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Messenger: Levite I Sent: 4/15/2022 3:30:25 PM

Greetings I&I,

This is a rallying cry the Rastafari world over. A few open questions mi ah pose to di ones. Blessed.

Where can be found a virtuous Empress of Fari to trod this livity out?

Who has stories of finding true oneness ina dis time?

Wha'ppun to Proverbs 31 wombman?

Every princess a freak out? Bow out? Babylon out? IG out? Quasi Moon worshipping spiritual Baduism out?

Is it a compromise ting? Wi nuh inna nuh Whole Rasta Fambily vizion again?

Does Rastafari just deh deh wid Babylonian and try school dem bout His & Her Majesty whilst the Muslim cohabit wid Muslim, Adventist cohabit wid Adventist, Sikhi ina communion wid Sikhi - ah wha gwarn?

Is it a vain lofty ambition to seek Jah in a wombman in this time? I-man have refused to be unequally yoked with non-believers and disbelievers for di past decade - which has ultimately been a lonely raggy road - but I&I Ras from birt and I&I Ras fi a reason...feel seh if me nah keep lick out this fiyyah yah then Rastafari jus a decrease as incient ordah & sacred livity.

Me will jus finish wid dis...Me ah axe unuh as Rastafari fambily how de I dem maintain ina dis crucial iwah? I truly feel seh if I exist then Empresses muss exist ina contemporary parallel - is just a case weh dem is to be found.

Rastafari Empresses are di Covenant Keepers and Maddaz of Di Believers and Maddaz of Iration....wi haffi encourage Rastafari unions as a must, as a globally imperative agenda wi cyaann mix up like smoodie ina blender, Selassie I wi ah defendJah!

Still a search like Jr Gong but when the I find dah Empress
I'll lock her down
I swear that Empress
Will be the only one fi I
The one that makes I livity and trod complete.

Selah I
Majesty I
Menen I
Akae Beka I

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 4/18/2022 1:51:59 AM

They are out here ,just few in between. I donít see any when I trod to the market ,to the library , to the bookstore , to the park .I know a few.See few few few few few few coming to chant

Maybe they get married early and get put on lockdown brutha. Since I touched back in my city I have been asking for them .

A solution Öwhy donít you bring one to the livity ?Teach her ,train her , grow her.

Teach her the most righteous livity that is an ital livity .

Give her the herbs and hold her ⬆;️; up .Higher! Put some locks pon her.

You have to seek her out .An tru empress is the upmost of righteousness .

A proverbs 31 woman would never walk up to u just so . You must seek her , with the cleanest of I an I hands and I an I heart.A Christian woman that can hail H.I.M and H.E.R. Why not you will find what you are looking for there. If you live in the Caribbean why not trod the hills make you presence be known ,join , chant .Hail H.I.M and the ever living .

I always wonder where they are at but if they are anything like me they avoid the world so they would be home .

Why you donít hold a bingi ,post the group event on fb and go from there ?

Messenger: Levite I Sent: 4/20/2022 7:11:21 PM

Greetings Iyah

De I really offer I an olive branch of perspective and solution focused strategy.

In this time InI live in the epicentre of Mystery Babylon...Northern Hemisphere...where all cultures seem to lose dem heavens, dem figet dem inciency and true nature from LieG, WitchTOK and Slackchat is di altar dem bow to and belial too.

With this in mind it would be probably best to grow I Empress rather than try search her out because it nuh look as if such exists in this land.

Me like this idea still "Why you donít hold a bingi ,post the group event on fb and go from there?" I&I will pursue this option.

And yes I as Rastafari long time dem seh we is a peculiar people but is only tru dem nuh know wi in the world but not of this world...ah pass wi just passing tru so yeah all Kingman and Empress more likely to hold dem medz ah dem yaad and not mix up in worldly affairs.

Give thankhs fi di I response I.

Selah I
Majesty I
Menen I
Akae Beka I

Messenger: Bongo meca Sent: 4/20/2022 11:02:17 PM

I had a rasta who supported me through my growth.

Put me through school many times ova .Bless me up plentiful.And had a fist. If I could build it all ova InI would do without it and find balance elsewhere in our fullness.

Bless me up plenty too with many lil iiones.

we separate plenty and are together few.So when u find what you want keep it and never let it go.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/21/2022 11:30:22 AM

Greetings Idren! Greetings Sista Meca!

This is something I have been asked a lot... as well as the question of "will you link me with one of your sistren"...

