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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/2/2022 4:02:56 AM

Blessed Love

I am interested in reasoning and learning more from a SISTREN about any relation (or nil) between the cycles of the moon and the female menstrual cycle. And to then mek wi reason on the Moon and feminine connection and origin likkle further.

i not sure if JahChild still around at present time?

can pick this up at any time sitren and sistren.

Jah Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/10/2022 10:14:45 AM

Hail Garveys Africa
Great to hear from the I
Give Ises for this reasoning topic...
I think to truly observe the link between our feminine cycle and the moon cycle, we have to live close enough to nature to be in tune with that element of our cosmic clock..
Most people these days are not living close to a natural rhythm, even sleeping at strange hours, eating at strange hours, not even in tune with the sun. Which is of course a much more blatant energy than the subtle energy of the moon. Most people at any given time of the month probably have no idea what phase of the moon it is, because they are not observing it consciously..
Because of our separation from nature many women are either on the pill which will regulate the cycle to a random time not synchronized with the moon, or women are suffering from hormonal imbalances causing situations like PCOS, and this will throw off the cycle drastically (some women may menstruate only 1-2 a year with severe hormone imbalances). Situations like excess body fat or too little body fat will also cause irregular periods.
So that is to say, when we as womban are in balance and close communion with all of nature and especially the moon, our cycle will be in tune with it. Some people say the new moon is the time for the blood and the full moon is the time for ovulation. New moons are associated with letting go of the past, and starting a new beginning or a new cycle. Full moons are associated with making wishes come true (motherhood, maybe?) and the obvious ripeness and fullness and roundness is a sexy idea lending to fertility, ovulation, and such, isn't it?
Yet I did read, I think it was in Llaila Afrika's Holistic Healing about how at one time human reproductive cycle was linked with the sun and not the moon, that in fact we as a species predate on this planet the presence of the moon.
So there is lot to dig into on that topic Iyah!
Rastafari Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/10/2022 1:34:02 PM

Another aspect: more births occur during the full moon than any other time of the month. My sister who works as a birth coach will expect a client to go into labor during the full moon if she is close to full term, or wait until the full moon and go "over due".

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Haile Selassie I