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The Slap

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/7/2022 8:54:51 AM

I think it was this:

1. Will Smith knew it was a joke and laughed along but didn't quite realise how much his wife was hurt until he saw that Jada was not laughing along but had quite a different reaction and it stressed/pained him.

and he probably imagined that his wife was going to have some words for him when they got home, like "so you thought it was funny too?"

A lot of black women out there were conflicted because while they can see that Will could have handled the situation differently, they also saw another black woman being made fun of by another black man, in front of millions of white people, because of her hair.

many black women have long felt unprotected by black men. They raise children, often by themselves, without even financial support. Some children don't even know who their fathers are; not because the mother was sleeping with everyone, but because their father never comes around to show them who he is and who they should be.

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