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Cyber Warfare against Online Black Communities

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 1:03:21 PM

Please allow me to explain something to the forum.

People who mainly lurk are at a disadvantage when it comes to potentially being influenced by agents. Agents want people to assume this is what Rastafarians are saying, knowing that there are rastas who would never fall for it but there are also people who aren't yet rastas but are looking for communities to help them learn and understand so that they maybe want to choose Rastafari. They will look at what's being said to create a representation in their minds. And with a forum, there isn't necessarily a warning label you put on people to say "This person's views are not necessarily what the majority would consider Rasta".

It's not the same but similar to the effect of all the people posting backlinks on forums. Why? So they can trick Google into thinking the websites they're linking to are more legit. But it's a black hat tactic. In this case, all you have to do is substitute Google for black people. Agents want to promote a white agenda on black websites to make it look like it's coming from other black people so they can legitimize these ideas in our minds and influence us more into assimilating to their views or at least voting against our own interests or not voting at all. Either is a win.

This is the same reason why they pay and promote people like Candice Owens and David Clark. This is why they put as many black people as they can find at rallies behind Trump when he speaks so he can say "look at my African American over there. Look at him."

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 1:10:52 PM

I am a veteran of online forums and was long part of the Black Voices community. When Huffington Post bought Black Voices it killed off the forum.


Who are the board of directors?

Now ask yourself... why would a majority white company want to "own" Black Voices? And why would they kill off the forum where black people were actually talking to each other?

Go to the site. Am I lying?

What is the TOP story on "Black Voices"?
It's how Jim Carrey is 'sickened' by 'spineless' ovation for Will Smith At Oscars - an article written by Ron Dicker, a white dude.

Is Jim Carrey a black voice?? Is Ron Dicker a black voice??

Ron Dicker also wrote the article commenting about Jaden's reaction and what Tiffany Haddish said was pushed down. Look at the names of all these reporters on EVERY article on this page!

The vast majority are white and there is one article by a black reporter but it's on page 2! And everyone else on that page seems to be non-black. And this is why I refuse to entertain the Huffington Post. This irritates me. We had a community there and they came in, virtually bulldozed and gentrified it and now use white people to basically give "black voices". Even if they allow black people to speak there, best believe the editor is white so it has to pass through a white filter. Unfortunately, this isn't the end of the story.

Arianna Huffington is the co-founder of The Huffington Post. She was a Republican up until 2003. She claims to have been independent for a year and then a democrat since 2004. It was only one year after that when she started the Huffington Post with the future founder of Breitbart news and the future founder of Buzzfeed.

quote - "Huffington has been noted as a political hypocrite. In 2012, the right-of-center newspaper Human Events knocked Huffington for the Huffington Postís exploitation of free labor. [9] Similarly, she has been criticized for failing to live up to her professed liberal values on environmental protection and taxes. [10] She has also been accused of turning a blind eye toward sexism while at the same time purporting to be a feminist. "

I'm not even going to go into Breitbart. It is infamous at this point for being a platform of the far-right. So it should not have come as a shock that Huffington Post would do this to Black Voices.

But the 3 outlets together encompass the whole trinity: Left (Huff), Right (Breitbart) and Center (Buzzfeed). No conspiracy theories here. These are simply facts anyone can verify.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 1:14:52 PM

A ragtag effort by a couple of members of the old BV community who were still in contact (an important point because many of us were blind-sided and couldn't find each other afterward), decided to create a new forum. It was cheap but functional because it didn't have the backing of AOL which never made an effort to censor black speech on the platform (to their credit). So they created Black Visions.

Some of the old heads from black voices found this site but most people didn't know it existed. In time, the community began to recover. It was good news. It was like recovering after being pushed out of a window. I am like a virtual refugee from there. White people destroyed my virtual community. 3 times.

When military strategists consider the fact that they are in a war, they go to the map. The map tells them where they need to position those troops and the value of that real estate. What the forum needs to consider is that there is a war and online black communities are virtual real estate. And as long as agents of this war are not breaking the law, you cannot stop them from being here. And because it's online the site can also be hacked to different degrees. It can be hacked to let agents takeover old accounts. Or it can be FULLY taken over.

The first destruction of BV (black voices) was the Huffington Posts' takeover. After BV recovered and we had thriving discourse and debates, suddenly the site was hacked. It started with a few racist comments. After that, it was flooded. Control of the site was lost to the point where only the racists could post. And when I say, racists... I'm not talking about tame folks like the agent playing Hemphill or Mel. These people used the opportunity to say every foul thing they could think of to denigrate black people. It was basically like the KKK rally had come to us.

I complained about the hate speech to the web hosting company because at that point it was so out of control that the whole site was better off being completely wiped from the face of the internet. Understand this now. If you OWN the site. You can always start over. You can restore a backup copy of the database and change the passwords of your admin accounts. You are not powerless. But if you somehow lose access to your hosting account... you need to quickly resolve that situation with the hosting company. At this point, the damage was done. The owners had taken their hands off the wheel to the extent that they were not responsive to mitigating this attack. And it may have been a simple brute force attack that acted on weak passwords. It's possible the same thing is currently happening in other online black communities with old forum software.

Anyway... the racists took over the site long enough that they were like scarecrows, keeping people away until they learned to stop coming back.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 1:22:10 PM

Eventually, the owners rebooted the whole forum with entirely new software but the damage was done. Not even 3% of the community came back. It was only a handful of "survivors".

And then the troll came.

