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A womanís position

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/11/2022 3:23:03 AM

I strongly donít believe that a woman should be submissive ,not at all. She has reasons and reasonings .some men step over because they think they are higher but why not balance out de ting?

what are your thoughts

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/11/2022 10:47:36 AM

That's all I been saying Olivebranch!
Soul emancipation.
Living and loving these bodies we are in YES but at the same time realizing that we are souls eternally and not bodies therefore our sexual genetalia has nothing to do with our spiritual rights to autonomy and self mastery.
A balance yes I.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2022 3:08:42 PM

yin and yang

I think one thing people should try to understand is that energy seeks balance and everything is energy. But sometimes people see in black and white because they/we were taught in very rigid structures. And yes, discipline often benefits from rigidity. However, the universe isn't black and white. It's a spectrum. This is the mistake I've made and watched other people make for decades.

Just because she is a she... doesn't mean there is no "he"... that is in there. too.

Both genders have masculine and feminine energy inside them and one is dominant and that is their gender. We would all very much like this gender to match their outer appearance but this is not always the case, genetically. It's a spectrum. Depending on where someone is on the spectrum they are socialized or "pushed" towards a pole as the magnetic forces of society tell us all how to be men and women. But that doesn't mean this social programming by society always works or that personality traits that don't match their physiology should be suppressed just because it makes society more comfortable.

We say some women are "tomboys" because we have to categorize them and put them into some kind of box that we can haphazardly slap a label on. Sometimes that label is very disrespectful or even traumatic. Some people are so in between in their natural biology that their physiology is affected and they can have both sets of reproductive organs. But even in normal cases, men have nipples and women have a clitoris. How do we explain these things if not that human is a spectrum of one species?

What am I saying? Why is all this necessary just to talk about a "woman's position"?

Because we need to understand that there is no such thing as a woman's position. These positions are formed by society as part of a "SYSTEM" of social order. This may be uncomfortable to hear but no less true. Just as some cultures seek to dominate others physically in order to control them for their own personal gain and benefit (ie racism/slavery), there are societies where men sought to dominate women, to control them... for their own personal gain and benefit (sexism/patriarchy).

This becomes a system of oppression. That's why women didn't get voting rights until later; EVEN WHITE WOMEN.

It is very difficult to undo one system (racism) when we are upholding another very similar system (sexism) because the two are intertwined, having the same core belief. And that is that one side is naturally better and should therefore lead/dominate and the other should be submissive and servile.

I'm more in favor of meritocracy; recognizing a person's strengths and weaknesses, not a man or a woman's strengths and weaknesses. We can separate sports because men tend to be stronger, but there are plenty of women who are stronger than men. It's just a handicap there. But when it comes to emotions? The handicap may go in the other direction. And both maybe just a matter of hormones.

I mean it's very easy to speculate on what someone ELSE should do, be, how they should act, etc. when it doesn't involve us. As a man, I cannot relate to being a woman. Therefore, my experience is only on the receiving end. So I can only really comment in terms of how we communicate and work together as a single unit. But to me, that is yin and yang. And sometimes a single person can be in and sometimes they can be yang. Sometimes their partner is yin and sometimes their partner is yang. Every couple has to find the right balance that works for them. Too often people try to force this through expectations and it creates tons of friction, frustration, and sometimes even violence. Each individual needs to be able to express themselves and if the other doesn't like it... well we also need to realize that not everyone is compatible.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2022 3:13:39 PM

And specifically in terms of leadership...

Not all men are fit to lead and there are plenty of women who want to follow.

But that doesn't mean ALL are like that or that ALL should be like that.

If you want the best woman for yourself... you have to see women for who they each are as individuals. If she's "not good enough" to have any kind of leadership or responsibility then maybe she's not good enough for you, period. But that can be true while still having nothing to do with her gender.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/11/2022 11:37:02 PM

Oh for sure Idren for sure this is true. Give thankhs IPX

There is no such thing as a woman's position.

We have to decide for ourselves what position do we hold in life, what roles we play, how we act and what rules we abide by.

Maybe some people just like to follow rules and maybe there is nothing wrong with that...

In terms of alpha or beta personalities, like leaders or followers, aggressive or meek, I've wondered if these traits are more genetic in terms of simple heredity like blue or brown eyes, more so than genetic in terms of sex. Like if my father is dominating I might have inherited his personality traits and my sister too, for example haha.

So, can a person reach enlightenment through self teaching? Or must one have a guru or a teacher? Or can a person even reach enlightenment at all through a guru, or must they themselves become guru in order to attain that level? I'm not sure the answer I am only wondering.
But surely the answers are the same whether the seeker in question has vagina or penis between their legs.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/12/2022 9:12:59 AM

I think leader vs follower is nurture rather than nature. Everyone responds differently to their environment. A kid who is bullied for example. They can become submissive as a result of not being able to overcome this challenge. Or... they can take back their power and in the process learn how to be more powerful. I believe a lot is determined by your self-esteem. Self-esteem breeds confidence. While too much confidence can put a child into bad behavior, the right amount can help build them into a leader. Followers are people who tend to lack confidence in the areas in which they are willing to follow.

This is why a lot of people on forums lurk, rather than speak. I'm speaking to you because you have the confidence to speak and likely you do have that confidence necessary to be a leader. I know I have a lot of confidence built up over the years with certain subjects because I've gone way beyond the basic understanding of them and doing so has allowed me to not only have a high degree of confidence but also a degree of enlightenment.

IMHO, what you said about enlightenment already shows you are on the right path. You cannot get enlightenment from following someone else. But you also cannot get there without someone else. Like science, all knowledge is built on the shoulders of those going before us. They blaze the trail and we follow it. But at some point, being that they have limited lifespans, there's only so far they can go. It's easy to walk down a trail that's already been made. So when you get to the end that's when you start blazing the trail from there. It doesn't really take enlightenment to know things that are already known; realize things already realized. A lot of people think they can get enlightenment off of youtube and suddenly they're gurus.

And plenty of people will think they are because they are closer to the beginning of their own paths rather than the end. That's why a lot of ancient writings are more like starting points, not ending points. People follow ancient words but cannot get enlightenment from them because they don't think they can even go beyond them. You can never obtain enlightenment if you get stuck following someone else's program. Because your mind has no need to "evolve" (not the best word choice) or elevate beyond what was necessary to know the things it knew up to that point. The body responds to needs/demands. So does the mind.

(doms create subs. But if a sub rebels they become doms. And thus the cycle continues.)

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