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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/6/2022 11:54:13 PM

Haile I

Yes IPX Ninja, that is right, just as it is our job as women to accept our mates exactly as they are as well.

It really doesn't work, to try to change someone. So it's best to just accept the person as they are.

People do change, yes, but it is from within that true changes are enacted.

Yes Iyah the I made perfect points about the intentions, and the ability to fake modesty based on what is expected.

Over time I have relaxed some of the regulations that I had imposed upon myself when I first start trodding. I realized that I really was trying to go by someone else's set of rules when really my own conscience tells me differently.

And thankfully no one is there judging me for making those choices. Just there supporting me, loving me, respecting me.

I'm here as a womban trodding Rastafari over 10 years, with a Kingman who trod over 15 years, to tell all Rastawomban who are questioning what it means to be Rasta or what their roles or rights are that you don't have to live by anyone's rules, and that you have every right in existence. Be upful and right and give yourself grace for any mistakes - and find a man who is strong enough in himself that he feels no need to control you.

Our souls are on a path of evolution to the highest level of self. Why would you deter that path to be subjugated to a man - or why, as a man, would you incur that karma which would depress your soul by trying to control a woman?

Let us all be free and live up, man or womban, all of us must have full autonomy and go through the paths of soul ascension to higher levels, higher and higher. This happens through self discipline and self mastery, which leads to soul empowerment.

Olive branch the I made a post about higher levels. These are the higher levels that I know of.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/9/2022 11:44:39 AM

@JAH Child

That was beautifully said.

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/11/2022 2:24:27 AM

I wonder why itís seen as a sense of force ?I follow the covering shown in the books.
My king man never force me to cover but it is I who makes the choice and he allows me to remove my veil yet I still walk veiled you see.

I wonder if life on the islands bears different lifestyles.Because of the climate that is?
The Muslim women accepted the veil when presented to them .they are known to cover in modesty . Jewish women the same . They wear their veil . In Africa we women are veiled . When I look over at many of these women outside of these faiths in the west I do not see us black women veiling . If only you knew how beautifull you look when covered as opposed to standing beside a woman in shorts,tight jeans etc .

Your aura screams value ,bricks of gold ,covered diamonds waiting to be discovered yet never found . Even moreso a ruby from times of old .

To want to blend in is a predicament ,you would want to be seen but never chosen ,because you are already covered in honour by those whom you hold.
To cover the locks is a saintly task. The chest the breast ,folds and legs down to your toes if you must ,he must if they are his ;)

Imagine a skirt twirling flowing with your grace and it shows . Long sleeves please ,you can tempure it so you would never must and never freeze. There are ways to do it at the highest level. Those of value wouldnít neva expose.

Be a Menen .Let them look and say ahh rastafari I ,a delight ,or better yet stay home and let your king man gwan out and fight.

Drop the white womans feminist movement. Their fight is not ours historically . They faught to remove their veil and to wear less clothes. Thatís not right . What happened to saintly honour .The bobo hold .It shows. From a distance anyway.

Nun but pluses to take this trod

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/11/2022 11:21:27 AM

Olivebranch speaking personally I only just now realized that you are a woman. So as a woman it comes much differently to be saying or asking all of these things.
A man coming to a public forum to discuss womens rights is a bit different than a woman doing the same.

My question has been, why do men care what we as women do, why is it even in their minds to discuss and plot and form entire religious dogmas about what a woman is allowed to wear on her head.
We as women do not EVER sit around discussing if men should or should not be allowed to wear this or that, if they are allowed to play a drum or not. I have never in my life had this experience as a woman of sitting with other women plotting what are men allowed to do.
So I do take offense when I see men doing this to women. And they do it, and have done it, for thousands of years.

The I is mentioning the white womens feminist movement? When it was originally Afrikan women who reigned as sovereigns. When it was Afrikans who worshipped female deities as well as male. When all of the caveman patriarchy comes in fact from europeans in the first place. It is nothing more or less than Afrikan culture to live in balance and harmony with our mates.

What you as a woman choose to wear and how you express modesty of spirit is a personal choice and journey. I sit here typing with my long skirt and shoulders covered and hair covered. But I do this for my reasons and not out of anyone's force. It does make a difference.

