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Politics and Voting

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/28/2022 11:17:51 AM

With all due respect to the old ways, old thinking, old mentality...

These things all served us for their time.
There is a time and place for everything.

If someone is saying:

Our way is X and they've been doing X for 20,40,60+ years...

then by what merit or measurement are you or they suggesting that X is working??

Q: Should you ever trust a politician?

A: NO.

Is it that simple? Of course not. Voting does not equal trust. Do you think white people trust their politicians? Do you think Ted Cruz's constituents trust him? Hell, no. What they do is they control him.

Politics is not about trust. It's about influence. Anyone who disagrees is being naive.

All politicians have a baseline. Fundamentally, they represent their own interests. The more your politician resembles you and your socio-economic status the more his/her interests will be aligned with yours. This still creates room for them to disagree on some issues, but the reality is that other people are different from you and the only person who will present you 100% and no one else? Is you.

You do NOT need a politician to represent you 100% or agree with every thought in your head. There is no group outside of a cult that behaves this way. Even as much as white conservatives loved Trump, it's not because they trust him, or even like him. They see he is white, he is rich, and they believe they can control him for the most part; that he will do what they want him to do because what they want doesn't conflict with what he wants.

Politics is about issues and agendas. You simply need to get as many votes on your agenda item (item by item) as possible. But you don't do this purely by trusting someone to do the right thing. You have to control them or else vote someone else in to take their place who is willing to vote your way or who naturally aligns closer to your position.

Politicians, in a capitalist democracy, need money to win. That is the game.

If you are not financially supporting a politician then they have no reason to align with you against their own interests.

If a politician believes they don't need you then this is the worst-case scenario. If you're not even helping their opponent then they can completely ignore you because you have no say/voice. And you're obviously not influencing other people to vote against them either. So that means they don't have to care about you at all.

Black people didn't get free because white people decided to do the right thing. No. They needed us and not every white person in America's history could afford to own slaves or own a plantation. That was the rich. Most of the rest went along with the ship until it was no longer popular to do so.

White people bought into the propaganda of the rich, telling them that if they supported their agenda, they would provide them with good jobs, good wages, and retirement at a decent age. But in order to provide these things the companies and corporations had to be supported by them in return. Corporations bought their loyalty. However, there's a catch.

Corporations exist to make money for their investors, not perform charity to white America. They oppose globalization but corporations do not. Globalization will hire anyone of any race/ethnicity who can do the job for less money. Corporations are not loyal to any people; just their investors because they have to be. Again... not about trust. It's about control. Investing = control. If I buy 51% of a company then I control it. Because that's enough power to steer that ship in whatever direction I want.

Likewise, every citizen who has a vote pays taxes which is like investing to some degree. Therefore, if you can find common ground with 51% of voters and politicians can see that they will win if they support policies based on that common ground, then that's what they'll do. The more the numbers work in their favor the more they will support that agenda.

Black people have had a hard time believing this because we have been the minority for many years. However, thanks to immigration and negative birth rate among whites, and a rise in homosexuality that affects all races but... that works in our favor because liberalism accepts LGBTQ on the left while the conservative right wants to exclude them. Now if all the black, brown, and LGBTQ communities all voted together we would win every major election. Whites would still win local politics in rural areas where they would still have control.

Now if you say "I'd rather stay oppressed than help gay people to have more equality", then that's your choice to make. As far as I'm concerned, gay people can do whatever they want as long as their partner is in agreement. What they do in their own lives and in their own bedroom is none of my business and should not be the business of government. But there are people who want the government to enforce their religious beliefs and their cultural norms. America has gone away from the religion and cultural norms of white evangelical Christians. That's why they want to "Make America Great Again". This statement says that they no longer think it's great because they no longer have the power and control they once did. And so, for them, the ship is turning in the wrong direction.

Everyone is free to have their own opinion, but for me?? I think it is unwise to simply assume every occupant of the white house is equally racist or upholding white supremacy. And if you're not looking or paying attention you end up supporting White Supremacy because their agenda is NOT always the same as the agenda of the US government. If it was then the questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson, as the first black female justice of the US Supreme Court would have gone down much differently, as in, it wouldn't have existed because Biden would have never nominated her.

Understand this... White people were willing to tolerate Clarence Thomas on the supreme court just like they could tolerate Colin Powell and others. Because they supported a "republican" agenda. But they are conscious of putting black people in powerful positions. And now, because of Biden being controlled by the influence of the black community on future elections for the democratic party, we now have a black woman in this extremely powerful position, helping to move the ship in the direction that the party in power is trying to steer it in. And they wouldn't put someone in such a position of power if it was going to hinder the direction they want the ship to go in.

And this is in addition to Kamala Harris being vice president, daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, which gave her a good shot to run and win the presidency after Biden (or takeover if Biden can't continue). And in order to make big moves, the POTUS has to have a crew that helps move the ship in the direction he's steering. But a good POTUS will also listen to the crew and work together to go in a better direction than the last captain.

And this is the fruit of this:

This... right here... is one of the CORE differences in the black experience in the US. While it would be political suicide right now to try to pass reparations, what they can do is work against the institutional racism that is the power behind white supremacy. And home values is one of the biggest keys because it helps to keep black people in poverty. So if black people are out there working against these efforts... efforts to build wealth in the black community... then either they don't know or understand who it is they are working for and who they are really working against.

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