Olivebranch I think the I is right, most of us are avoiding society and/or married and/or taking care of our children.
A lot of Rastaman make that suggestion of taking a woman under your wing and teach her. I am not sure that teaching a womban is really the solution... as I as womban know we are fully capable of self mastery without any one trying to mold or guide us.. As a young womban she might find solace in being taught, but I can almost guarantee that she will reach a point later on where she rethinks or rejects those ideas because they did not come from inside of her...
It comes across as quite condescending, from a woman's perspective, to hear men say if you haven't found a woman yet, you can train one to be the woman you desire. It doesn't work that way Iyah... (Bongo Meca I wonder if the I agree on that sentiment?)... and as a womban who has tried many times to teach or mold a man into what I wanted him to be, I know it does not work the other way around.
I have seen a couple of Rastaman around my city who eventually settle down and have a family with women who are super righteous and sweet, lovely girls, and we Rasta sistren welcome them fully, yet they never lock up or wear red gold and green or mention Haile Selassie I, yet they raise their Kingman children and they coexist happily with Rasta.
It seems, from the outside looking in, that their marriages are based on respect and unconditional love, and they are truly happy. So I am not sure being with a Rastawomban is really the absolute necessity for every Rastaman - I would focus more on a righteous womban in general, kind womban, loving soul, truthful and upright life, so on. Find a womban you can respect as she is, do not ever go into a relationship expecting to change the other person even one bit.

And Levite I... just to mention how moon/sun/celestial "worship"/observation and practical application, as well as buddhism as well which I think the I was calling "baduism"?, all originates in Afrika and therefore is not truly separate from this incient trod... So if a womban is into those things and she also is living an upful life, healthy, love Ital food, as most womban along those path do, then she might not be overlooked as a partner, she could make a very righteous lovely partner and mother, and live in peace and harmony with Rastaman.

As individuals I think it is a mistake to assume that our partner has to be learning the exact same lesson in life as we are. We all, every human, has their own awakening path, their own journey through this life and the afterlife, so we should strive to live in respect and harmony with those around us while focusing on our own lessons.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 4/21/2022 2:36:23 PM

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/21/2022 11:08:19 PM

2 many women of babylon bow to the Mother of Harlots (something I call Kardashi culture) just as the brethren bow to King Nebu. Deadas an mannish wata alone in the beast belly.

Exodus, compromise or solo trod
It ruff

But remember say We and Babylon in ah War. Dem don't want InI to prosper in unity . Sometime you see a Rastaman with a non Rasta wombman and the synergetic symbiosis is more about practicality than spiritual connection. A partner to subdivide the labor so man have more time to focus on mans mission that man would if man were solo. Bhingi 🔥;;; and his empress for a one example.

It rough,and I just talking about livity and practicality. It even wuss when man come to the idea of procreation dem compromise nuh so easy... And deh so wi deh.....

1 black heart ah love Levite I Fambily I
We ago beat 2 drum and continue to chant for the manifestation of black love, freedom and redemption.

Selassie I Empress Menen I

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/22/2022 11:32:39 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Bless Up Levite I. Long time I spent looking for I Empress. When InI found each other tho, truly was the works of the Most High for She was looking for I man same way. Interestingly InI found each other through a antisocial media site, which ask I man as an internet despiser if I would have ever found I Queen in a digital format first, I would have laughed at the I and said NEVER. But the Most High works in mysterious ways and InI should remember that. Forward to the time now and InI Empress have almost a nonexistent digital footprint, because now InI can leave babylon antisocial mess aside. Yes, when InI met I was the one that knew about HIM Haile Selassie I.

Bless Up JAH Child, give thanks for the I sight!

Yes Iahs, train one? Good luck with that. Does the I want to find a real Empress or an echo? Besides like JAH Child mentioned, an echo might seem to work for a while until an Empress finds her true voice. And yes training doesnít work either way from King to Empress or Empress to King.

I donít see anything wrong with educating another I about how one feels, oneís sight, and the everlasting benefits of Rastafari Livity. I think it can be accomplished through reasoning as equals, mutual respect, and healthy communication. Even if only one in the relationship knows about HIM Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen I, I think an overstanding of Rastafari can grow in a healthy way without the concept of training needing to be involved.

Just as I once started to reawaken to I trod of Rastafari, it may just be one sentence that InI speak to one that may spark oneís beginning on the trod. But for I man to stand as a Ras, I wasnít merely following a script prepared for I. I would expect it is the same for an Empress.

Bless Up GARVEYS AFRICA, it rough, true Iah

May JAH Bless InI with Love

Empress Menen I & HIM Haile Selassie I Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/29/2022 10:14:53 PM

Oneness and love yes I

Garveys Afrika the I said: exodus, compromise, or solo trod. Are those the only options?
The I don't think it is possible to have a true bond in this iwah?.. for man n womban to come together on equal levels and manifest god n goddess in flesh by their perfect union? I think it is possible..

Yes I Cedric sometimes that person is not found in the way we might expect.. it is waiting for though, isn't it?

I would keep being open to life and love, keep fulljoying life and doing what the I love, and the right partner will be found.

Making compromises might be necessary yes I agree, but not when it comes to soul mate connection. I Kingman eats fish, I thought for sure I would only ever be with a man who eats plant based like I have for so long. This is a compromise I can live with because my soul is at home with his, so I can see beyond that disagreement.

Sometimes the "perfect" person on paper, just does not have that feeling... that feeling that anyone who has been truly enthralled in love has felt... so I would keep an open mind and not rule people out based on those issues that are truly negotiable.

Love is real! That, I hope everyone will come to experience in their lifetime.

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