Why any man would need a women to be covered head to toe just because she is his, proves his initial inadequacy and insecurity as a man.

And by the same rights it is also ridiculous to ask a man to cover himself from head to toe just because he is mine. Or because I love him, or because he loves me, or any combination of those ideas.

I am not so threatened that I think him showing his sexy calves is going to make a woman steal him from me. Just as he knows that another man seeing me in a bikini is not a threat to him. Our relationship is so much deeper than that. We have been through so much together, so many years, so many so many so many life changes and life seasons and happy times and sad times and death and new life and tragedy and joy and so many years upon years of deep love that we have proven is absolutely impossible to be broken. Why at this point does it matter what I wear or what he wears? Aint no body coming in between us. And maybe it's not for everyone but this is the type of relationship I want!

Olive branch I think my first ever post on this forum over 10 years ago I was asking questions about man's and women's roles and about counseling before marriage, I was coming from a christian mindset which had taught me patriarchy. It was Garveys Africa who pointed out this christianese way of thinking. So many years later after going on this path of self discovery here I am. I'm not saying women rule the world and men are swine. I'm just talking about balance and mutual respect. Rising above control and subjugation cycles.

Menen I Rastafari

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/11/2022 11:59:19 AM

The I had mentioned new levels Olivebranch.

Let's talk about a level where we realize that everything is transient, that time will change everything. In time, you will not have your body. In time, you will not have your partner.

Why talk about relationships in terms of ownership - yes I know how it feels to be in love and to claim a person like "this is the best person in the universe, this is my person, this is my love" - but at the same time this is only a fleeting situation. How many years will this last? At the most, maybe some 70 years? If we are so lucky. Anyways even if it only lasts 20 years - even if it had only been 5 - that experience is temporary and at some point we have to let go of everyone and everything.

The only thing that is permanent is our spirit. What our soul learns, what levels of consciousness we rise to. What cycles we can break. Soul emancipation. Finding our home within the spiritual abode of our source. This is eternal.

Let's look at it from that level.
What purpose does modesty serve, on an eternal soul level?
This is a question that both men and womban must ask and answer for themselves and must manifest on their individual soul journey.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2022 3:35:39 PM

"Olivebranch speaking personally I only just now realized that you are a woman. So as a woman it comes much differently to be saying or asking all of these things. A man coming to a public forum to discuss womens rights is a bit different than a woman doing the same."

um... same here. And I dare say... I don't think that's good.

There is a biblical law, I'm sure you're familiar with. It is the law against crossdressing. It says that a man shouldn't wear the things that pertain to a woman. The thing is that back in those days people still had the same issues because we're all human. But we didn't always accept our humanity or know quite what to do with any cases that were special or outside of what we wanted to accept. We prefer things to be black and white. It's easier to understand. Plenty of people in ancient times were LGBTQ. It's not some new fad. We just didn't want to accept it because it was always a minority thing.

A small population trying to move a larger one is like a man trying to push a great boulder up a hill.

LGBTQ folks have been here the whole time, part of every culture on the planet. And they got tired of being society's rejects. I can't blame them. I know what it means to be black because I was born that way and thankful for it even though it comes with extra challenges. But I don't know what it is to be gay; much less black and gay.

My point is that the dominant society is the one that makes the rules. That doesn't mean those rules are always right... or fair. And if you don't believe me... if you think "father knows best"... then please research the Black Codes. Understand the power of the dominant society in shaping the future. This is what creates the system that so many people loathe. And why? Because the people that hate the system are a minority within it. The system... that system... is working perfectly well for the majority that votes to constantly maintain it. And this may be a hard pill to swallow but we need to swallow it so we can figure out how to bring about real change.

Real change... not assimilating to the wants and wishes of men. And I'm saying this as a man. Some of the boys I grew up with had no respect for women. If a white man calls a black man a boy, that black man isn't going to get respect by being the best "boy" he can be. So I say the same is true for women, who have also been and are still being oppressed as a gender. Respect will not come from being the best "girl" that he wants you to be if he's putting you in a lesser/weaker position. Respect has to be earned. And the problem I have with the idea of covering yourself for "modesty"... is that I know where that idea came from and you yourself said it.

It came from a book... written by a man.

Sisters... please write your own books. And teach other women based on the books YOU write. That's the next level.

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Haile Selassie I