This guy isn't an agent but does express some of the same characteristics. He was blocked under his old name but came back as Raj. You will literally see his posts dominating everything. Raj is mentally unstable. I was able to gather enough evidence from him in order to track down his identity. He lives in Cleveland, OH. He started using the forum because he wanted to "encourage" black people to target a particular white man by making up lies about him being a racist and part of a racist conspiracy. He claimed that the information he was giving us was from the man's black roommate. But the information was FAR too elaborate and detailed. Sometimes you just have to see through people to their real agenda. He never imagined anyone would actually track down the family of the man he was talking about and actually have a conversation.

It wasn't hard to find his daughter on Facebook. I could see from her social media that she wasn't a racist at all. Not even close. Her father didn't have a black roommate, but he did have someone who he allowed into his home and it was Raj. They fell out and Raj probably got kicked out at some point and basically fixated on the man and his family. What he was doing is illegal. He was attempting to weaponize the black community and use our anger at white supremacy to get us to commit a real crime against this man. And whoever did it would have gone to jail or prison while Raj himself kept his hands clean; at least that was his theory.

So again... an agent of a certain sort, but not really the same type of agent I typically look out for. He had a private agenda that led him to our community. However, certain aspects are the same. Using us, trying to manipulate us, thinking we will fall for it, they still have a lot in common. And even after the personal agenda of this agent failed, he went right into more typical agent behavior, indicative of someone who doesn't care about discourse but rather just posting "information" for unwary online consumers to mistake for being credible and believe without needing to know where it came from.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 1:25:29 PM

So I've taken you through 3 different approaches.

1. non-hostile corporate takeover
we didn't "own" Black Voices so therefore it was simply taken away by a media outlet willing to buy it.

2. hostile hacking takeover
this was scorched earth. The idea was to scatter the flock by making the ground toxic.

3. Individual troll/agent
they toxify the forum with misinformation and propaganda designed to manipulate black people to buy into individual components of white supremacy. Fewer people post when they see these alternative views flood in and the same person always having the last word or simply dominating as many threads as humanly possible. Eventually, this creates a ghost town where the only stuff people can see is the propaganda of trolls or agents.

Because I wasn't an owner of BV all I could do was watch in horror as that community was attacked and successfully so. Companies are attacked all the time over the internet as part of corporate espionage. The company I work at gets attacked frequently and it's not a high-tech company. We just have 1 or 2 shady competitors. Cyberwarfare is growing. This is simply a new tactic that is very hard to police or defend against. I'm part of a Jedi community that is completely unrelated to race and the behaviors I'm telling you about simply do not exist there. Why not? Because they're targeting black communities with these attacks, not all communities.

And if all the communities we own get infiltrated? If they get destroyed we have nowhere to go but to platforms, we don't own; where corporations will own everything we say and even censor us according to their rules; not to mention passing data to members of law enforcement for scrutiny. So please understand, this site has value to our enemies and they will fight for it, even if you don't.

And if I'm wrong, and white supremacy has no reason to be here using fake profiles to spread propaganda? Then there is no system of racism and white supremacy. Because if it exists then you should assume that they will target the communications of their enemies as much as possible. I don't know this for a fact because it's not something the enemy would ever admit to. It is only logical that they would.

Later I'll use this thread to talk about how agents operate and why they can't resist different forms of mostly underhanded debate tactics. I'm not going to use this thread to say this or that person is an agent. Too distracting. However, it is likely one will show up. This thread is more about the war in general and how people are fighting it so that everyone can spot the same predictable behavior patterns.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 3/30/2022 6:27:00 PM

Bless Up IPXninja

Give thanks for this very interesting topic. This is well put and got I man thinking about the value of small independent forums:

When military strategists consider the fact that they are in a war, they go to the map. The map tells them where they need to position those troops and the value of that real estate. What the forum needs to consider is that there is a war and online black communities are virtual real estate.

Also this really made I man take attention:

And if all the communities we own get infiltrated? If they get destroyed we have nowhere to go but to platforms, we don't own; where corporations will own everything we say and even censor us according to their rules; not to mention passing data to members of law enforcement for scrutiny. So please understand, this site has value to our enemies and they will fight for it, even if you don't.

I man hadn't thought of this before but it makes sense. Fits into burning babylons corporate agenda too, how ironic.

I guess the big takeaway is that an agent doesn't have to look like it has power, or a following, to still be very influential in the downfall of InI communities.

Have the I tried contacting Ark I about potential safeguards for this website? Seems like if there was one that might be susceptible to outdated forum technology it might be this one. Not that I man know anything about IT. Just keep the search feature cause wow it works good haha.

Give thanks for the I sight

HIM Haile Selassie I Know

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 8:11:46 PM

I can tell you that when I first got here, I was unable to get the screen name that I always use on the internet. For a second I thought it was strange. I logged in and it was like I was logging into the wrong account. So there is likely a security exploit that has been there for years.

Messenger: the white rasta Sent: 3/30/2022 8:24:12 PM

To provide evidence to this point. I can still log into this other account and it says "Greetings the white rasta". If my username is ZealotX then how is it appearing this way? I didn't really say anything about this because... its kind of embarrassing at the same time and I don't know how it would even be possible. In fact, it shouldn't be possible.

@Ark I, GA
When I go to View/Change info:

it says First name: George
Last name: Vine
Timezone: UK -1:16:09 AM

Name: the white rasta

(for all I know this person could be the hacker or a name the hacker made up but the email address may be real since he would have probably expected an email confirmation)

password: I can't see what it is but its only 5 characters. The name I logged in with was zealotx and my password is 8 characters.

So how is this possible?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 8:26:20 PM

So it doesn't really seem like I'm logging into my account but instead, slipping through some kind of hole that someone else made who is clearly a white guy.

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