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Save them from what?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 8:01:27 PM

Mel: Now, as Iman was about to say was that now is the right time to say this about Trump. Many thought Trump was going to save them. But let me tell you this. When Trump walked in front of those two churches to put his hand on the Bible, what he was actually doing was uniting the power of those two churches to the beast. He was uniting a protestant church with the catholic church.

I don't mind getting political. I just want to know who I'm talking to and I want them to be honest. Now that we KNOW you are a Trump supporter I'm cool with you staying in this community as long as you are HONEST ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. Every time you are not you are just lying to everyone here and that's when I have to go hard against you. If you are honest and sincere then I'm free to debate ONLY YOUR IDEAS, not your character. But I had to bring your character into question because your character, to date, has indeed been questionable. I will not call you to repent. I don't expect your conscious to trigger any action.

But now that we know you are a Trump supporter (or at least were. You could have changed) the next question, in regards to your statement, just so that we understand YOU...

WHAT... please tells us, did people think Trump was going to save them from?! Explain to us why you were/are MAGA.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 8:08:29 PM

And just fyi... you're putting symbolism on what Trump did with that bible. Trump wasn't doing anything but using a photo op to promote Trump. This is what Trump does. He is a brand and he uses his followers to increase the value of that brand. Period. He isn't anything else. He holds no other significance in history. He isn't the chosen one. He simply told the evangelical community what they wanted to hear and they believed him because they thought he wasn't a politician.

Politicians are sometimes con artists. They gain your confidence/trust and then they don't do what you voted for them to do. But before Trump was a politician at all, HE WAS ALREADY A CON ARTIST. He was already worse than a politician. A politician is only POTENTIALLY a con artist depending on how much they get corrupted by their power. Trump already had wealth and power and therefore he was already corrupt. White people failed to see it because they believed the con. They believed it because they wanted to believe it. They liked that Trump was at least "kinda racist". They liked it because they thought that maybe he would undo some of the "damage" they felt was caused by us having a black president.

But even after he lost they kept believing; believing that he was going to save them. Save them from what?

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