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what you wearing

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 4/23/2022 2:19:36 AM

Its not the clothes but the crown.

Im doing some investigations into what the I 'Dem are wearing so that I can create and recreate for us.
what are your staples in your closet?

what do you find most comfortable/most attractive?

what is easiest to climb in for the day?When you put on ,what's on ?

Any dancers?Do you want to present the culture ?

Any from foreign ? can you post some permissible styles around the town so I can spice it up, with the pandemic ,man Dem nuh travel.

the colours will always be incorporated .

there will also be some modest styles for the empresses who veil/headwrap.

Im not hearing enough bout the culture.

keep in the know

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/29/2022 11:54:59 PM

Greeting Olivebranch

As an Empress the easiest thing by far is a maxi dress. I have several of them. Most of them are straps and then I add a sweater if it is cooler, I live in a hot climate so sometimes not. If it is a long skirt and a top that is pretty much as easy.. if I go to my acupuncturist then I always wear a skirt so she can needle my abdomen (highly recommended)..
I wear sandals if I can, love to wear some comfortable flat sandals like Rainbows or Sanuk, I do like beach sandals haha I am a California womban.. Boots if it is too cold or wet (rarely is).

Head wrapped outside the home unless a few exceptions. It's funny how often people ask me "is that difficult" or "how long does that take" about my crown. I tell them, a lot less time than most women do their hair. Less than 5 mins to wrap up my knee-length dreadlocks. I have to use two scarves usually hahaha recently I was at a gathering and I notice I was the almost only one with my dreadlocks covered, male or female, most Idren were wearing their hair out. I sistren had on like a beach hat with a wide brim, she and her King were out all day, and her King had his tam but he had cut his locks for work several years ago.. she told me a few years ago that she was not wrapping anymore because it was giving her headaches.. I went through some headache issues but usually I just have to adjust the wrapping.

In one of my jobs I have a uniform and I could wear a skirt but it is very impractical to do so because the job includes a lot of manual labor, going up and down ladders, etc. so I wear workout pants.

I do wear the colors on my headwraps or I wear guidance pins sometimes. I have some from a dear bredren who sent them to me from Ohio, one of Empress Menen and one of Haile Selassie I. I'll ocassionally get a comment from someone around town and it will always bring my heart joy to hear someone mention Mama Menen and for us together to share a moment of love together for her. That is enough reason to wear a pin like that.

In preparing for baby I have so many red gold and green outfits ready... mama n papa n baby all representing JAH flag.

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