough eternal enthusiasm? Forever faded, fidelity forgotten. Fear flees fast. Foreign features feed fevered future. Fundamentally flawed? Forgivable. Goddess goals gear generations, governments give genocide gifts, God gave genetic graphiti, hereditary heresy. Humble honesty hurries heartaching heroin home. Homage heard helps handle hope. Happy heathens hold hellish history. Ironically, irrefutable intelligence idolizes infamy. Infinite irrational internal immoral interests impose irritatingly immovable integrity injuries. Justified jealous jailer jets, jumpstarting juggler's Jerusalem journey. Keenly kill keepsakes. Kick kowtowing kennel kin. Key karma kiteride - kinky kismet, kaleidoscopic kiss. Luminescent luscious lust leaves lonely lovers legitimate lost. Languid leasers let loose lavish loons. Long loathed leashes lacerated lift lucid leisure. Mindless mourning makes meek men more mild. Mere monsters must multiply minds. Mobile month molds moon moments, misty mornings, mushroom muse. Naturally needing nearness, now not nearly naiive, noting: Never noose night. Notice niceties, numb negative notions. Open ominous old ocean opposition. Overcome other owners. Owe only odes of pleasurable partnerships. Prolong parting, practice patience periods. Pardon pure pain, plan passion path. Please pour peace. Quick quantum qualms queue quieter quiver quests, rip reservations, rush rooted reality. Reap running room, ridicule renown rules, relearn real rest. Ripeness rising. Sooner swoon sweeps Scorpio son skyward, sun shrine. Serious stellar spark steers spirits, such sharp steeps! Seers stop suffering, trust truth together. Take time. Trials teach. Try traveling? Tour tells tearful tribulation tales; tangible tumbles trumpet tumultuous terrestrial tunes. Undivided urges utterly unreal. Unfit unit unsure, untying umpteenth unfairnesses. United, unfathomable up. Valued variety vastly villainizes virginal vices, veering victim views vacuously - very vertigo vibrations with which wiser weathered wanderers wonder wildly. Weak wither weekly world wide. Witness wonderful wet while x's xerox x-rayed xenophobia yet yield yellow yolks. Yesterday yelled yes! Yikes. Zealous zodiac zephyr zeppelins zip Zion-ward. Zen zone zygotes.

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